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We had a hard time finding it, but if you park right off the Pali walk down the road that’s next to the parking lot, follow it down through the tunnel of trees. When the road bends, there will be an opening on the left. You can’t see the sign it’s in the bushes. After your on the trail a minute, take a left at the first fork it goes up slightly. After another 5-10 minutes there will be another fork. Left again and it will be shortly after that. Be mindful, don’t touch or stand on structures. It’s a historic site. Be respectful and remember it’s a quiet area.

Fun hike to do in the rain. Once we got to the top of the waterfall, we headed back out. No need for us to take the much more difficult route to get to the bottom. We enjoyed the adventure overall and it was very manageable. We had an 11 year old and 5 year old hiking with us as well.

17 days ago

Fairly easy hike. Lots of ups and downs along the ridge line. No “end of trail” sign at the end of the trail (it keeps going) and not much of a view at the end of the trail. Plenty of views of town, the airports, and Pearl City.

so much fun

1 month ago

It was so peaceful and beautiful! It’s a little hard to find at first but I found some good directions online. If you know of the Pali highway the dirty parking lot for lulumahu falls you can park there and then the road to your right is called Nu’uanu Pali Drive you can either walk down there and at the very end you’ll see where it is or you can drive down there and park next to the water pipeline building. Which will be on your right side. It’s a little up the road to the right hand side across the street from water pipe line building. Be very respectful and don’t throw trash it’s a very quiet peaceful Hawaiian sacred. Grounds. If you posted pictures of mine give directions as well as it’s hard to fine

Absolutely stunning trail. Many flowering blooms. The waterfall is not as impressive as Manoa Falls, but the abundance of flowers makes up for it. We actually did both hikes on the same day with 3 children (7, 8, and 10 years old). We started the trail at the bottom while at the Lyon Arbetoreum. There is a place to cross over to Manoa Falls at the top, but we just came down and did Manoa Falls starting at the bottom as well. We ate lunch at the snack shack in between hikes. I bring all my visitors to these hikes, they ate gorgeous. Don't forget bug spray!

hard but great hike!

Great hike with a beautiful view at the top. But be ready for lots of technical footwork, as the stream crossings, rocks, roots, and steepness near the end all keep the pace a little slower. Lovely to see both the valley on one side of the summit pass and the ocean in the other.

Incredible that this overwhelming beauty is so close to Honolulu. Be ready to lose your shoe in a steaming pile of primordial ooze then rinse off in a stream crossing 200ft later, and repeat. I ran out of water at the summit, so, don’t be like me. This is not a hike for cotton socks. Bring swim attire. In my case light polyester socks under meshy running shoes breathed and dried well enough.

Be respectful of the land and history that is here. It really is beautiful! Once you find the trailhead it is a short and easy walk. Bring bug spray. We tried to find the falls but gave up.

It is recommended that you are quiet, stealthy, and respectful if you come to this strange and beautiful place, not only because you are trespassing, but because there is some non-corporeal entity watching you. It is not recommended that you leave your trash behind on the trail, but if you decide to, it pleases me to remove it for you.

2 months ago

A nice quick run up and down the trail this morning. It was slightly wet and muddy in places. I can’t imagine what this place looks like after rainfall. There were families, including young and old, climbing and descending. Everyone looked like the were having a good time.

The view from the top is ok. Nothing to write home about.... but this is Hawaii and experiences and memories are what makes life so special.

This was a great hike and had a great view from the top. Simple enough to take the whole family.

2 months ago

Easy. Good short morning workout. Love the wild boar scare! ;)

only did the 1.5 portion for brisk mornin walk/hike....nooiiice!!!

Interesting valley hike, don't miss the ruins on the left going in and all the great cultural signage, pics added.

Middle Ridge was a little rough for a beginner but the rest of the path was fairly easy. There was no clear sign that the trail had ended so we followed a pig trail then decided to turn back.

Middle Ridge had a beautiful view. Definitely worth it.

Super peaceful. Great scenery.

Tourists...respect the area and make sure to clean up after yourselves. Locals, it’s never enough to just show aloha, we must also show them how...let’s lead by setting good examples.

beautiful hike. I recommend going on a clear sunny day. The trail has been recently cleared and is easy to follow. Bring plenty of water as this is a rather long hike. About 6 hours or so round trip.

Did this one yesterday to work off the anxiety and adrenaline from the bomb scare. Pretty hike, nice views, no point traveling the last little bit past the top of the hill though as it is overgrown and prickly with no real additional scenery

Very pretty hike! It cost five dollars to park but, if you don't have cash you can use your debit card in the shop.

4 months ago

Nice short trail, a more quiet alternative to Manoa Falls (but without waterfall). From the second viewing point to the front of the mountain the path is very overgrown.

Good little trek

4 months ago

Easy hike, but pretty gross right now. Thought a week after the last rain would be enough to firm it up, but it was a muddy mess. Give it a few days if you're planning to go soon.

4 months ago

nice quick hike really clears all the drugs and alcohol youve been doing lately

5 months ago

Fairly easy hike. Decent view from the first lookout area over Manoa Valley towards paradise park. Second lookout area is looking straight from the back of Manoa Valley into town (Honolulu).

5 months ago

Wear pants! We started in Moanalua Valley, walked some on the flat part before hiking up the mountain to get to the trail. Once we were on Tripler Ridge, the trail was very overgrown with prickly vines. Ripped up our legs pretty bad but was beautiful the whole way! Lots of steep drop offs. Some parts were so overgrown, and you wouldn't know the trail was barely there until you stepped and your heel was hanging off... We took a different trail back down.

They are putting in a new roadway/pathway into the valley, just starting on the front end of the roadway. Looks good, would be easier to walk on.

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