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This is still my most favorite hike. It's truly a must! The massive waterfall can't be beat!

A nice quick hike to go check out the coastline. Unfortunately swimming in the pools was closed during our visit.

Short walk to an overlook. Cool view of the weather is on your side. We had high winds but it was worth it to get out of the car on the way up to the summit. Easy walk.

Great hike for people looking to go to the crater floor. We opted to turn back where the trail splits into a loop, which made the total hike 7.8 miles. This was a good alternative to 11-12 miles. The descent and ascent are gradual and the biggest obstacle is the weather. When I hiked it in late April the weather changed every few minutes from cloudy to windy to misty to downpour. Come prepared. There are no services along the trail. That said, weather permitting, there can be same great views of the barren landscape.

Waaaay more difficult than moderate. Bring waterproof layers and lots of water. Tough hike but worth it!

Nice little loop not really a hike. The pools are closed to swimming currently, 4.11.18, which was a bummer but pretty none the less

Amazing views. My wife and I loved the ability to make your own hike with the out and back trail. We felt like we were on Mars! Definitely recommend this. Be sure to bring plenty of water if you plan on going further. We opted for a 10 mile hike.

Easy hike and good view of the pools. Due to lack of rainfall, the first falls were a trickle.

After paying the National Park entrance/parking fee of $20, I was disappointed to find out that the whole area is closed except for a view from the trail. The overgrown path down to the falls area is closed by a locked gate and fence and is impassable even if you are willing to break the law to get there. After 10 days without any rain, the falls was barely visible. But the road is often closed after any rains, due to downed trees and rockslides, so it you ever get to see it in full flow with falls access, you are EXTREMELY LUCKY!

This is a great hike! Be prepared though because it is cold and your hike starts with a 2700' decent to the crater floor at the about 10,000 altitude so the air is thin. Give yourself plenty of time and bring adequate water and snacks. The hike back up can be very strenuous but it is worth the effort!

One of the most environmentally stunning hikes you can do on earth! You feel like you’re on mars, truly, with colours ranging from oranges, blues, purples and pinks mixed with charcoal black underfoot. Descending into the hike is easy...but remember what goes down must come back up and hiking back to the trail head close to 3000 feet is a real bun burner! It’s cold to start because you’re already at 10,000 feet altitude by the time you take your first step so dress in layers that can be gradually taken off, bring water & a few snacks. Not hard per se but just an extra effort to get back up the steady ascent. We’re going back in a few days to take more photos because it’s too good not too! Enjoy!

This trail is just AMAZING ! I hiked a lot around the the world , but this trail is the best I have ever done! It was crazy, you have the feeling that you are on the planet Mars!
It was a long hike, 14 miles, and it took me 6,5 hours to do it (with a break of 30 mn). You have to be well-equipped and bring a lot of water (at least 4 liters) and energetic bars because you will need them to go up...
Just do it and enjoy this incredible experience!

Easy walk to see such beauty. Best on sunny day

Amazing picture taking. By 7 pools and also by ocean. Very kid friendly. But gates are closed cause water was to high. Take camera.

Short trail to the lookout. Weather was not on our side today but still enjoyed the leg stretch and the glimpse of what was to come.

Magnifique! A ne manquer sous aucun prétexte.
Facile d’un point de vue technique, mais difficile par la longueur.

That was not a moderate trail and I agree with the previous comment that it was closer to 15 miles. Do not do this trail if you are not experienced, don't have enough water or food, sunscreen, layers and a lot of heart and determination! This was one of the most difficult hikes. It was deceiving going down sliding sands but remember you have to go back up! Oh ya don't wear sneakers! You will really be hurting. And you'll also get dirty. This trip was very secluded and felt like I was on another planet. The old craters like pu u pele is a beautiful sight to see.

While driving up it began to pour. Unfortunately we didn't have any views. Trail is extremely short and a bit boring. May try again when it's clear.

Make sure to walk around the bend for a view of the crater. Awesome!

Dude. This trail is NOT 12.6 miles long. It's around 15 with the whole loop and back up the mountain. Round trip took my friend and me 7 hours. Luckily it wasn't too hot down in the crater, but plenty of sun. Be sure to bring sunscreen and lots of water! If you're looking for views, I'd recommend just hiking a couple miles down the mountain and back. The whole loop is HARD not moderate. If do take the loop and go clockwise, there's a pretty cool lava tube that you can see, but that was the highlight of the loop. Lots and lots of sand and rocks.

It is a long and beautiful drive on the Hana Highway to get to the park entrance. It had the nicest park rangers I've met. The trail itself was very easy and overlooked the pools. The pools are currently closed so you can't get close (rockslides concerns) so you won't really spend longer than 30 min here. I'm glad I saw it but I don't feel the need to go back.

If you ever have the chance to hike this or even part of this trail, you must! It's definitely one of the most memorable trails I've hiked. If you're an experienced hiker, hike as much of this trail as you have time to hike. If you're not an experienced hiker, at least hike a mile in to experience the trail and take in the amazing views. Wear layers! The elevation will make for a chilly start. It's such an easy hike in, you may forget about the elevation gain on the hike out...it's not an easy hike out, but totally worth it.

So beautiful!!!! We hiked down to the crater floor and also around the rim of the first crater. We then drove up for the sunset which was amazing! The hike back up is pretty rough, but checking out the view when taking breaks makes it worth the trip.

There are a number of short, unnamed trails worth exploring once you get down into the crater. The whole crater is great to explore as a long day hike or starting from the Holea campsite.

This is mislabeled as Easy; some people struggle to get back up to the summit. It's almost 3,000 ft gain in 3 miles.
There are a number of short, unnamed trails worth exploring once you get down into the crater. The whole crater is great to explore as a long day hike or starting from the Holea campsite.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Was literally like hiking on the moon. There is no way to describe this hike and if you have the opportunity to do it don't pass it up. If you time it right you can watch the sunset after completing the hike with the other islands in view on top of haleakala.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Awesome place for a swim after the hike to the falls!

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