Not best views, nice stop much better trails farther down road to Hana

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1 month ago

Easy with light elevation change - difficult to run up the hill towards the "unaccessable" water fall - beautiful trail - Once you get to the water fall, if you have the juevos to jump across you can trek up the stream to a real water fall and swimming pond - get there early as it loads up with people and parking is limited on the Hana Hwy. - worth the stop for a quick trek up the hill.

Not a difficult hike, but not much to see. There are much nicer views on the Road to Hana.

There wasn't much to see the day I was there in January. Plenty of vegetation along the trail but no lookout points, waterfalls, or other points of interest. Perhaps the jungle was overgrown to the point of blocking the view...?

Fun hike , good place to get out and stretch. Very quiet trail with beautiful trees that provide a great canopy . Smell the fragrance of eucalyptus as you walk , lots of ginger along the way . Muddy but not too slippery
Would recommend a stop along the road to Hana

It is a quick fun hike. Don’t forget to bring bug spray and reapply if necessary. We hike in the rain and by the time we got to the top the mosquitos had us for lunch. We reapplied bug spray at the top but the damage was done. However the hike was worthwhile.

Amazing nature views. Easy and good for kids.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Left trail is more of a hike than the right. The top is just a grassy area with not much of a look out. Some of the look outs and strange plants along the way were the best part. Very muddy after the loop.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Great hike

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This trail provides an opportunity to get out and stretch alone the road to Hana. There are geocaching opportunities as well. The trail is very easy, steps in some locations, but mostly a lot of beautiful trees and views. There is at least one smaller connecting trail, but we just went on the loop. Took less than 30 minutes. Great little walk in the woods.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

There is a main trail, but there is also a deviation towards the river which I enjoy goingto. at the end of that is a large pool which can be rather deep in some spots. There is never anyone else there whenever I go. it's a very private spot, right off a well worn path.

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