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1 day ago

Absolutely one of the best hikes on Maui. You can go to the base of a 400 foot waterfall after walking through a bamboo forest. Just difficult and long enough to make it interesting, but not too taxing. Don’t miss doing it if you visit Maui.

Wow, this hike was amazing and made us appreciate the sunrise view with a different perspective. First, to avoid sunrise people start the trail earlier; there is a lower over look lower than popular sunrise view but still breath taking about 200 yards into the trail (flash light needed).
Took us a total 6.5 hours, 15.4 miles, with pictures and the "unmapped" Ka Lu'u o ka Oo crater trail that is mapped on all trails. You will see breathe taking views and all types of sands. We felt like we were on Mars then in Africa but still in Maui.
Definitely suggest heading north first to Halali'i because walking back looking at the summit and the 4 craters is gorgeous.

Finally, a big FYI is that they have a "hiker pick up area" at Halemau'u trail head, that cars heading to the summit will, hopefully, pick you up. To avoid the tough hike back up to the summit via Keonehe'ehe'e trail (sliding sands).

Sad to see this is closed but totally understand why. Hiked here in 2016 on our honeymoon. We had no intention of visiting this crater but were following a couple locals - it was beautiful but in hindsight very dangerous.

It takes THOUSANDS of years for the landscape to recover when humans leave the trails here - respect the rules so we can all continue to enjoy the magic of this place!

Did this hike in November 2016 on our honeymoon. We hiked sliding sands in and Halemau’u out. Got to the hitchhiker pickup before 8am and wasn’t able to get a lift but managed to get one back up to our car afterward as there were plenty of people in the parking lot.

We are intermediate hikers and still found this a very strenuous hike as others have said - full sun 100%. Start early, bring lots of water, proper shoes, and be prepared!

This is the only place we found a couple Ne’nes - and we were so lucky for a clear day. There is nowhere else like this place, such a special hike! The 2000ft gain on switchbacks in under 3 miles at the end was a real test, but the views were out of this world. We hiked through sand hills. old lava flows that looked like the moon, red sand that made you think you might be on mars, and then we came back to earth with the amazing green cliffs overlooking the gap at the end.

8 days ago

Great trail, good for kids, absolutely beautiful! Wish you could go closer to waterfall at the end, but still a great view. Super hot and humid, bring plenty of water. Bamboo forest was very cool too. Gorgeous area.

on Pipiwai Trail

9 days ago

I loved this trail. I think the first ten minutes is the most challenging. If you count from car to actual waterfall ... even thought you are not supposed to go past the sign. it’s closer to four miles round trip. Most likely you will get a little mud and depending on the rain forecast you will have to go through two to four shallow streams. Your feet will get wet. I did this with my three year old 36 pound toddler on my back. It was a great beautiful trail. Don’t forget the bug spray! Mosquitos the entire trip.

This trail is PERMANENTLY CLOSED. Please do not hike it. Too many hikers on this trail started to destroy the cinder cone that it loops. This is a federally designated Wilderness area. Hiking off trail is against the law.

14 days ago

Great hike, bamboo forest is amazing and waterfall is amazing. Give yourself about an hour and a half to two hours. Make sure you go all the way to the end to see the waterfall. And bring a Camera. Accurately rated as moderate, not too strenuous. Loved it.

21 days ago

Awesome little trail. Bamboo forest is worth the trip alone.

trail running
29 days ago

Quick review for any trail runners out there. Excellent trails for this.

Got up at at 3am in Lahaina today, left the house at 3:40, at the summit parking lot around 5:30. Watched the sunrise (bring lots of layers!), then ran the trail all the way down to the cabin on the crater floor, which is close to 6 miles. Most of the way, the trail is steep (you drop 600 feet on average per mile), but wide and soft on the feet. Between mile 3 and 4, the trail was too technical for me to run on so I speed walked it. Too many rocks.

But then the trail got easy again and there’s nothing better than the last 1.5 miles which are flat and on the floor through the grass, or bush, or whatever it is, with mountains all around you.

I then got to the cabin and sat down and took a break and got some food before heading back to the summit. No issue with weather or temperatures - once I started moving, I stayed warm. Mostly hiked the way back due to the grade and the fact that I’m not that good. But definitely an unforgettable experience and nothing like what I’m used to back in California.

Water wise - probably drank about two liters in total, all on the way up. Wasn’t thirsty running down.

Made it under an hour to the hut and couple of hours to hike back to the parking lot.

Wouldn‘t call this a hike! Very short and easy. Pools look cool, but I would definitely recommend to do the Pipiwai Trail next to it, which is even more amazing!

