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Did this trek on Saturday, 10/6. Flat trail with some serious mud holes. Jeep Wranglers and other 4WD vehicles were on the trail as well. The trail goes along the coast and the views are spectacular. Only one section where you had to go uphill because the trail/road had fallen into the sea.

Hiked out to the point from the northern parking lot to catch the sunset, a popular reason to do this hike. Bring a flashlight for the way back, although the slow darkness will allow your eyes to adjust. Flat easy out and back which passes you through the Albatross Preserve. My GPS had the out and back from the parking lot closer to 6-miles.

beautiful walk to see both ocean, reefs, wikdlife and mountains of North West Oahu.

Beautiful waves. At at the end there a a beach. We saw seals and baby albatross. Long hike and very hot. Wear a hat.

One of my favorite trails on island. Gorgeous views of the mountains and ocean and lots of wildlife. You can see albatross at the end of the hike during mating season, and their babies a few months later. Usually an opportunity to see monk seals at the end, and in winter I have often seen whales breaching offshore around sunset.

Beautiful coastal and mountain views!! Easy hike.

Beautiful hiking spot along the cost line of Ke'aana point especially afternoon sunset is "AMAZING... You can do it

Flat easy trail with amazing coastal views the entire way! Once you reach the point at the end there's a fence you pass and a sanctuary full of birds.

We parked at the beach near the trail road, I heard there have been break ins so keep your valuables on you.

Easy trail. Gets hot and a little crowded but nice views.

A long flat hike, relaxing and mostly desolate. Once you get to the bird sanctuary, follow the outside of the fence. About 100ft from the downhill turn, you will see a trailhead to a group of 5 bunkers on the point. If you are going to do this hike, you must do these pillboxes. Out and back is around 6mi and there is 0 cover.

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A short hike up to a favorite rappelling spot above Camp Kaena.

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The trailhead is located across from Camp Erdman YMCA, Mokuleia. The first portion is actually an evacuation trail called MRP Evacuation Trail. The latter portion entails some climbing, rock scrambling, and more climbing. I rated it difficult mostly because it involves some rope climbing.

The most beautiful coastal view hike I’ve done so far! We saw a school of dolphins, it was so amazing! There’s lots of tide pools at the end that you can climb down the rocks and swim in. The trail was about 6 miles round trip and it took us about 3 hours with a few stops. The terrain is dirt and sand, low incline, just a few hills. Try to go earlier in the day when it’s not super hot like we did! Bring lots of water to drink and use sunblock!

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Went about an hour before sunset. Saw a monk seal. Hiked 3.5 miles and then turned around as it was getting dark. Gorgeous sunset!

This is a long walk but there are some very interesting views of the coast line and rock formations in the early part of the hie. The end point is this really neat animal sanctuary with TONS of birds that don't seem to mind you approaching closely. The trek back was during the sunset (leave about 45 mins for this part of the walk) and provided spectacular views the entire way home.

Beautiful hike! Saw a monk seal! We went a little too late in the morning, it got super hot by the time we finished. Ended up being 7 miles after walking around the water and trail!

I was not prepared for this. I did no research before going and did not have the proper footwear. That said, it was amazing. We saw whales, seals, coral beaches, and great views. The beach at the start was moderately busy. We made it back to the beach by sunset and watched it on the beach. It was New Years Eve and the fireworks during the drive home were insane. Oahu takes their new years fireworks seriously.

Stunning views! Be prepared to endure the heat along this very scenic shoreline hike, because there is little of no shade. As you walk through the Ka’ena Point Area National Reserve beyond the stretch of sand dunes with birds nesting, you may encounter seals resting in one of the many shoreline pools. Besides packing a sufficient amount of water and a snack or two, you also may want to bring along your swimsuit, as you may need to cool off in one yourself before you head back. Easy hike if you can endure the heat.

Love this trail. Especially when it’s cloudy. Kid friendly

We got a late start, so even with our water preparedness, we only hiked part of the route. The views we did see were pretty!

Side note: even though there appeared to be plenty of other tourists in the area we did feel somewhat uncomfortable leaving our rental car and belongings for a long period of time due to some shenanigans when we pulled into the park.

Easy and stunning ! Bring some water and I suggest to start before 11 o’clock because the sun hit hard!

Really great views. Pretty flat and easy ground to walk on.

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Back again and Mother Nature is trying to reclaim this one. Agree the tall grass (especially at the start) is tough. Do it anyway. It’s worth it. If you can’t follow the exact trail just free style it. Follow the slope, you’re going up. Keep your eyes open and you’ll find the trail again. The plateaus are clear and give you a chance to reset and find your way. With the tall grass, up is way easier than down. Be careful with your footing.

Getting all the way to the end really isn’t worth it. Turning around after a mile is probably what you should do, it’s all the same after that.

Fun hike. Elevation doesn't change much. Definitely take water. Spotted monk seals and the nesting shearwater birds which was awesome! Oh and make sure you park at the appropriate place. I saw about 8 cars get tickets at the entrance of the Hike lol

Great hike. nice views, relatively flat. Monk seals are usually laying out by the point.

nice hike. Flat terrain. Best in theme winter when you can see albatross and whales. Can usually find monk seals near the point.

Easy walk . Very Beautiful

Great easy hike with an amazing view of the North shore. Definitely doing this again. Also good for scenic photos.

Go up to the bunker near the top of the mountain. The hike really isn’t worth the long walk without checking out the bunker and getting to see the view from there.

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