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Looking to do this hike/Haiku Stairs March 31st. Would love detailed info/possible guide from someone local.

4 days ago

easy and nice hike... great for kids

Great trail, kind of gets confusing for a little bit towards the end but you can see the waterfall and where you need to go. Take the hole in the fence off the Pali Highway, cut right on the gravel road on the government property, take a left when the gravel ends and take the stairs to the left where the graffiti walls are, go through the chain link fence and up some more stairs and it's a straight shot for the most part to the waterfall. Pink ties mark the trail. Just stick close to the stream. 30 mins in and 30 mins out. There is a fair bit of climbing on rocks but if you just take your time you'll be fine. Great waterfall at the end!!

A nice, decent hike through bamboo forests and tangled roots. Not particularly strenuous unless a good rain came through. It can get really muddy and slick, so wear good shoes.

The view is not 360, but no matta because it's still beautiful.

If you're interested in this hike with a guide shoot me an email at for info and rates and follow my IG @VentureAloha or

One of my favorite trails. I love going through the bamboo falls and seeing the ruins before heading to the falls. Wear big spray.

Disclaimer: I hike quite often, love solitude and I love ass-kicking hikes.

That being said, this hike was incredible! I hiked it alone and only ran into about 20 people total, most of them were already at the Haiku Stairs.

Be sure to NOT take a left at the sign (about 2.7 miles into the hike) - unless you like trying to scale cliffs. Instead, walk 15 feet past the sign and take a left at the unmarked trial.

The second half of the trial can be a bit steep and slippery, so I'd recommend hiking boots and taking it slow. The ascent and decent took me a little less than five hours, excluding my breaks and the time I spent at the top.

I did the whole 10 miles, there and back, but most people started on the trail and went down Haiku Stairs.

The hike is definitely not easy, but it's certainly not impossible. Great workout!

Wear shoes you don't mind getting wet and muddy!

Water proof hiking shoes definitely recommended. Not too strenuous but lots of uneven footing. You'll probably get a bit dirty. Nice short hike though