The steep section will lead you to a fishing outpost.

Good hike. Trail was too steep on cliff side for my liking.... back tracked twice, so it was 6 miles... loved the wind!

15 days ago

There are no stairs on the Koko Head Rim Trail. You must have mistaken this for Koko Crater . This trail traverses along two extinct craters, just south of Koko Crater.

Beautiful rocks. Was hard to find. No signs and big dumpster in front of walkway. Awesome view.

18 days ago

Stairs. So many stairs.... but good fun! There is a bit where you’re on tracks and can see a significant drop but it adds to the experience (just don’t be afraid of heights). Loved the end views :)

Loved this hike! Gorgeous views, beautiful weather, windy so you stayed cool, and kids had a great time. Not crowded so you can take stops and photos without getting in anyones way. We had 4 kids 4-8 and they did well.


1 month ago

Just to get this out of the way......This is trail is not open to the public, so please hike at your own risk. Having said that, I hiked Koko Head Rim Trail aka Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail this morning at 7:00 am. I have done this hike many times at different times of the day and season. All around great hike for almost everyone bc it has a bit of everything and is roughly 4.2 miles roundtrip. It was quite windy today....yayyy!

- Outstanding 360 degree views ( Plenty of photo opps)
- Gradual to steep inclines and descents, your shoes should have excellent grip for rocky and sandy terrain descent and ascent areas.
- The main ridge is paved with a few Radio towers towards the top (fenced off areas)
- Hidden Rock Bridge, hope you find it (do not attempt to cross or stand on the bridge due to rogue waves and uncertainties) Admire from a safe distance
- Pet friendly (on leash and please clean up after your pet)

Bring plenty of water, snacks especially for children, sunscreen is a must (sun can be relentless and there is no shade).
Having a good positive attitude helps especially when you’re on those inclines.

Reminder: please Kokua (be in the spirit of helping) What you bring in please take out including any extras. Thank you!

Try to catch a sunrise or sunset ( flashlight might be needed on the return) you will not be disappointed!

As always be safe and Adventure on!!!!!

Good place to check out the waves, incredibly blue water, and its pretty much an extension of the China Walls. As mentioned, it's not a trail!

4/5 because it's not a trail, but I would suggest friends to check this out if they came to Oahu.

1 month ago

Not really a hike but a fin side excursion if you are doing some of the other hikes (Koko Head, Makapu'u, Diamond Head) in the area. The sitting cave is awesome.

2 months ago

Very pretty view of the surrounding rocks and ocean. My wife and I spent a good amount of time just looking at the ocean and listening to the waves. Not a hike, but the path leading to the rocks is hidden behind a dumpster, but is clearly marked. Be careful when it rains, water runs down the path and could be very slippery. Few handholds to help you, but if it’s dry you’ll be fine.

We did this at 6pm and the conditions were beautiful. Great sunset hike, the climb is mildly deceiving so be ready to breathe a little hard. Overall nice trail, we went almost to the antennas and back (don’t need that radiation). Lots of “government property” “do not trespass” signs but also lots of locals on the trail with their dogs. Go at your own risk, lovely views all around!

Total bucket list visit. Not really a hike. It was very cool to see something featured on "Lost". Very slick in places so take care with your footing. The views were amazing.

A must for snorkelers! Tip: get there early, like 6 am early :) my husband and I did and so glad we did! Completed the hike then went down to the bay and snorkeled. No one was there yet, got in for free, Water was clear and the wildlife was vivid! After 10 am, place was a mad place due to the tour buses which is kind of a-shame. Def go if and when in Oahu but you must go early or don’t go at all!

3 months ago

Not really a “hike” but a great place to go for the views.

3 months ago

if you just do the loop, you're fine. If you decide to find the rock bridge, allow another mile or two and it's a long downhill and uphill (deceiving). The sun is relentless so bring a hat, plenty of water, and sunscreen. Try to go early to avoid the sun. We went around 8 am on a weekend.

Don't stand on the rock bridge. It's cracked and dangerous AF to walk on top.

Definitely not a hike as you pretty much park next to this point. After a brief walk downwards, you’re there. The view is fantastic and it’s one of my favorite areas on the island.

Not a hike but certainly one of my hands down favorite views on island.

5 months ago

There is no relief from the sun, bring lots of water, otherwise a decent afternoon outing. There was a bit of vog too, so the view wasn’t the best.

I’m here regularly and enjoy taking new visitors on this hike. Fairly easy to navigate and paved to the towers. Offers a stunning view over Hanauma bay and back to Diamond Head and Waikiki.

6 months ago

In typical fashion, I billygoated in parts but stopped in places where my eye saw something worth taking a photo (hence the longer than normal time). I went the route of the antennas first thus bypassing the lava trail leading the Hanauma Bay. But going back to that trail, it was like Mars. The climb back up was nice and I was thinking about how nice it was to have good grip on my hiking shoes. Not that it was too gravel like some hikes I've done, but it truly helps when the terrain is dry too. The day was windy which was a blessing considering that it would be brutal to hike that with little to no wind. Beautiful colors, beautiful day.

Paved pathway most of the way up. Definitely tiring going up, but it's a beautiful view the whole way up, so stop along the way a few times to enjoy. Must have skipped part, as we didn't see the loop.. Just went to the top and back.

Wouldn't call it a hike but still a super cool view of the water, interesting rock walls and the spitting cave of course. Worth the stop.

Awesome view! Had a blast snorkeling.

7 months ago

Scenic hike, easy...wondrous views. Plan appropriately for crowds.

Great hike with great views. Take a camera and some water. a lot of steep parts but they dont last to long. Not to bad for anyone in decent shape

The trek up to the towers is paved and easy. If you choose to continue the loop it will get fairly technical. At times the trail fades. Use your app to stay ion track and have fun. Beautiful views of the bay, ocean and Koko Head Trail.

9 months ago

Wow; the view, the perspective given the ledge and drop off, and an awesome spot for raw Hawaii surf. Definitely tread cautiously and if you can take the ladder down to the surf.

If you are not in awe of the magnificent combination of natural beauty on display in this short but stunning hike, well, you either don't really like nature or your eyes are closed. What it has is a diversity of island landscapes, mixed terrain, ocean sounds with views of a crystal blue bay, mountains and whales. It also has a vast array of plants and birds. It packs in a lot in a very short distance. Stop reading and start living. Cheers!

9 months ago

Very much enjoyable space
We went through an alley and there was rope to hang on to for the decent. A few memorial plaques help confirm the need to be aware of caution of surroundings.
Take in sights and power of the amazing beauty of nature

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