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1 day ago

Protect your vehicle and belongings!
This trail is short and sweet with lots of opportunity to scramble and enjoy the great views but leaving your nice car nearby to hike is risky. Entering the trail was lots of fresh glass from a car window. Be careful!
As for the actual rock climbing part, respect the lands and the signage stating a permit is needed.

private property
1 day ago

Saddened by the inability to hike this trail. Upon arrival, there was a vehicle that was clearly broken into and police were taking a report. Additionally, this hike is on YMCA grounds: address: 69-385 Farrington Hwy, Waialua, HI 96791. Trail should reflect private property.

Short hike with lots of fun scrambling to reach an amazing view. We ventured to a little scramble area that looked like it’d reach the peak but we turned around with the kiddos.

9 days ago

Great hiking but watch out for the off-road vehicles. Look for whales on hike. Albatross nests at point and monk seals on beach.

9 days ago

A good distance. I did get dirty but it was well worth it...the area is pretty. The weather was amazing and the elevation isn’t bad at all; almost flat compared to other hikes I’ve complained.

Took my wife and daughter on this path. We went slow, tracing the coast line on the way out for approx 60 mins, then turned around and used the primary “trail” on the way back. The “trail” is basically a road - ranging from gravel to a dirt road with lots of large pot holes. If they allowed it, taking a 4x4 would be a lot of fun.

The scenery is beautiful. Ocean, with huge crashing waves on one side, soaring, green mountains on the other.

The path is not hard at all. Saw lots of little kids.

If you want to appreciate the north shore waves, do this hike. Plus, plenty of parking.

Nike easy hike that most anyone could do. We also hiked the Ka'ena Point Trail (south) as well on the same day. It was a nice trail and great day to do it on with larger than average waves. We discovered a blow hole on the Ka'ena Point Trail (south) side due to the size of the waves.

12 days ago

beautiful spot, would have given it 5 stars if it had some more shade.

1/6/2019-Started around 0840 and encountered at least 5 groups of hikers on our trek. Weather was ideal: sunny but not too hot because of the shade from the mountains and a breeze. Didn’t see any monk seals today but did see some whales playing in the ocean which was awesome!

Not much shade. In the bird sanctuary you will see seals sunbathing.

my family's favorite.

amazing hike with a great view! also nice sunset.

amazing hike with kids.

rock climbing
27 days ago

I would appreciate if you would give me an IG follow. @d_jacobs1
I live in Honolulu and I’m an avid climber. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice.

I did this hike November 17. Manini Pali is not something I wouldn’t recommend, especially since the reward is not the greatest. My partner and I got lost many times along the way up and down. We eventually found a rope section after an intense rock limb. We basically had to make our own way out before dusk. Very overgrown, a lot of scrambling, rocks you cannot see. Take a machete if you plan to do this hike.

Muddy start at 9 am but it was fairly dry by the time I got out around 11:30. There’s an albatross nesting on the trail when you get to Kaena Point. Probably the closest you could see one. Lots of others nesting in the distance. There are areas where the trail narrows to one person and you will have to climb up some rocks. Bring sunscreen and water as it gets pretty hot as the sun rises.

Awesome trail and stunning views! Mostly flat elevation wise but lots of rocks on the trail. Our two kids, 4 and 5, did just fine but we are regular hikers (ours kids have probably done 30-40 hikes this year). With some reviewers saying not to bring kids I was nervous but we had an amazing experience. We saw the monk seals and albatross’ as well as some marine life in the tide pools. So much fun!! It was definitely hot and lots of water and sunscreen are a must. Don’t miss out on this hike!

Nice trail. Parking is easy and there are many scenic views along the way. There wasn't much foot traffic when I arrived around 8am but I saw a lot of people coming in around 10am.

1 month ago

I started this trail but I didn't make it far past the bedrocks before I saw a couple huge spiders in the brush and noped it. I got past one but when I saw another large one, I decided to turn around and try a different trail. Everyone was right about the overgrowth. I went in the morning, so the dew left me pretty damp - maybe something to keep in mind.

fantastic views! it took us just over 3 hours to go to the point and back. the color contrast between the sky and the water and rocks was amazing, even on an overcast day. If you go on a sunny day, bring lots of water and wear a hat and sunscreen-- there is no shade on this trail.

