3 days ago

Very pretty trail, clearly doesn't get a lot of traffic judging by how overgrown it is. Wear long pants! There's a pretty significant slide at around roughly 3 miles in, which there are a few photos of on this page. The ground was very crumbly and slippery and the webbing there did not look like it would do a lot for you if you were to fall, so that was where we called it a day. It was still a nice hike even without making out to the open ridge.

The map took us 8 miles round trip. A lot of it was over grown as well. We broke brush for at least 3 miles of it. I went with two other friends and we’re all in great shape. It kicked out butts! The waterfall wasn’t awful, but it definitely wasn’t the best I’ve been too. The pool was too small to stay and swim. I’d definitely recommend a different water fall hike. This one was brutal.

I would call this trail hard not intermediate. We went counterclockwise around the loop and there was a very steep climb down. Then along the creek then up a very steep using ropes to get back up the ridge. It was a fun trail but very steep climbs and slippery cliffs to walk along.

Long trail no markings thou and not very x Enoch. Muddy spots but still passable.

2 months ago

We did the ridge when we were there doing the waterfalls. Nice ridge, easy to follow.

With all the amazing trails Hawaii has to offer, this is one to visit but not one to keep coming back to after the first time. Trail is well-marked but we turned around and returned the same way we came. The trail was trickier to follow on the return leg but the point where you start climbing is well marked. We did it with 3 kids, aged 7, 8, and 14. It was about the right length although the 7 yr old was challenged in several of the crossings.

2 months ago

Great hiking/walking. Like others we intended to do the waterfall loop but managed to wind up on the ridge trail. Still a great experience just took longer than intended.

2 months ago

Such an amazing waterfall! And we were the only ones there.... probably because we were the only ones crazy enough to hike this thing. The reviews and description say that after the falls it’s pretty straight up the mountain to get back to the ridge, with mud and very loose footing... well that was an understatement for sure. It was literally back up the side of the mountain after following the stream for a while. Thank goodness we are quite fit and hiking smart. Super glad we did the whole loop but if I do this one again it will be straight out to the falls and back up the same way we came..

Going clockwise to the falls is pretty easy and straightforward, it's been well marked. I loved the falls, it was flowing well even on a sunny day! but it's been raining a lot overall the past month which is probably why. If you just want to see the falls, best to just go back out the way you came in. I decided to try out the loop because I hate repetition and loved the idea of a challenge. I think people might hunt here and that's why there's kind of a bit of excessively random trail markers? Might be wrong, but it's really just a guessing game after the falls, eventually I just started hashing my way up the ridge no trail. Accidentally ended up finding the trail anyway(After an hour or so)! You have no idea how happy I was to see that yellow rope lol from there is was really easy again, just a simple ridgeline trail. it was definitely a bit overgrown at times but nothing unbearable. the trail past the falls just needs to be remarked! otherwise I really enjoyed this trail.

This track is not complete. It’s an 11 mile out and back from the Aiea Loop Trail to the KST (Ko’olau Summit Trail).

Overall, not bad for an 11 miler. I caught it on a dry day. There was mud, but not too many crazy puddles. I managed to complete it in about 5.5 hours. Views at the summit at the KST are awesome, getting a great perspective of both sides of the island.

IF YOU DO THIS TRAIL MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOME TYPE OF NAVIGATION SYSTEM. We did this trail counter clockwise like the other hiker suggested which was the only possible way to fully complete this hike. The trail is only marked from the clockwise entrance to the actual water fall. After that it is completely overgrown with brush waist high. It also doesn’t say that you have to walk the river bottom but you do. This hike took four and a half hours with two experienced hikers. Would not do again.

