really nice views, but I did get several swarms of small insects stuck to me.

Fun trail that involves some mild climbing. My 9 year old loved it. My 6 year old finished but was pretty cranky by the end.

No parking available. Road side parking has been pretty much shut down. We went at 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday and found plenty of parking at Kailua Beach Park. Later in the day the Beach Park is packed and parking hard to find. This adds about 0.7mi to the hike each way (1.4mi total).

Sunrise :)

Breathtaking views.

Very steep all the way up to the first pillbox. Trail is unmarked and there are several branching paths, some of which are sketchier than others. Unfriendly locals on the street by the trail head. Confusing parking situation. I got a ticket while parked on the correct side of the street - apparently you're supposed to pull off the road onto people's property? Good views, but there are easier ways to see the same scenery.