Easy accessible and beautiful surroundings. Amazing bamboo forrest followed by an even more amazing waterfall!

1 month ago

Easy, beautiful hike!

Awesome views! The only advice start it early cause I got caught in the rain at noon. I’ve done it for 4 hours 15 min.

Quick and fairly easy hike. Beautiful views!

This hike has views that you can’t see anywhere else, but is not for the faint of heart.

The drive to the top can be stressful and must be taken slowly if you’re not used to curvy roads. The roads are paved, but prepare to take the ride to the trail a little slower. We really enjoyed the different landscapes of Maui with the lava rock and the clouds that sunk into the valley of the craters. I agree with another user that some hikers may bite off more than they can chew in the beginning because at first, the trail seems easy. With starting in a down grade, it is a different trail than I was used to. We left a little after 7, went out approximately 6 miles, then headed back and we were able to complete the hike in less than 5 hours. Walking back to the top was more difficult in warmer temperatures and with the elevation being a factor. That being said, make sure if you plan on going out that far, have appropriate shoes, water, and sunscreen. We saw a lot of folks walking past us on our return without those things. If you aren’t interested in a more difficult hike, but want the same views, I would suggest going out 1-2 miles.

If you are interested in seeing the sunrise at Haleakalā, driving yourself, plan to go within 3 days to use the same park entrance fee. I would suggest going on the hike first, to get used to the roads in daylight. They seem less daunting in the dark when it is the second time you’ve been on the road.

This trail was a great experience, and like I said, is like nothing you will see anywhere else!

1 month ago

Beautiful! Easy hike with incredible views.

1 month ago

Perfect hike for beginners. I've seen more impressive waterfalls at the end but after a long drive along the road to Hana, it's nice to stretch your legs on this walk.

1 month ago

Really enjoyed the second half of this trail, as the first half was in the clouds and was wet with poor visibility. The trail is wide and quite safe. As you descend and the clouds disperse, the view of the cinder cones is spectacular. You do feel like you're on another planet. I did the out and back, which did get a bit tough at the top where it was again wet and you're constantly ascending. I wish I had planned better and parked the car for the Halemau'u trailhead then hitched to this trailhead, so I could do more of a loop.

trail running
2 months ago

Great walk. Some cloud at the top but no issues with views in the crater. At the first fork I stashed my bag behind a bush and completed the loop with less weight. Easy right up until the re-ascent.

this trail is absolutely

2 months ago

Stunning views that we haven’t seen anywhere else in the world. We didn’t do the full loop. Way back up is hard with the altitude but worth the hike. Our 8 year olds and 11 year old loved it.

I added on the loop to see Kawilinau, which is a 65 foot hole into the abyss of the earth lol. I think that out me around 14 miles and I did it in six hours. I only had 1.5 liters of water and ran out, I would've liked at least 3 liters I think.

I don't believe sliding is truly a risk, I never slid once and the trail is mostly pretty wide, you aren't going to slide off into the crater.

I think the most dangerous aspect is the trail is so easy going down inexperienced hikers may feel like they can handle the trip. Going back up in the heat, I started at 8:45am, was definitely tiresome. I think anyone could do it if you have cat meat three liters of water, food, and plan on being at it all day.

As for the cold at top, I quickly warmed up going down and hiked back up without my shirt (sports bra) because I was so hot. I didn't put my shirt back on until about 3/4 of the way up. I had a clear, sunshiny day for my hike.

on Pipiwai Trail

2 months ago

Loved this hike did it just before sunset as our final destination along the road to Hana ! Took us about an hour round trip but we hiked pretty quickly. They say it takes about an hour there ans back. Waterfalls breathtaking !!!

2 months ago

Great short hike. It’s a little up hill at the beginning but the rest is pretty flat. It took us a little less then an hour up and back.

Amazing hike. It’s a popular trail, so expect to share it with plenty others,but it’s so beautiful that it didn’t matter to me. The first waterfall is a nice one off in the distance. The bamboo forest seems pretty magical. I like the sound of them knocking into each other as the wind blows. The waterfall at the end is spectacular. There is a sign at the end of the trail that states the danger of the waterfall, but the trail continues on to go right up to the falls and it’s such a wonderful experience to look up and see the water falling down this huge cliff 400 ft above you. Just don’t go under the falls! Imagine a stick or pebble going over the top and falling 400 ft picking up velocity until it smashes into your skull. It was the perfect final destination on our road to Hana day trip.

quick and easy. very beautiful. check in advance if swimming is open (was not for us in July).

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