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Illegal and Guarded, AND as of Sept 2017, police officer assigned to patrol the area.

In order to get to the stairs you will be trespassing on private property. You can be ticketed, fined up to $1000 and given a court date. Serious shit.

Allow me start with a few pointers IF you decide to "Cheeeeeee!!!! Chance 'em baaaaah!!!"

1. Malama ka aina
Respect the land. Love it. Leave it cleaner than when you came.

2. Respect the residents
How would you like it if loud groups of people walked by your house or worse thru your yard in the middle of the night, waking you up, making your dog bark, scaring your kids... You'd be pissed. So go into NINJA-MODE. Be like da' Menehune! Put your phone on silent, step lightly, and shut your mouth! until you're out of range of the houses. Don't even set the car alarm, use the key to lock it.

3. Respect other hikers
By following one and two, and not ruining things for others.

In other words... just have some common sense and courtesy. Don't be a dick.

What should be in your pack:
-Water, I'd take 2 liters
-Windbreaker, its windy and cold up there!
-Gloves for grip, not the cold, cheap rubber /cloth gardening kind are best.
-Patience, take your time going down. It can be slippery and hard on the knees.
Vitamin I (ibuprofen) in case the knees are too sore lol
-Trash bag for your own stuff and anything else you're willing to take.

It is surreal, and a truly one-of-a-kind experience. You climb from the base of the mountain to an elevation of nearly 3000ft and almost 4000 steps, to an old WWII era radio antenna, and bunker. Does that sound like a lot? Maybe. But if you are in reasonably good shape, it's really not that tough. Going up should take 90 minutes give or take.

Climbing up the stairs at night is a real experience. A headlamp is helpful at a few parts, but otherwise I love going up with no lights. You really don't need any most of the way.

In my opinion, it is not nearly as scary or dangerous as it is made out to be.

They're stairs. My God...!!

Okay sure, some sections are vertical, effectively turning the stairs into a ladder. So are ladders scary? It's high up! But you have railings to hold onto almost the entire time. Unless you have a very strong fear of heights, you'll be okay.

I've been up here twice, first by myself. Second, a friend was supposed to come but couldn't make it - so by myself again! The running joke is that I reaaaaaaaallly want to do Haiku Stairs... with someone. For once. Ha. *tear* (not and invitation lol)

I've got up the back way via Moanalua Middle a bunch more times. That hike alone is amazing and worth it, even without the reward of seeing the stairs.

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Public parking at the watershed trail head of of the Pali hwy is convenient. The trail is accessable to all ages and skill levels. One word of caution.... when the trail splits, take the lower (left) path. Looking back, this seems like a no brainier, but myself and 2 other groups took the upper path for about 45 min before we realized the mistake.

1 day ago

Started our hike at 4:30am and were stopped by one of the locals who happened to be awake and outside telling us that we shouldn't be doing the hike until the trail opens at 7am. We politely told him that we were still going to do the hike, walked away and were told that he was going to call the police. We did not have any trouble locating the right trail going up to Haiku Stairs even in the dark. Beautiful views of the mountains all the way around! We ran into some groups who went through the woods and up the stairs. Also ran into a solo hiker who started at 3am and got lost in the woods and eventually found his way and got to the top after more than 4 hours. He decided to hike back down with us because he didn't want to risk being caught going back down the stairs as he's got a flight to catch. It took us a little over 3 hours to get there. We stayed for about an hour to enjoy the view and really soak it in as this is one of the hikes in my wife's bucket list. The hike took us about 7 hours in total. Also seen a couple of kids with their parents up there so as long as you are careful, this hike shouldn't only be for advanced hikers but also for adventurers!

2 days ago

Really nice alternative to reach the Haiku stairs if like us you are afraid to hop fences and risk getting fined.

First half of the trail is flat and not that enjoyable, but as soon as it starts going up, the view and trail is amazing. Many ridges, but if you're being careful, everything should be fine.

Aloha! I do various hikes and photos on Oahu. Feel free to check out my Instagram Mike.karas and message/follow me if interested! I can also be reached at mikekarasphotography@gmail.com

Aloha! I do various hikes and photos on Oahu. Feel free to check out my Instagram Mike.karas and message/follow me if interested! I can also be reached at mikekarasphotography@gmail.com

Aloha! I do various hikes and photos on Oahu. Feel free to check out my Instagram Mike.karas and message/follow me if interested! I can also be reached at mikekarasphotography@gmail.com

Great hike. Plan to get wet and muddy. Traversing the stream is easier than it appears, the rocks are not slippery. (although I have no idea how that's possible!) Do watch for the pink ties that guide the trail! Some are hard to spot!

I completed the hike this evening for the 176th time.

Here are 5 things you should know:

(1) It is the safest way to reach that elevation on Oahu.

Over the last 70+ years, no one has ever died falling on the stairs.

(2) There is a ton of trash at the top.

Bring a folded heavy-duty trash bag to help with that.

(3) Try another route - NOT through the neighborhood!

Think: when is the last time you woke up at 3am and whispered: "Honey I think there's someone outside the house!"

Two people have recently been shot with a high powered air rifle which broke the skin. That was wrong of the shooter, but it's also not surprising.


There is now a special duty Honolulu Police Department officer hired to be on-site as well as the guard.

Public record shows (contrary to popular speculation) that on average police dole out penalties every day.

Over the past three years the stairs have transitioned from a security guard after 5am, to a security guard there 24/7, and most recently a security guard 24/7 PLUS a uniformed police officer on-site to catch hikers.

Your fine is just $1,000 but collateral damage in lawyers fees, community service, plane tickets, court visits, impact on your job, etc is MANY TIMES that.

For locals, a mistake sets you back about $3,000. Visitors (with travel arrangements and time off) will be looking at roughly $5,000+

Any impact a misdemeanor has on your professional life is in addition to that

You can not be overly-cautious!

(5) This is the real Hawaii

Perhaps because you have literally stepped in-to it 3,992 times, this place immerses you in magic. You feel your heart beat, the smell the jungle, you hear the birds, you see the divine landscape, the air is cooler and fresher up there.

Along the way, I discover each time anew what it means to be human and never get tired of it.

That's the crazy part. I have not gotten tired of it yet!