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Just guessed at initial entry but found the trail quickly enough from the corner of the parking lot. Gets tricky in spots to pick up the trail again after some boulder scrambles. At times I wasn’t sure if I was on the official trail or just a run off channel. Either way it worked out and was a blast.

I did this in shorts with just minor scrapes. Good shoes or boots are key. You need traction.

This is less so a hike than a walk along the coastline. Some nice views of the mountains and ocean, with chances to see whales and other wildlife. I believe it's closer to 6 miles round-trip. The trail and access roads can be pretty muddy if it's just rained. Like everybody else has said, bring a hat, water, and sunscreen. Overall, pretty nice walk/hike along a rugged and wild-feeling section of Oahu coastline.

Nice hike, flat all the way. No cardio. Beautiful view of the ocean & the rocky lava beach

Loved this hike! Quite muddy on the actual trail. We hiked down by the water most of the time. Beautiful coral and shells. Finished out hike with 2 playful monk seals! So much fun. Can’t wait to go again.

Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen as it is exposed to the sun the entire way. Mostly flat but beautiful hike. We also saw a monk seal relaxing on the beach!

It’s a nice a nice walk ...if you need extra adventure, try heading up the mountain towards the pillboxes.

One of the best light hikes on Oahu. Wild life, ocean, corals, beautiful coastline. No shade and it is very hot so bring water and wear a hat.

It was really flat and long but it is totally worth it!! The view is amazing!

Beautiful hike. There is no shade at all so it definitely gets hot I suggest to go early and bring lots of water! At the end you go into the bird sanctuary and at the end there are lots of tide pools. It’s gorgeous.

Really pretty 2-3 hour walk, ocean views, wild life (albatross/seals/whales), seashells, corral, etc... just lovely!

There's no shade, bring plenty of water & sunscreen and don't leave valuables in car! A lot of break ins!

Awful! 3 break ins during daylight and one couple was only away for 30 mins! We ended up leaving after seeing the damage people were doing! Didn’t feel safe at all! The drive made us feel like we were in a 3rd world country is was so gross and run down!

Amazing hike! Easy to complete if you follow the road or you can meander along the beach and check out the tide pools. Either way, you end up at the amazing wild life refugee at the end of the trail. No shade on this hike, so bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Great views of the mountains and coast as well as a chance of whale sightings!

Easy but hot. Open space with no trees or spots for shades. Need lots of water, hat and sunglasses. Kid friendly but not too exciting. Rewarding at the end.
Parking easy but high warnings with thefts of personal and/or valuables from parked vehicles. Near-by beach is refreshing after the hike. Waves and current are both very strong.

1/7/2018-Started around 0845 and there didn’t seem to be too many people around because there were parking stalls available. However by the time we finished we had come across 31 groups/solo hikers. No whales, but saw one monk seal (who swam away once the tide came in) and one of the albatrosses decided to nest close to the path so please be mindful. Weather was mostly overcast but still packed 1.5L of water and wore sunscreen. Post-hike lunch was at Beet Box Cafe (Haleiwa) and delicious!

Endless, hot walk, not much of a hike, was rewarded with seeing two monk seals bathing in the sun at the point. My kids 5 and 8 walked all the way in and out but I would not recommend to walk all the way if your kids are not great walkers or younger than 7 or so. No shade, bring plenty of water, north shore looks rough and wild out there, very pretty but other than that not that many great views. For me it’s a “done it once and never again” walk

More like a long walk but beautiful views.

We found it easy as it was pretty flat. Great views. Gorgeous coastline. Saw whales, seals and nesting albatrosses. Don’t forget sunscreen/protection!

Have good shoes! Sunblock and lots of water. The tide pools are pretty awesome at the end

I have to say this is the best trail that I have ever had from the perspective of efficiency. You just walk on a level surface for 3 hours and the view is breathtaking.

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