2 months ago

Spectacular views can be achieved on this hike. There are warning signs for the cliffs, but unless you've got small kiddos, really not an issue. Good parking area and prepare to walk the road a little on the stretch back.

Completed this leg when hiking the Manoa Cliffs hike. While it does follow the road a bit in one portion by the radar towers, it is interwoven along the road in the bamboo forest hills, which is really cool.

2 months ago

Great hike, but as you can read in other reviews, the split to the return portion of the hike is very difficult to locate. There are two wild boar gates, the split is between the two, if you pass the second one, you have gone too far!!! I have added a photo of the split, the sign is high to your left, we missed it on the first pass!!!

Took this trail out to the cell towers, though we must’ve taken a different path because it felt like more than a mile. It was super muddy, I wore slippas thinking it would be easy but ended up taking off my shoes altogether so this was my first barefoot hike! There was lots of wild ginger along the path, which was super awesome. Took my dog & she was fine

3 months ago

I loved this. It was my first solo hike in Hawaii. It was muddy, it rained on me and I dried instantly once out of the rain. It was blissful. Loved the views.

3 months ago

Not that spectacular. Very muddy. Not a loop, if you take puu ohia you still have to walk back on the road for a mile.

This is a loop. it was beautiful but very muddy. Last quarter of hike was on Tantalus.

4 months ago

Did ‚big loop‘ including Pauoa Flats Loop and lookout - great hike, amazing views but very muddy and dug up by pigs... Def wear proper trail shoes.

Nice trail. Got caught in some rain and trail was a bit muddy. The post sign makes you think it is a loop trail but ran into a tree that took the path. Ended up taking the puu ohia trail which turned the trail into a loop hike. Beautiful plants!

Great beginners hike! Can be a bit muddy

Short quick climb. Not much of a view at the top.

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7 months ago

Well maintained. Some muddy patches. Nothing too steep. Needed bug spray.

This is a nice, relatively short hike that is very doable for kids. I went with my 3 and 6 years olds, and there were only a few spots where I felt the need to hold their hands. About half way up, it turns into a gorgeous bamboo forest! The wind is usually strong, so the sounds can be a little intimidating, especially for younger kids. But they’ll get used to it quickly.
The last leg starts once you climb a steep portion with steps that leads to a paved service road. Follow it straight up the hill, then curve to the left after the two transmission buildings with graffiti. It’s a bit of a winding path up for less than 5 minutes, and there is a cool little stone section you can sit or stand on to get a gorgeous view of the surrounding peaks!
It has a very isolated and natural feel to it!

Love this little hike! Easy but secluded and peaceful.

Nice tropical rainforest with many exotic plants

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Nice and easy small trail. The bamboo forest is beautiful and calm. There's a couple little trails that branch off from the main one, but I'm not sure where they go. The trail leads to a service road with some radio towers. We were told on our hike by another group that there are now cameras on the towers, as well as a padlocked sheet of metal to prevent people from climbing up (as well as no trespassing signs) so I would avoid them altogether. The view from the top is pretty, although a lot of the invasive bamboo is blocking potential view. A group was there to remove some of it, so hopefully in time the view will be reclaimed!

Friday, August 25, 2017

I give this a soft 4 stars only because I am a fiend for bamboo, so that area of the trail helped. It was a bit muddy today and actually this hike was to break in a pair of goretex shoes. Easy hike with the nice views of Honolulu and Diamond Head in some spots. Only drawbacks I can think of are the towers at the top and a few unmarked trails that branch onto the Pu'u Ohia.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Manoa Cliff trail is a great trail but is Not a loop trail. Any way you go after you get to the end T intersection (Kalawahine Trail) goes to the left and right. We took the trail left and ended up higher on the Round Top Rd and had to walk left out of trail onto the road for 2 miles to get back to our car. Best idea if you want a smaller loop is to take Puu Ohia trail to left before the end of Manoa Cliff trail and circle back to the Round Top Rd closer to the parking. Either way you are walking the road unless you turn around and retrace Manoa Cliff trail. Great trail. Beautiful view and tons of great plants and fruiting plants. Highly recommend if you know the loop is not on the trail

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Great short beginner's hike. But does anybody know about the side trail that branches off, loops around the top of Tantalus, & then reconnects at the end of Telephone Rd? It's clearly a maintained trail (it even has an unregistered geocache), but we don't see it on any map or in any guidebook. See uploaded photo w/side trail in green.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Trail can be muddy, but the view is totally worth it. I went on a windy day, and the sound of the bamboo rubbing and knocking in the wind was very powerful. Great short trail to see amazing views.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Great hike

It was an easy trail, wth great views..until we heard the warning bark of a wild boar! Be careful on this trail!

Monday, April 03, 2017

Need bug spray.

Monday, March 06, 2017

3/5/2017-Some mosquitoes due to rain night before, but may have hiked in wrong direction because I exited at Kalawahine trailhead. I had to backtrack to Manoa Cliff trailhead parking lot (about 1.5 miles) along Roundtop Drive. (May be part of the All Trails map already and I didn't know?)

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Loved this trail, walking on the side of a cliff, breathtaking views and beautiful Hawaiian plants. It did rain a bit and can get a bit windy.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Trail is pretty easy. I am not in great shape, and completed the trail with little difficulty. The trail has a couple nice views and you pass through a few areas surrounded by bamboo. If you want a easy hike and don't mind driving up some twisting roads this could be the hike for you. But if you don't do this hike I would say you aren't missing much.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trails open. No more bees. muddy.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Great nature walk! Lots of cool plants and super peaceful. Ran out of time so didn't finish this one. But it's a good one for a trail run.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

One of many trails on tantalus, you really are on the side of a cliff nearly the whole time. Beautiful views but very windy. Try using a walking stick to maintain balance just to be sure.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Closed temporarily due to bees

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