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Koke'e State Park offers commanding views of the lush, amphitheater-headed Kalalau Valley from 4000 feet elevation. Wildland picnicking, tent camping and lodging. Hiking in native rain forest and along rim of Waimea Canyon; additional trails in neighboring forest reserves. Excellent area for observation of native plants, forest birds and insects. Seasonal plum picking and trout fishing. Pig hunting in public hunting area.

Did this hike today. It was moderate like it says. Took us a little over 2 hours. I would wear hiking shoes or athletic shoes as the terrain can get slippery. Beautiful views of Waimea Canyon. The waterfall at the end of trail to the left is pretty but small. The waterfall to the right is pretty cool as well (different perspective). We enjoyed the hike and recommend it! Aloha!

Excellent hike. I recommend starting from the parking lot for the pu'u hinahina viewpoint where there is also the trailhead for canyon trail (where google maps will send you if you type in the trailhead). Then you avoid walking down the road for the first part and instead get nice shaded greenery at the very beginning. It's a relatively easy hike with some steep parts that aren't too long. The cliff trail is a .1 mile offshoot so might as well take that detour for the canyon views, but the best part of the hike is definitely the end. You actually are at the top of waipo'o falls and have a great canyon view at the same time. No you don't see the whole waterfall but you can see it from any lookout along the road as you drive to the trailhead... and this is way cooler in my opinion because you're ON the waterfall! Highly recommend this hike.

2 days ago

Sorry to say it, but this is not an easy trail. It is beautiful but you had better have the right footwear and be an experienced hiker.

Gorgeous views.

starting with lush greenery to canyon views and ending with waterfalls... the variety of scenery made for a fun hike!

It was more hard than moderate but beautiful, really muddy, don't wear good clothes.

Remember moderate in Hawaii may be rated hard at home. Some repairs have been taking place but still needs work. Bring food and lots of water. We were very lucky as it seems we hit all the views with very little fog. Did have rain and it was great to have raincoats. Not much mud in early July. Fun but very tiring for some of us.

11 days ago

It was great. My wife and I did it in flip flops.

11 days ago

Wow just wow. All the good things in the other reviews are true!

on Kukui Trail

14 days ago

What a hike!! Not for the weak, that's for sure!

14 days ago

This is a well-maintained trail, walking through thick forests and beautiful ferns to the viewpoint on the Napali Coast. Pretty comfortable on a warm day, since so much is in shade and partial shade. Well worth it, though the climb back up to the parking lot is strenuous, compared to the ease of walking in mostly downhill. Has no views of the Canyon, so not a good choice perhaps for a first venture into the Canyon area. Website is inaccurate on distance - it is 6.5 miles.