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Treacherous hike, mainly because of the thick grass, which hides numerous tripping hazards -- holes and large rocks. We each had several falls that could have resulted in serious injuries. That would be a problem on a pali where there is no cell reception.
The top is beautiful, though, otherworldly, with incredible views. Worth the effort.
Like everybody else, we saw no trail. We basically bushwhacked. Very steep in parts, but no scary knife-edge ridges. There were times, though, when I didn't know if we'd make it back without a fall.
1. If you want to bushwhack up to this magnificent plateau, try the westernmost part of the pali, just to the east of Manini Gulch. Similar hike, but it opens up halfway into a jaw-dropping bowl that is just mind-blowing.
2. Consider trekking poles, even if you've never used them before. We plan to go back up again with poles, which I think would really help when walking through the hidden tripping hazards.
3. Blazingly hot during mid-day with almost no shade. I overheated at one point and would have been in trouble if we didn't have cold water to pour on my head. You need a hat and start with frozen water.
4. Again, it's really worth it if you're physically up for the trek. This is different than hiking on a popular trail. You won't see signs of any other human life or meet other hikers. It's like exploring another world.

Beautiful coastline

Great views on an easy, flat trail with plenty of scenic vistas. End point has some lovely tidal pools with all sorts of wild life.

My bf is giving a 4 star for the views, I give a 3 star rating because of the long, non challenging flat surface... at some point you can take a path along the ocean and feel the breeze (because its hot and you're exposed in the sun all along). Quiet & beautiful part of the island! Enjoy & keep it clean!

Very easy. Beautiful view along water. Amazing rocks. Great place for picnics.

Awesome hike, but lots of lose rocks while climbing. Not for kids.

Pretty rocky early on I was glad I wore hiking boots. Took us 90 minutes to reach the point. Three hours round trip. I'm 58 wife is 57.