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Looking for someone to do the hike with! I've never done it before and I'm fairly new to the island still! Feel free to DM me on IG if you'd be willing to be my guide or would like some company. We can work it details later :)
@kayweezy509 my profile is private but feel free to add me!

Is there a reason that we can hike by ourselves on this trail? And what's with the guards?

Love this trail. Definitely challenging, but totally worth it. Done it twice already and my boyfriend has done it 4 times. We're willing to take hikers along with us and provide transportation if needed for $65. If anyone is interested email me at

I only recommend taking this route to the Haiku Stairs if you care more about the ridge hiking aspect than the stairs themselves. In my opinion, to fully experience the stairs, you need to hike either up or down them.

I hiked this as a one way, going up the stairs and ending in Moanalua Valley Trail. Do not underestimate Moanalua Middle Ridge! It is steep, narrow, and most importantly crazy muddy near the summit. If you are into that type of ridge hiking then this is the challenge for you!

The stairs are a bonus at the end, but like I said, if you want to experience Stairway to Heaven, you need to go up or down the stairs. Simply stopping at the top doesn't do them justice, especially since it's likely your view will be impeded by the clouds. This hike is fun and exciting regardless and is definitely worth a try if you are up to the challenge.

For more on my adventure, check out my blog post!

Veterans of this hike! Can somebody out of shape do this slowly? I leave the island on July 4th and I want to try it. My son says it's too hard for me... but I'm up for a little suffering to accomplish this!

Hey guys,
A friend and I will be on a layover in Honolulu from July 6th to July 10th. We'll be staying in Waikiki.
We are planning on doing this hike starting in the wee hours. No date decided yet.
We would love to meet someone who has already done this hike in the past or other people planning on climbing too. Can't wait to hear from you. XOXO

I need to do this before I leave on the 30th! Let's get together & make it happen! IG : silent.shootr

Planning to hike tomorrow 6/26 and would absolutely like to go with others! Email or DM on Instagram, thanks! @jaysay37 or

Looking for someone that has hiked the trail before and can help me and my partner find a good route for tomorrow morning if any one is available and interested. contact me at

Looking for someone to go with between Jul 3 and Jul 8,

Looking to join someone or group hopefully done it before to avoid guard 25,27 or 28 gjll@bevcomm. net

Wasn't sure which entrance to take at first but the one right in the middle of the car park proved to be right. The bamboo forest was nice and the trail was a bit rocks and muddy at times. Climbing larger rocks is necessary too. The waterfall was great but there were quite a few people.