Fantastic views. Light showers the day we went so definitely slippery/precarious in spots. Cooled you off though! Rehydrated and rested at the second pillbox for a while to enjoy the amazing views and breezes.

Saw some parents bringing their toddlers, which definitely made me a bit anxious on their behalf.

As others have noted, the ridge does have some drop offs, can get super slippery/muddy when it rains and has ropes in spots to help you climb up. A couple of the ropes look like they’re on their last threads though so test before putting all your weight on those.

Awesome hike! Beautiful views. Worth every drip of sweat 酪

Very, very overgrown but if you push the grass aside, the trail is very visible. Just keep on the ridge top and you will be fine.

Went for sunrise, was raining, dark, and muddy, but cleared right as we got to the top and saw a beautiful sunrise! Definitely worth getting so dirty, hoping to do again soon

Definitely hard in some areas! We didn’t do the out and back but did the whole trail instead. Stunning views throughout.

Nice hike. Kinda crowded around the pillboxes, but the views are worth it. I recommend hiking the whole trail, not just to the pillboxes and out.

Great sunrise hike, amazing views! Pretty quick up and down. Don’t let the rain scare you, the rainbow to follow is amazing up there.

This is one of the best hikes on Oahu in my opinion! It's somewhat challenging with a bit of danger, but nothing compared to some of the other ridge trails. I see plenty of kids and older people on it, just be aware and don't be foolish. The view from the 2nd pillbox is simply stunning. You can see all the way from Kaneohe Bay to Waimanalo. It's a stunning place that I love.

Amazing Views!

great for a sunrise hike. Go early and park by the beach.

Steep areas-especially starting out. Slippery and muddy in spots. Definitely gave my legs a work out! Beautiful view from top!

A very easy hike with lots of views. It’s one I can bring visitors on who I’m not sure are that into hiking, but appreciate being in paradise. If you’re looking for something challenging, this is not it.

Pillbox gives great views of the ridges and the ocean. It's a good workout, but make sure to complete this before noon. The sun beaming down on you makes for a very warm experience quick. after the first 2 bunkers, it's not needed to go any further. I went a bit further but eventually turned back because those give the best views.

I would suggest not doing this on a rainy day because there are a handful of very muddy steep slopes that would make for a not so fun time unless you are wearing spikes on your shoes/boots.

Park by Lanikai Beach and walk to the trail. Afterwards go rest and hangout at the beach!

5/5 because it's a solid hike, brings great views, and is next door to one of the more enjoyable beaches in Oahu!

We hiked to the marker and back which was closer to 2.5 miles from where we had to park, down the road. A lot of people to the first pill box, a little drop off to the 2nd and next to no one goes to the marker. Fabulous 360 views of the ocean, beaches and the mountains to the interior. Pretty steep start to the first pill box but not far.

The view from the pillboxes are stunning!

Loved it. Great views! Pretty much straight up for the first 1/2 of the trail. Use the ropes and light weight gloves might have been helpful. Past the pill boxes relatively level with inclines. Would hike it again.

Go early it was so hot! Fantastic views from the pill boxes. We hiked with our three year old so we only did two. My husband carried him in the pack for part of it.

1 month ago

Great little hike with spectacular views. The trail is heavily frequented up to the 2nd pillbox. Beyond the 2nd pillbox you can enjoy a nice a tranquil hike pretty much by yourself

Good trail. Wear good shoes because the rocks are slick on the way down. Plan on parking and walking to trailhead. Busy trail with locals and tourists. My kids (4 & 10) hiked it no problem. There are some steep edges so watch the kids closely. There is no shade so bring water!

1 month ago

extremely hot!!! bring plenty of water. depending on what time of day you go I can see how people and dogs can get heat stroke, there's a sign warning that numerous dogs have died due to it. this would be a great sun rise hike. kinda steep, gets the heart pumping. don't recommend flip flops.

Definitely worth it! I recommend going around 4pm local time- the sun is not as harsh and you will get to see the beautiful sunset behind the mountains. Bring lots of water and trail mix or snacks!!

Fabulous hike. A little steeper than I was expecting but totally do-able for most anyone

Amazing place for sunrise pics. People normally start getting there about 15 mins prior to sunrise so I recommend getting there earlier for better parking, so the trail isn’t so crowded and for a good seat

Very beautiful hike, make sure bring plenty of water and snack. There are no shades. There is no parking. I parked in close by beach and walked from there. It is very busy and straight forward trail once’s you find it.

was a nice trail! breathtaking view...

Very steep, unmarked trail with several branching paths. Easy to get lost on the way down. Very hot and slippery on dry days on the large rock slabs with fine gravel and sand on them. I have not been since August 2017 and don’t know what maintenance they have done since then. The hike itself was not pleasant but the views are spectacular and memorable. Wear hiking boots or trail shoes.

Love the views! Great place to take pictures. Parking is a little tricky as you have to park on the streets a block or so from the trailhead. Be careful when it rains as it can be a little slippery at the beginning of the trail.

Hiked Aug 2018 This is a pretty good trail as long as you don’t go after a rain. My wife and I are on a mission to hit all the trails on the island in the next few years. We’ve done this one twice so far since it opened back up on Aug 20, 2018. There is a beautiful sunrise view for those daring enough to tackle this trail in the twilight hours.

Amazing views and a fun hike.

Trail re-opened 8/20/18. Trail was in pretty good shape and not too crowded.

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