Wonderful! Loved this hike. It was even breezy on a chilly December day!! Flat and monk seal sighting!

Good running trail little rocky but great views. 6 miles round trip.

12 days ago

We went all the way up to the bunkers. Trail was dry and in pretty good condition. It gets pretty steep on your approach to the last bunker. Make sure you've got good shoes. NO flip flops. Take food and water. I wouldn't take kids to the top. We approached this hike from the north shore side. I really liked the hike up to the bunkers but did not care for the hike in from the parking. Its a couple miles of 4 wheel drive roads. its not a bad hike but at times jeeps are going though there so keep an eye out. Maybe its better to approach from the Waianae coast. Once you get to the iron fencing continue on the outside until you get close to the point. about 100 feet before the point the trail will lead up from the left. the view are really good

Great hike directly next to the ocean. We reached the point by sunset and watched the sun go down on a coral shell beach sitting next to two sunbathing monk seals. Incredible!! The hike back in the dark wasn’t challenging but you’ll definitely need flashlights or a sufficiently charged phone.

11/24/2017-The group started around 0815 and the weather wasn’t super sunny thankfully. However there were a few passing showers and spots of sun here and there. We came across 8 groups of hikers in all and got to see two monk seals in the reserve (which was awesome).

This hike is kid friendly 7+ (personal opinion) stunning as a hike can get.

The view was amazing and again better on the way back

Incredible views. Make sure to bring enough water and sun protection.

11/13/17- We went around 4pm to catch the sunset at the sanctuary. You drive on the road until it dead ends, and then park in the dirt. Walk on the "road" about 2.5 miles and you're to the sanctuary. Climb through the rusted gait to get to the latched fence. PLEASE LATCH BACK- this keeps predators out. Once in, we walked 1/2 mile around, saw many birds resting, nesting, and one flying. Please stay on the marked path, this is a safe place for the birds, not for you. (You could see where people walked off into the nesting area and dunes). There was a lot of lava rock on the beach, and one spot covered in old coral bits. A small bunker was a great spot to sit and see the sunset. To the left are beautiful mountains. We left after sunset. We brought headlamps with us and that made the walk back easier in the dark.

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