You can’t access the trail without walking on someone’s land. I do NOT recommend trying to explore and find a way around this. I DO recommend going through the proper channels to gain access to the trail (Google it). It is a beautiful hike to a valley rich in history. One of the land owners is more than willing to educate and accompany. Support the Solatorios and their mission to preserve the culture and history of the valley and this private, family hana(work) trail which includes a spectacular waterfall and pool. I have hiked to falls on other Hawaiian islands and this one is worth the effort to go experience. Just be respectful- we are not entitled to walk this trail. Respect that this is a historic site that is preserved by families that still live off the water, fruit, and animals of the valley. Beautiful, memorable hike!

This is private property. Be respectful.
I've also done it w/ a guide - the best way to get pieces of the culture, the history. Also completed it with my cousin, but he knows the land owners and alerts them to our presence.

Might be worth a guide to get you in and out - there is no clear trail head in and the trail disappears on the way out - yes there are dogs and shacks and it is easy to become disoriented - not sure if a guide would take you to the giant fall - it appears that most avoid the bouldering and stay to the left on the way up - if you follow the river and are willing to take a chance, it's worth the risk - most magnificent waterfall outside of Switzerland!

You can do this trail without a tour guide, but respect the land and people around you! Great waterfall at the end, not the best swimming hole water I’ve seen. Definitely do if you are visiting Molokai!

Fact. You CAN do this hike without the tour guide. Fact. You may also get attacked by dogs. IF you decide to do it on your own, the beginning is super confusing, but the GPS from this app is spot on.

A 2fur, great guided hike with a contextual narrative discussion of the history of Molokai and particularly the trail. Then a nice hike, not too hard along a trail that is maintained until reaching the river /waterfall area. Here it's nothing but bouldering. Two river crosses earlier had this but not to the degree of the falls. Waterfall is lush and thick with cool crisp water. The hike should be seriously considered for those that are shakey on their footing. Make sure to check out the guided tour website since the land is private.

A secluded and magical hike. You are hiking in one of the first areas of Hawaii settled by the Polynesians. The waterfall at the end of the hike (Moa'lua Falls) is one of the prettiest I've seen in all the Hawaiian Islands. It's a tall, two-tiered waterfall with strong flow and a large swimming hole at the bottom.

To hike this, you should book the cultural tour. It is on private land and I can tell you from experience the locals don't take too kindly to tourists who are not part of a tour group. Also, the falls will be a challenge to find without a guide, although I will say this GPS track is pretty spot on.

For more on my adventure here, check out my blog post!

Take the guided cultal hike for an awesome and authentic experience like no other.

I would recommend a guided hike to the waterfall. There is so much history and cultural ways that should be observed and respected.