5 days ago

I did this with my husband and three year old. My son loved exploring the forest with all of the beautiful plants and animals. Being so young, he did get carried by the end of the hike, but before he ran out of steam, he was easily able to make the hike. It was difficult to find parking that did not impede on private property, but once we got on the trail it was worth the effort.

I have a kid carrier with a kid that cant yet walk (8mo). On the third set if fallen trees i had to turn back as just challenging and didnt know how many more fallen trees there were.

Imagine would be fun if your kids can walk tho.

According to my GPS it was 3 miles from the base. Do this hike clockwise. Quite a few trees have fallen across the first section of the trail, which make a kid carrier a little tricky. No water fall, just a stream crossing. It does have some decent views. Kid friendly.

Great starting trail! Perfect for people new to the island.

on Hauula Loop Trail

1 month ago

I love it, what's not to love hiking in Hawaii, country side.

2 months ago

Despite the lack of waterfalls today, this was a great family hike. We carried one kid the whole way, while our three year old alternated walking/riding. Bring bug spray and wear shoes with good grip as the trail is muddy even during the driest periods.

Really muddy going up... there was no waterfall. (A little disappointed) the views were okay, it was an okay hike.

Pretty easy hike. It can get humid so definitely bring lots of water and bug repellent. It can be get muddy in certain areas.

3 months ago

Fun loop trail often wet wear shoes that are good for wet rocks and mud. park at the beach park near the 7-11 is best.

4 months ago

Rocks are steep and get very slippery after a rain, but on a drier day it is a fun hike. I wouldn’t rate it as easy unless you’re an extremely avid hiker. Also note that the area can be used for hunting.

Fun and easy trail! Features beautiful views of the valley.

I live here and run this trail weekly. It’s a good, steady climb for running.

Pretty forest trail, saw no other hikers that day

7 months ago

Easy hike at 2.5 miles. My friend's 4 year old walked it. It has a couple of small streams and waterfalls, and through-the-trees views of the ocean.

Great views of the mountains. Little muddy so if it’s raining it’s probably not a good choice

As a hiker just starting out this hike was perfect..4km..a mix of tropical environment and then areas blanketed in pine...and stunning views!

8 months ago

Easy hike, great for the kids.

8 months ago

1st - parking is in a residential area, so be respectful. A local resident advised where to park...by the bridge. The hike starts out on a paved access road then you'll see the brown trail marker along the right, actually two. Once on the trail, the tree cover is quite nice and there are lots of birds to see and hear. It does have steady inclines and declines so be prepared. Also, there's a sign marking go left for hiking in and right for those hiking out.

Great hike with the family.

This hike had some great views of the mountainous areas and there were some mini waterfalls! It was quite muddy but nothing too treacherous! I would recommend parking in the neighborhood near the trailhead rather than at the Hau'ula beach park.

10 months ago

Very muddy in the beginning but then it's amazing how you go from rainforest to Christmas tress to an ocean view!

A fun short hike for me and my pup- nothing too treacherous. Pretty views of the east.

pretty sure this trail is longer than 2.5 miles. Beautiful variety of flora and foreat types, no one else there except our family. fantasy like forests and great views along the ridge

Monday, October 02, 2017

So so lovely. Every turn took our breath away. Hiked May 24, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017

FYI if you take the left turn at the fork you get a bit more of a workout going up the mountain at a steeper incline.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Great hike! Did with both my children 2 and 9 months in baby carriers along with our dog! Great view as well! Perfect for beginners!

Monday, September 11, 2017

little difficult to find.
go past the yellow rail at the end of the street. theres a lot of private property so be sure to not trespass. stay on the paved road until you see a beat up metal mailbox on the right hand side. take a right there. the first half mile of the trail leads to the loop. loop can be taken left or right, left is steeper though.
definitely bring bug spray

Monday, August 28, 2017

It's definitely an easy hike. It's so easy that my husband and I decided to listen to a resident's advice and went on a side trail when we came down for a better view. (Definitely not recommended if you don't have any equipments to mark your path.) The side trail is a lot tinier than the main trail. Minor cuts and insects bites are expected since you are basically go through trees on a small path. There were orange marks and ropes tied to the trees to assist the hikers. At the end of the side trail, the hill gets so steep and you had to hold on trees to climb up. Anyway, I don't think we were on the top since we didn't see a better view, but we were lost as we couldn't find the tree that we used to come up(duh). So we were lost in the woods for 30 minutes finding the path to get back on the side or main trail. I was about to call 911. But my dear husband thought we could make it. So we basically rolled down trees to trees and eventually rolled onto the main trail. Mahalo.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Nice variation of plant life and views are pretty good.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Great hike with the kiddo's. They all found Lilikoi and were super excited about it!! The hike was not hard at all but it was pretty and had views and changing scenery.

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