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11 days ago

The hike in is like landing a spacecraft on a foreign world, totally amazing and unique. The hike out is like you crashed your spacecraft and you are stranded lol. Hiking out is pretty tough as it is obviously uphill and the majority of time in loose sand for 2 miles. Definitely bring sunscreen, extra water, and a little trail snack and just take your time. One of a kind experience for sure. Time it right and get back to the car for sunset at the summit, I found it just as remarkable as the sunrise with much less traffic and no need for a reservation. Stargazing about an hour after sunset is a nice bonus as well. This hike took me and my 16 year old son about 3 hours and 45 minutes round trip.

Beautiful perspective views of the crater floor. Remember sun screen.

16 days ago

This hike was our last of the day after a long day on the Road to Hana and all the small hikes it had to offer, so take this review with a grain of salt.

The hike up until the banyan tree was great. Past this the mud was plentiful and SLICK (my camera and I ate it pretty hard) with little to no options to bypass using drier foot paths. We hiked to the bamboo forest and called it a day. I'd do this again on a drier, sunnier day.

Easy hike with great views. Pools were closed due to high waters, but I was still able to get some amazing shots. Parking was $25 so make sure to hit as much as possible while you're here.

16 days ago

Absolutely incredible hike. There are not words to describe the Waimoku waterfall at the end. The bamboo forest just before the falls is stunning.

24 days ago

Absolutely loved the views in this short hike high above the clouds. What a thrill!

Awesome views of the area, a must to take the short hike up for all sides panoramic.

Plan for the altitude change by hydrating as this short hike could tax you if elevation causes any issues.

Very beautiful spot. We hiked to the end of the valley and then back up the hill. Be prepared for a substantial hike, part of which is about 5.5 miles all up hill continuously if you treat this trail as an out and back. Recommend getting there early morning to avoid clouds settling into valley/crater in the afternoon obstructing views.

28 days ago

Beautiful trail that pretty much any level hiker can do. It was a little rainy when we went, so we just had to be careful as you are stepping on a lot of rocks and tree roots that can be slippery.

The 400 ft waterfall at the end is breathtaking and worth the hike!

This hike is hard only in the spot where you'll need to climb back out of the crater. This hike is beautiful start to finish. pretty cool too that you see plants that ONLY grow right there!

This is still my most favorite hike. It's truly a must! The massive waterfall can't be beat!

I've done it twice: once in 1975, when I was 24, and once a year ago. (You can figure out how old I was the second time...) First time was hot, sunny and dry, and I didn't bring enough water, so the hike back out was really hard. Second time was cold, cloudy, windy and rainy; we went maybe a couple-three miles down. I got chilled on the way back up, had to put the car heater on to get warm again. But both times beautiful--a cross between the Moon and Mars.

1 month ago

I cannot even begin to explain how breathtaking this trail is. We went up in the pouring rain and it was still incredible.

This is mostly moderate, even though rated hard. It’s a bit rocky, so perhaps that’s part of the hard rating? That can be hard on your ankles. Just be careful. Wear layers, as it can get cold and windy. Bring water and food. It is spiritual as you are hiking the crater, which is one of the energy vortexes of the planet. This is a great hike for connecting with Source.

Book tickets online early to see the sunrise! They were sold out for over a month.

A hiker was struck by a falling rock earlier today.

1 month ago

Really liked the rainforest views and waterfalls along this hike. However the trail was temporarily closed at the entrance to the bamboo forest for maintenance so had to turn around early. I think this hike is a must-do if you are staying in the area

A nice quick hike to go check out the coastline. Unfortunately swimming in the pools was closed during our visit.

My boyfriend and I loved this trail. The waterfall at the end was out of this world.
The pools were closed when we went but the view was still beautiful. I would recommend it. Wear bug spray if you have it.

Amazing scenery. We hiked 1.5hrs down to almost the base of the mountain. The trek back up was challenging but rewarding. We left from just after sunrise and we are glad we did. Haze and clouds roll in at times in the afternoon and we weren't effected. Bring lots of water and good shoes. Enjoy!

Spectacular views! The trail itself is very well maintained and clearly marked. The footing is also relative good along the entire trail. The ascent is steady but not too steep. The weather does change suddenly. We descended in the sunshine and ascended in a heavy mist. We just wore tennis shoes and we were fine. Definitely remember to carry sunblock, water and bring layers. Getting there is also easy, which is nice!

Short walk to an overlook. Cool view of the weather is on your side. We had high winds but it was worth it to get out of the car on the way up to the summit. Easy walk.

Great hike for people looking to go to the crater floor. We opted to turn back where the trail splits into a loop, which made the total hike 7.8 miles. This was a good alternative to 11-12 miles. The descent and ascent are gradual and the biggest obstacle is the weather. When I hiked it in late April the weather changed every few minutes from cloudy to windy to misty to downpour. Come prepared. There are no services along the trail. That said, weather permitting, there can be same great views of the barren landscape.

Absolutely breathtaking. Amazing way to get back up to the rim if you start with the Sliding Sands trail.

Waaaay more difficult than moderate. Bring waterproof layers and lots of water. Tough hike but worth it!

2 months ago

Great hike! My wife and I were not all that impressed with the road to Hana: to touristy and way too much driving. We completed the loop by driving down the east side and holy shit it was not fun. However? This hike was fun. Lots of incline and very muddy. Bamboo forest was so cool and the falls at the end of the hike were amazing. Lots of deck style trails. Very important:: no swimming has been allowed for a long time. That part was disappointing.

on Pipiwai Trail

2 months ago

beautiful hike! great views. Very slippery and muddy after the rains. wear sturdy shoes, walking stick very helpful. lots of elevation change. worth the effort...the falls were really running.

Othwerwordly. Pack water and sunscreen. And your camera.

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