parking was difficult due tonroad closures and there were a ton of tourists that stand in the way of getting on top of the pillbox.

However the trail was gorgeous, and view was worth it on the top.

Quite a paddle out, watch that surf...Moks are great!

Awesome hike! It’s not difficult to hike!

Amazing sunrise views, a little steep at the beginning but otherwise a reasonable hike. Only took us about a half hour to get to the first and second Pillboxes. Would definitely do it again!!

Awesome hike. Started in the dark and saw a beautiful sunrise from the second pillbox. Very steep in spots, but would rate moderate. It did start raining on the way down which made it very challenging and slippery to get down. If you like a challenge and don’t mind getting a tad dirty this is your hike!

We parked few blocks away and walk to the entrance. Make sure your car is parked on the side of the road, wheels don’t touch the pavement. Great hike, I would rate it moderate. Easier than Olomana trail. Nice views, keep hiking pass the pillboxes. There were few families with the young kids. So it’s not very strenuous. Careful on the way down!

Very steep, slippery when wet. Stunning views!

Short, moderately steep hike with well-worth it views!! Beautiful!!

some challenging portions, great views. a solid intermediate level climb

You can actually hike all around the whole ridge. You can stay left and end up back in Lanikai beach or go right and end in the Kailua about a mile and a half from where pillbox started. I went left and love it. view just as good and almost no foot traffic

Incredible views. Will do this again.

Best one for a sunrise hike!

Beautiful view

Great hike, great views

Great view! Parking is limited and it gets crowded even on a weekday during low season so best to come really early.

This hike is seriously INCREDIBLE!! Beautiful views the whole way. The only two recommendations I would make would be to (1) leave early and (2) bring LOTS of water. We left later in the day so were very hot, and didn’t have enough water.

great views, pretty crowded

awesome views...a little on the harder side with a 1 year old on your back.

While the app says it’s okay to bring your dogs, please, please, please bring enough water for them!! Several dogs have died on this hike from heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Steep and in the beginning with lots of mud but you can hold on to the fence or trees so you don’t slide back down . After that part it gets more dry and it was pretty hot when I went with my kids (7 and 10). We ran out of water ( hadn’t planned on hiking) and turned around before reaching the top. That being said the view was still quite spectacular! Very well traveled, busy little hike. Will go go back to go all the way up.

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