5 months ago

this was a beautiful hike, ended up going back the same way we came in. It was hard to make definition as to where the trail was heading. After we saw the magnificent waterfall. lots of boar tracks, and fruit trees... and beautiful land scape.⛰

We watched a you tube video on how to find the falls. It definitely helped. Did about 8-9 stream crossings and stream was flowing pretty hard . This did make for a nice flowing falls. Definitely go after a rainfall and you won’t be disappointed.

do it counterclockwise.... couldn't find a trail back up after the waterfall.... thought I did, up a steep hill only to find a dead end. hiked up til the trail was really overgrown...I ended up turning around and hiking out the way I came in. will for sure go ccw next time. beautiful hike in the valley and I didn't see one person... the rain may have been the reason for that tho.....

We managed to do the deserted loop today. Arriving at waterfall was okay but pretty steep down. Go up above the waterfall, then continue upstream until you see two orange ribbons on vertical branches by river, and go straight up the mountain until you find the next marker, crazy up on boars’ trail. We got lost because we found more markers going upstream after those two. Should have read review before. Be prepared and careful, very wild and essentially no trail up the ridge until you hit Aiea Loop again. Experience hikers only.

6 months ago

Accidentally ended up on the ridge trail when we intended to do a falls trail, which turned a four mile loop into an eleven mile out and back.

Not a bad hike, but very damp. Narrow trenches full of ankle deep mud for about three miles of the hike. Has a handful of ropes to assist, all in great condition.

Three adults finished in six hours and drank 3L of water.

THIS TRAIL IS AWESOME! It has everything that you'd want for a "moderate" hike. There is fruit everywhere and the scenery is out of this world! Check out our video!


If you are looking for adventure , this is a good trail! Quite easy until the waterfall, then get ready to look for only few signs on your way, pink signs can be anywhere, on trees, leaves, ground...half fun half annoying to find these signs! But after all , happy to have done it! Would not recommend with a child. My wife was inexperienced and did it bravely!!

Hike was pretty miserable overall. The decent down isn't bad but the "trail" too the waterfall is slippery and possible ankle tweakers. The falls were dry today so that was a bit anti climatic. The next half of the trail is rough, the accent is long and exhausting, great views but not well maintained. Very steep and could be a danger too younger or in experienced hikers.

Would not hike again.

10 months ago

This trail is very hard to follow. We turned left when the loop split. We missed the turn to continue and had to retrace our steps using the offline map I had already downloaded (luckily). Finding the waterfall was easy but after that the trail was not well marked and we got lost several times. Once we finally found the trail (using the map) it was very steep up the ridge and very overgrown. I would rate this hike as hard due to the un marked trail and steep climbs up the ridge. If you're looking for a view this is not the hike for you. The waterfall is just ok. This hike took us 4 hours to complete.

Went with my kids and baby. Had to backtrack because we passed the mango tree. Our short little legs had a hard time climbing down the rocky part of the trail. It rained a little so the trail was slippery. The waterfall is pretty small and not what we expected. We decided to come back the way we came because we didn't want to chance the other half of the trail with everyone's reviews saying that half isn't maintained.

fun loop.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Challenging but good fun. Be prepared for hike up.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

got lost coming back up, we couldn't find the turn to go back uphill. It takes some strength and endurance to get back up once you do find your way back.

The waterfall was on the small side, but not a lot of people are there to crowd it.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I am not even sure why this is rated difficult. I was very disappointed.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mislabeled as HARD. Nothing hard about it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I love this trail. People get lost because they don't know where to turn. About 20 min into Aiea Loop, there is a trail to the left. If you get to the big power lines you have gone too far. Follow the side trail down the ridge for about 30 min. Check this app periodically for the next turn - it's on the right by a big mango tree. Then you'll go straight down the cliff to the river. Once at the river turn right going upstream. It seems like a long way but is worth it. Go after a big rain. Lastly, leave the way you came. The rest of the loop is not maintained and is not pleasant at all.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Your going to get lost.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

You get lost easily

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Once we found the first junction it was a pretty easy trail to follow. Very hard to miss the second junction at the Mango Tree. Be prepared for a workout on the way back up.

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