Easy - great views!

4 days ago

Beautiful views. Even if you don't go all the way up.
Our 3 year old needed help along the way but stopped short of the top because of the steep rocks just before reaching the top. Our 6 year old was able to go all the way with help at a few places.

This hike has gorgeous views and a fairly decent breeze. Be aware that it is an extremely heavily trafficked hike and there is loads of people here, so parking can be harder to find. Would also recommend continuing along the path along the ridge line to continue seeing the beautiful views, however you will have to walk through town to get back to where you parked.

Solid hike, probably less than 2 miles out and back. The beginning is hardest just that it can be slippery because of the dirt and it being so steep. There is rope to help you here and it gets easier all the way up to the Pillboxes. We parked at Lanikai Beach and walked half mile to the trailhead as parking in the neighborhood is hard to come by. Beautiful sweeping views on the top so it is easily recommended and pretty quick to do.

This hike is amazing. Steep climb with rewarding views. Make it to the pill box and the view is breathtaking.

Insane trail. Super fun, but very dangerous at the same time - granted I was running along the edge of the cliff the whole time. But there are options for hiking along the edge or just off from the edge. Still dangerous either way as a strong gust of wind could easily throw you over the edge.

Nice trail. Magnificent views from the top.

Very friendly trail with a great view all around, best to do in the morning when the sun is kindest. Relatively short and moderate. Can be a real experience seeing these WW2 bunkers redesigned by modern day people and seeing the messages they leave behind.