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You really see the parts of the canyon you cant from the overlook. It takes you to the top of the falls seen from the Waimea Canyon Overlook. A couple cliffs here and there, but not bad enough someone afraid of heights couldn't make. Absolutely beautiful sights of the canyon from a unique side for a short hike.

Great, easy trail with the family. Although you can't see the waterfalls in all their splendor at the top, the views of the valley from the falls are amazing. Additionally, think about taking a swimsuit to swim in the small swimming hole and feeder waterfall that is just off the main trail to the top of the falls. It is a beautiful little spot and an pretty easy way in/out.

It took us 2 hours round trip from the main road. It was a nice stroll to the top of the waterfall. We didn’t have issues with mosquitoes.

It was easy, but very muddy and overgrown. We actually lost the trail and had to lose this app to find our way back.

This is definitely a "moderate" hike, not easy. I'm an avid hiker and in my mid 20s. There is a lot of up and downs, as well as loose footing and high steps in a few places. The hike wasn't too hard, but it definitely isn't "easy".

That being said it's super beautiful. You get to see the waterfall, as well as an amazing overlook about a 4th of the way down the canyon. Look out for the arch at the overlook!! It's really neat.

If you have 4WD, there was a parking lot that starts about 0.6 miles down the trail that we passed. We saw a lot of 4WD cars there and you could start there. I don't know how to get to it, but I'm sure you could figure it out from a map.

This trail was pretty family friendly! Footing is definitely good enough to baby wear. The end at the falls has some fun boulders to scramble, and the falls view is from the top/start of the fall. We did drive the 4x4 path in a Jeep, which cut the hike distance in half, and was a fun and convenient alternative considering we had just completed the Kalepa Ridge Hike, and the sunset was upon us! There are definitely some loose footing /crumbling dirt slide places but you are able to get far enough away from the cliffs edge to feel comfortable taking a tumble or sliding on your booty!

Great hike, wear shoes that have traction! Because it was wet and muddy! Best to go on a clear day as fog decreases your view, but still was worth it!

Great short hike, fairly well maintained. Dry conditions, I would rate a Moderate difficulty due to steepness in places and loose gravel causing slipping if not careful. Beautiful hike!

Went on this hike yesterday afternoon with my family. Highly recommend! If you have a four-wheel drive vehicle you can drive through some of the forested part to the hiking trail, otherwise plenty of people (like us) park just off the main road and hike the whole way. This hike features beautiful forest vegetation, some open summit views of the canyon area, and a gorgeous waterfall at the end. We went in dry conditions, I would not recommend doing this hike in wet/recent rain conditions as there are several areas of loose gravel and slopes that can become quite slick.

Beautiful waterfall cascading out if canyon!

Enjoyed this hike!

Cannot get enough of Waimea Canyon

Loved this hike. Had lots of ups and down on the trail so it felt even paced! We went on a gorgeous sunny day and could see the whole canyon. We are not the most experienced hikers and didn’t have a problem on this trail.

One of my favorite hikes. Did it + Black Pipe with a 6 month old.

Beautiful views of the canyon! and not too difficult. We took breaks on the big rocks and went all the way to the falls which were just okay in my opinion. I didn't enjoy seeing folks getting so close to the top of the falls- very scary. The hike was worth it in my opinion just for a different and better view of the canyon than the lookout.

rough downhill 4x4 road leading from 550 down to main trail. using a jeep made it enjoyable but if traversing by foot, could be a tough chore coming back up at the end. views of canyon were incredible and worth it.

Did this hike with my adult daughter. the day we went was not too muddy. Also did this hike a year and half ago - had an easier time of it this trip. Saw the people on the ridge from the lookout above and just had to do the hike.

Beautiful hiking trail. We went to the falls, alongside the cliffs for astounding views into the canyon that you cannot get from the lookouts. We are in average shape, early 30’s and hiked this in about 3 hours with plenty of stops for pictures along the way.

Wife and I hiked starting from the main road as our rental car would probably not have made it down the two track in one piece. Probably want a Jeep or pickup truck for that. Hiking was mostly through dense forests until the end where you get spectacular views of the canyon! Overall pretty easy hike but the clay on the trail was slick in some areas

Most of this trail belongs to the Waimea Canyon Trail (from Puuhinahina lookout to Waio'po parking lot). About half of mile of this trail is on the main road in the park, Koke'e Road--potentially dangerous when visibility is low.

In addition, this trail while do-able for all ages, isn't "easy" by any means--requires crossing streams and drastic descent in elevation.

Awesome trail with a big payoff of the top of a giant waterfall and the magnificent canyon at the end. Description says "Easy" but there are a few spots that are moderately difficult for those not in ok shape. Saw more than a couple of people without water but take some with, you'll need it on the way out!

Did the hike today. Moderate Trail. Can be slippery and muddy. View into the canyon is great, standing on top of the waterfalls also. Trail is very highly trafficked. We started at the lookout. Trail was disappointing compared to other trails on the island.


2 months ago

Stunning. Not really a trail though, just a short path to a beautiful view.

Very nice hike. Did this with two kids and the in-laws. The canyon view was amazing! The falls were just ok, but we’re from Washington where waterfalls are amazing. We all had a great time though. The day was dry so the trail was fine. On a rainy day I could see how this could be a slippery hike.

Did this in the rain a few days ago but totally worth it or the falls. We didn’t get to see much as the valleys was covered in fog but it added to the jungle feel!

Great trail. Great views at the end. Most of the trail is in dense forest but views at the falls are amazing. The trail is very well used and busy. If one drove down Halemanu Road the hike is only 2 miles round trip.

Enjoyable, moderate hike with variety - wooded, open cliff, and the top of a waterfall. Make sure your shoes have good traction, as the trail is muddy and steep in some spots.

Awesome trail views incredible

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