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It was the first trail I’ve done in a while but if I can complete it so can you.

I didn't get lost, but my phone tracked that I did 5.47 miles

A lot of people saying don’t hike when it’s been raining, I say don’t hike when it hasn’t! Anyone who has been there on a week of great sun will tell you the pools can get stagnant and turn brown. Definitely kicks up the difficulty when it is raining since you’ll be climbing and descending on a layer of mud! But I guess it just depends if you are highlighting the falls and swimming or just worried about the hike. Just the hike, go when it’s sunny, falls and a quick dip, wait for a decent amount of rain.

My first time hiking on this trail. Thanks to All Trails community I was able to prepare for the hike based on community reviews and feedback. The trail itself was a bit challenging. The trail head begins at the end of California. You will see 2 water towers. And a fence line to your right will lead you into the trail head. Use your All Trails app to guide you on the trail as the GPS signal is strong throughout the whole trail. I loved climbing up and down the ridges and valleys. You will cross the river 3 times all through the looped trail. It took me 5 hours to complete 4.8 miles. Stopped in many sections of the trail to fly my camera drone and take still photos. The place is enchanting and mystifying as you explore different types of environments.

Beautiful hike, not much signage, we took a wrong turn once and had some difficulty finding the falls. We went after there had been a lot of rain so the waterfall was flowing hard and we did not attempt to get into the creek, although the rope swing looked fun.

Hiked the day after heavy rains from Hurricane Lane. Trails were pretty slick/muddy. Very technical in spots with some pretty amazing views.

on Waimano Falls Trail

22 days ago


Nice falls, not to muddy, nice to jump in the water!

24 days ago

Little muddy don’t wear slippers we have seen some slippers on the trail stuck to the mud lol my husband and I did this hike back to back this week and loved the waterfall. We actually climbed down the rock and got in the water took pictures and climbed back up if you don’t have upper arm strength then you can’t pull your self up so don’t go down if you can’t pull yourself up please. Definitely a nice workout.

30 days ago

Deciding to hike this after tons of rain maybe wasn't the best choice. Very muddy, so dress accordingly. The waterfall was fun, but had a very strong current after all the rain. I'm glad we hiked it only because the waterfall was pretty, but not my favorite hike.

Great hike. With tropical storm Lane so close, it is a wet slippery hike. The falls are strong and the water has flooded a bit.

beautiful views, no one around but trail is a bit over grown, bring your machete

1 month ago

Quiet technic but ok ... super place to see ... we enjoyed it . Not for raining days at all ... our 9 walked easily to the fall but he is used to .

I didn’t get to hike this. Permit denied because the trail is only open Saturday and Sunday. Only two hikes need 4wd permits as of now. Other one is on the west side of the island.

1 month ago

It's a great hike, it's a little more than 4 miles though. With the few times I lost the trail the app logged me at around 10 miles in 4 hours. once you get near the middle of the course the app shoots of in all directions (assuming it uses courses other people recorded) so use the app but expect to do a little pathfinding, also wear long pants there were leeches in the river.

1 month ago

Fun Trail, lots of up and downs. Would not say it's Olomana 'hard', more like moderate+. Park on street, be respectful of driveways and you'll be fine. fyi, We did not see one other person when we hiked it. So, after water-tower go right-ish...not right along fence, to open paperbark tree area. Short walk thru, then left down big hill...it will look like a trail. Rest is pretty well marked from there. You will get your shoes or feet wet crossing the stream (you cross it twice). Bring suit to jump in. Toward middle of trail, there is a pink ribbon indicating the trail goes right down a hill. This is not the trail, but rather a nice place to swim. The trail goes up hill...even though there are no markers for a bit. It gets really muddy near stream when raining. Watch out for hidden roots under leaves. There was fire a bit back, so you will see evidence of that. Have fun!

Kinda muddy but over all it’s a great hike!

Comparatively speaking, in terms of other Oahu hikes, this hike was only average. But, that’s just in terms of what my perception is of the payoff at the end, and my subjective judgement about other trails’ payoff. If you like rope swings into small swimming areas at the end, you may be totally inclined. And, for only being about 3 miles round trip, it gives you a pretty intense workout coming back. This is what I would call a reverse hike; down and in (to the valley), back and up (to the ridge, or start). The trail is very muddy in some parts, along with some moderate rocky areas where you’ll have to slightly climb. So, slippers if you dare. Even on a moderate day, like today, you’ll sweat going downhill. Bring or wear swimming trunks, or a bathing suit because you’ll need to jump into the icy mountain stream to cool off before heading straight back up the ridge. If you’re on Oahu vacationing and your hiking choices become limited due to weather or travel, or live here, but want to do something new for exercise, then yes, I’d recommend it. Otherwise, I’d try and pick something else that wasn’t nearly as strenuous for the payoff at the end. Other Recommendations: Olomana (Three Peaks), Hawaii Loa Ridge, Crouching Lion, Tantalus, Manoa Falls, Makapu’u Lighthouse, Hanauma Crater

don't leave oahu without doing this hike!

A very nice a quiet waterfall. The hill back up is for sure like a stairmaster. It can be steep, just be cautious.

Before deciding to take this hike make sure you do it early in the day! The forest gets dark very quickly and can get disorienting at night. The trailhead starts under the big water tower right behind a smoky the bear sign. This trail is challenging and you can get lost rather easily. Our 3.7 mile trek turned into 5 miles. Over the course of 3 hours we were the only ones on the trail a rarity when hiking in Hawaii, Lightly trafficked indeed! Make sure and bring the all trails app along with you so you can follow this 3.7 trail. Have fun and make sure and stop for a swim in the fresh water!

Great hike and challenging. What makes it hard is the steep decline with the muddy wet areas. However retiring was faster, but more strenuous due to using leg muscles allot. The water fall was great and there are cliffs where you can jump into the pond.

unique in that you are hiking down to a waterfall. moderately steep decline over many roots but there are plenty of ropes and trees you can hold to help you down(and back up).there's only one part that opens up for a view but mostly it's thru narrow paths with alot of tree cover and mud. we ran into a hunting party with 6 dogs who just killed a boar. pretty awesome. don't forget to bring a swimsuit to swim at the waterfall.

the trail splits at the very beginning giving you the option to go down or stay up. I would recommend going down then take the top on the way back. I went with my 15, 10 and 8 yr olds. it was a little challenging because the trail was slippery but we made it!

Awesome! Muddy and slippery but worth the trip!

Literally my fav hike eva holy shat so fun, I like jumped and stuff, there where like trees there. Overall the water was nice. Muddy too. Outdoors is cool. Recommend for people over the age of 77.

Love this hike. Moderate for sure especially when wet. Falls were not really running too much in June. Rope swing always fun

Amazing hike ... we went early (on the trail by 7 AM) and had the falls and swimming hole to ourselves for 40 minuets before the multitudes started arriving.

Waterfall and swimming hole is worth it. Had fun jumping off the ropes. Not much to look at on the actual hike though. Pretty muddy so be prepared for that. Fairly easy hike overall.

My wife and I loved the challenge of the root and rock wall that we encountered. We definitely learned we needed more water for the hike! Being new to the area it was really nice to see the nature around us. The waterfall was beautiful and the were two areas where you can swim and jump off the rope swing or rocks. Will definitely be doing this trail again!

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