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Koke'e State Park offers commanding views of the lush, amphitheater-headed Kalalau Valley from 4000 feet elevation. Wildland picnicking, tent camping and lodging. Hiking in native rain forest and along rim of Waimea Canyon; additional trails in neighboring forest reserves. Excellent area for observation of native plants, forest birds and insects. Seasonal plum picking and trout fishing. Pig hunting in public hunting area.

Got on the trail at 7:15. Forgot to record the trip in ...
Saw no one on the trip in - had the place to ourselves. Chose the perfect day. Best possible view from the outlook, nearest cloud was miles away. One of the tougher "moderate" hikes we've done.

1 day ago

This is an easy hike to an amazing view.... if you don't have clouds and rain. :(
We waited over an hour to catch any glimpse of sunlight and to see the valley and ocean and Kalalau. I'd love to come back on a better day. BUT it was exciting to see goats on the mountain side and two goats that came up on the trail near us!

Great hike with beautiful canyon views and a nice swim at the bottom.

2 days ago

This trail was a muddy mess when we came. It was foggy for most of it and so we only got to see beautiful views for a moment. I've heard this trail can be one of the best in Kauai, but from what I experienced I wasn't too impressed. It was okay and I'd still be open to trying it again though.

on Awa'awapuhi Trail

5 days ago

9 days ago

Unique canyon views through the hike, taking in the vastness of the Little Grand Canyon from below its walls. Look for the mile 8 road marker - there is no parking lot. Stick to the right at the start of the nature loop and look for that trail head sign to pop up quickly.
Red dirt stretches make it a dry day hike without exception. Coming back up wasn't as bad as I thought, in fact the downhill was tougher on my body. At the bottom, the river is a nice place to cool off and play on the rocks. Definitely bring bug spray for mosquitos near the bottom (when you hit jungle) and at the river. Well worth your time and effort!

13 days ago

Amazing views. There are a couple camping areas as well. Highly recommend this hike, however it does get fairly narrow with some erosion on parts of the trail.

19 days ago

19 days ago

Vitals: I'm 32 years old, 5'10", 185 lbs. if I had to describe my hiking prowess, I would call myself a "vacation hiker." I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and Merrell All-Out Blaze water shoes for the hike.

Ok, enough about me, onto the hike. Showed up at 9:45 am on May 31st and could barely see my hand in front of my face the clouds/fog were so thick. It was also lightly drizzling. So we left and came back at 1 and could see for miles. Such is Kauai! So don't give up if you get there and the weather is poor, give it a few hours and try again. But absolutely wait for clear skies. Can't imagine this Trail being worthwhile when the fog has rolled in, also, you'd probably fall off a cliff with such poor visibility.

The Trail is fairly strenuous, but mostly on the way back out as it's primarily downhill going in and of course, uphill coming out. But the Trail is so short that even the really strenuous parts on the way out only last for so long. Trail is ridiculously easy to follow, never was there even a moment of wondering "which way do I go from here?" As is the case with many trails (including pretty much every national park in the US), there are opportunities to die if you don't exercise proper caution, just don't be a fool, and you'll be fine! Only one side at a time has a dropoff, hug the opposite side and you'll be ok. Ground was dry when we went, so that made things nice. The underbrush was the worst part of the hike, scraping and scratching my shins as we went, but no lasting marks. It mostly was terrible because I had a bit of sunburn on my shins.

Did the whole thing in about an hour and a half, 1 mile each way. As a side point, we passed two girls, one barefoot, along with their off-leash dog, at about the .90 mile mark. Not saying I recommend it, just saying the Trail isn't as dangerous/ominous/foreboding/impassible as some may make it out to be.

Oh ya, almost forgot to mention....THE VIEWS! Dear lord, the views! Never seen anything like it in all my life. Absolutely incredible and worth every ounce of effort. You will not regret it. Even if you can't go the full 1 mile in, just go until you aren't comfortable going on and you will still see some of the most incredible views of your life!