Established in 1972, Hanalei NWR is the oldest of Kaua

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Lots of uphill getting there, but the vistas are worth it!! Make sure it's been sunny for a full 2 days, or the mud may inhibit your ability to even get started. It will definitely make doing the entire hike a dangerous prospect.

To the resting bench: Great hike with dogs - if you don't have a pup, borrow one from the ASPCA for a field trip you'll both enjoy!

If you go to the very end at the twin peaks, have a hiking buddy (and no dog) because the ropes/cables can be tricky. Also, they are much easier going up than coming down in my experience. Gloves are helpful for the downhill climbs. Every view point is better than the last, but you really have to earn each one. The rim portions can be very narrow - I slipped off the edge once, thinking I was stepping in shrubbery overgrown on the path. It takes longer than you may expect, so plan accordingly.

My husband and I really enjoyed this trail. It's very steep for the first half mile, then becomes a series of inclines and declines after the first lookout. I'm not sure it needs the "hard" designation though - it was about the same level of toughness as most of the other trails we did while on Kauai.

While the first lookout is beautiful (save for the power lines in the middle of the view), it's gets far better along the way.

Also, for any women planning to hike, I recommend longer pants. Most of the path is shaded, but there are a number of narrow passages with sharp brush.

Great view spots. Not too hard of a trail. 2 hours up, 1 down.

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After a rainy morning the whether became better but the whole way was really slippery and you have to be careful where to step.
After one km you have already a nice view but there are electricity strings in the way.
After two km way you reach the nicer lookout of the hanalei bay. It is really awesome and you can have a rest on a bench.
We choose to go back because we're not sure about the rain. The way back was quite challenging. We would say the only thing which is hard is the slippery ground. But view is worth it! ;)

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Very nice hike! Never able to find the end? We turned around after 2miles. Great views :) Would like to do it again but until the top!!

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Trail dry, hiking sticks helpful, shade while way, great views!

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One of my favourites.
Really enjoyed this hike, lots of birds singing, beautiful greenery and flowers.
Saw a cane toad, a giant centipede, kangaroo rats, geckos, various birds and little newts.
We did the full 2.5 miles (5 miles out and back)
First mile and a half is steep but fairly easy.
After the 1.75 mile marker, it gets kind of funky. Ropes are anchored to help you up and down.
Lots of strawberry guava were ripe for the picking.
Good views of Hanalei bay to the west and the lush jungle to the east.