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The waterfall was more like a stream not impressed but it was cool to walk through the deep forest.

4 days ago

This trail was beautiful, but don't be fooled into thinking this is an easy hike! The first half was very basic, the second half gets harder and harder until you are abseiling down a rock with nothing but an old rope to hold on to! For 4 fit women in our 20s, this was definitely on the more extreme side of moderate.

Bring your bathing suit, a towel, a change of clothes, the will to live, HIKING BOOTS (trainers will get very muddy and wet), snacks and water. You will be crawling up bare exposed tree roots using your hands and knees, we had to sit down and slide down a few sections. Definitely don't wear good clothing and continue to pray to Jesus or your preferred God throughout the hike that you won't need to be lifted out by a helicopter at the bottom.

Enjoy the scenery. Stop between the screams of pain you will be making and have a look at some of the beautiful views. I thought I was going to need to set up camp and live at the bottom because the idea of hiking back up made me want to cry, but you will feel very accomplished when you finish this!

Parking was easy but the whole street was taken, residents put cones on the road so you can't park in front of some of their houses, but it is nothing major.

If you are up for a real challenge definitely give this a go, especially if you don't want to be able to walk the next day.

on Poamoho Ridge Trail

4 days ago

The best hiking trail ever!!! Well maintained. Beautiful and absolutely stunning views. Well worth the 7 hours it took us to complete... including the 45minute drive time Just to get to the trailhead...4X4 (highly recommended)

Love this hike! It’s a steep, enjoyably challenging track down and the bottom is such a treat! There’s a gorgeous waterfall to swim under that trickles down to another small waterfall that’s about a hot tub sized natural pool area and that trickles down to another fall with a deep swimming area with big ropes to climb and swing off as well as multiple points on every side with areas (marked with a white patch of spray paint) where you can jump off. The climbs to the jumping points range from easy to medium to hard. I had a great time with my boyfriend and family.

The trek up was pretty rough. I personally enjoyed it because I love strenuous hikes (something about it leaves this giant grin on my face, even when it’s a struggle) but my boyfriend’s sister was in hell, cussing up a storm. I saw multiple children on the way and it is doable with kids but I imagine it’d take some time due to some large steps and occasional moments when you need to use a rope to climb up/down.

10/10 will go back and advise you to JUST DO IT!!! I promise it’s worth it.

would call this a moderately difficult hike. good variety of scenery and lots of up and downs but a somewhat aniticlimatic assent to the summit. there wasn't a single place the ropes we're necessary. biggest challenges were mud and ferns. would advise long pants but I did fine in running shies. overall enjoyable with a nice view on a clear day.. finished in 7:15

not a bad bike a few hills but nothing too crazy

Loved it! Ensure you wear good hiking shoes and be ready to get muddy...especially if you went on a day where it rained like I did!
Once you get close to the falls ensure you go LEFT...don’t go right, takes you to the bottom and it’s a 1/4 mile of cuteness but not the falls.

Give yourself plenty of time, don’t recommend going after 3pm.

24 days ago

mud mud mud mud mud mud mud mud and more mud

Amazing waterfall! Pretty difficult hike due to slippery pathways but definitely worth the hike!

27 days ago

We really enjoyed this hike. The full trail is probably closer to 7 miles. We turned around at 3 miles (from the beginning, not the split to the falls).

A challenging hike for a family with young adventurers, but we saw many!
The beautiful waterfall and a swim in the pools made it all worth it. Very pretty.
Recommend good shoes for hike.

Went today couldn’t cross the stream very fast and over knee deep at the bank.

1 month ago

Hiked today 4/22 at 9am. Street parking was easy and safe. Expect mud and to get your shoes and shorts muddy. The trail comes to a y as your start to decent towards the water. If you go right, You'll end up downstream and will have to hike up 1/4 mile to the falls. We jumped off the lower pool cliff into a 10ft pool. Upper falls was beautiful! We joined two other parties during the hike and had fun. Mahalo.

The trail was muddy but we went the day after a good rain.. I thought it made it a lot more fun! You’ll want to pack swim wear, it also has a rope to swing off and jump in at the falls! Nice hike in, have a nice picnic and head out with plenty of day light. Will definitely do it again on my next visit to the island.

Watch out for broken glass! the start is nice and easy but there is a lot of broken glass, so watch you fur babies. Definitely in the harder side of moderate but I really enjoyed it!

Very muddy when we went, so it felt pretty dangerous and scary at times. But so worth it once you make it to the waterfall and swim in the water!! Easier coming back than going down. 100% recommend, would wear hiking shoes and bring bathing suit!

1 month ago

A fun hike that is well marked, easy to follow and gradually builds until the top. Decent elevation for sightseeing for those looking to get good views and gradual enough to trail run or bring the dogs. For those not looking to do a difficult trail, but still wanting the feel and great views of the Hawaiian rainforest, this hike is an excellent choice.

I went late March after some rain. Incredible hike. Falls, swimming hole, and cliff jumping were great though- so awesome. I’ll tell you parts of this, going down more so than up imo, are very hard though. Very steep parts and slippery. I did about 6 hikes in Oahu and this was my favorite.

1 month ago

Good hike but very muddy and steep. Do not attempt without hiking boots/shoes. At some points, there are ropes to help you. Honestly, I found the ropes more helpful going down than up.

Nice short hike to a pretty cool swimming hole.
Bug spray and towel because you’ll want to jump in after a humid, dry hike.

trail running
1 month ago

Lit fam

on Waimano Falls Trail

1 month ago

My husband and I did this hike last week after several days of light rain. I used the Google maps for the direction to get to the start of the trail which is through a neighborhood. I saw several construction cones on the street which I assume are from the residents to save their parking spot so be respectful of those. The trail started very easy but later few parts of the trail were very muddy so be sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. The water fall at the end was totally worth it though!

We were here today with our 4 and 6 year old Girls and it was hard. For hiking the trail with kids i‘d like to recommend the age of the kids with 6 or older. The waterfall was much fun.

Went today and it was beautiful! Lots of roots and rocks, on the harder side of moderate. Not much to look at along the hike but the waterfall is nice and cold. Saw many kids doing the hike. Don’t let the easy beginning fool you.

2 months ago

Moderate hike with a pretty nice waterfall. Be ready to scramble a little bit and hike over roots.

it was a lot of fun cliff jumping.

2 months ago

Definitely a moderate hike with lots of roots and rocks. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot to look at compared to many other hikes on the island. The waterfall at the end is interesting, but way too crowded to enjoy.

Amazing views throughout. Muddy and fun! The route I prefer is right at the first fork, left at the second, (look for the orange tie) that will take you to the bottom of the falls then you can hike up to the top!

2 months ago

1st half walk in park, 2nd half moderate. Wet and slick. Waterfall was amaze ballz. Good times

I hiked this trail in pretty heavy rain last week and was rewarded with a waterfall all to myself for 20 minutes. Fun pools around the base of the lower falls that you can jump into from maybe 15-20 ft.

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