Relatively flat, long trail with amazing vistas similar to Big Sur. Seals sunbathe on the point. We did not round the corner to the north end of the island. This trail is an amazing natural break from the hustle and bustle of Oahu. No shade.

1 month ago

Easy to find! Great hike if you’re looking for adventure that doesn’t take all day! Up and back in an hour or less!

Nice easy trail along a 4WD dirt road. Go before sunset and bring headlights to come back out. Great sunset and no one else around

I did this one coming in from the north on Ka'ena Point Via Farrington Hwy. The combined hike, round trip is approximately 10 Miles Great views and lost of photo opportunities on the Ka'ena Point Trail (from South) well worth the hike. There are a few places along the hike where the trail has been washed away but there is still ways to get around.

Recommendations for this one is, if you are going to combine both Ka'ena Point Trail (from South) and Ka'ena Point Via Farrington Hwy bring lost of water and snacks. If you are doing the Ke'ena Point Trail (from south) only and head out late in the day late bring a head lamp otherwise you may find yourself just walking off the path and standing in the ocean.

I enjoyed this one! flat and easy. I left a little late in the day and missed most of the sunset, will more than likely do this one again and go all the way around the point to take in all the views from the Ka'ena Point Trail (South) also. Only recommendation on this one is if you are heading out later in the day to catch the sunset bring a headlamp as the path back has several water hazards and can be a little tricky to navigate in the dark.

1 month ago

Like one person wrote (this one is not for the faint of heart) I would not say this is hiking it is more like a nice stroll until you turn of the road then it becomes lots of bushwhacking and rock climbing. It is very easy to find yourself off of the trail and standing in the middle of thick bush looking around and asking yourself were did the trail go!. I recommend that you start early as it will take a few hours, take lost of water, snacks, first aid kit, spare pair of pants and a machete. The rock climbing part is easy if you have a little experience climbing. The trail claimed a little bit of skin and one pair of hiking pants.

There are a few pluses for those who endure and complete the climb to the top, the views are excellent and photo's can not do it justice. I heard there is a rope on the trail but I did not find it and finally you know if someone made it to the top as there are two items the have been implanted into the rocks and anyone who has made it to the top will know what they are.

This hike is dedicated to (E) you know who you are.

Enjoy and be safe.

Enjoyed this hike. Pretty flat and easy. Not much shade, bring water and sunscreen. Takes a while to get to the wildlife reserve for birds at the end. Monk seals were on the beach in a couple spots. Also, the mountain and ocean view is beautiful at the end. Not too busy due to the wide paths. Be aware a decent amount of people have a pass to drive on the path.

Just finished this beautiful hike (12/1/18) Absolutely gorgeous when you hit the end and we were lucky enough to see a pup seal basking in the sun!

P.S. also if any kind soul happens to find a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, I'll be on Oahu until Tuesday! email me @ kathy7583@aol.com. Mahalo

The Hawaiian Monk seals do frequently rest on the rocky shorelines. There are also a series of caves and tunnels below the pillboxes at the tip of the point.

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails in Oahu. Parked at the end of the paved road at 7:00am on a slightly overcast morning and started my walk. I didn't see anyone on my walk to the point-- but I was stopped by a wild black pig! I climbed a rock to let her pass and continued on.

The trail is a flattened dirt path. Some spots were wet and muddy but you can easily walk around. It goes along a crumbling coastline with some very beautiful views. At the end you are rewarded with sand dunes that gently slope into a rocky shoreline with many tidal pools. There are nesting albatross in the dunes. Others have seen sea lions on the rocks- I did not.

I love how secluded this spot. I will go back someday.

1 month ago

Short hike, sort of steep on the way up, some climbing up little boulders. We did it after Kaena and we were pretty tired but it was doable. Would not have been bad if we hadn’t already been hiking. There’s one or two nice views at the top.

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