wild flowers

3 days ago

Convenient location. Great ridge hike varied surroundings decent view and elevation but not the best. Got lost for a couple hours don't miss the left arrow sign. Ignore the mudslide warning sign there is a new obvious oath over that park.

11 days ago

Easy start, thank you to the neighborhood where we parked our car (close to the trail head).

Beautiful falls once we got there, pools a little murky but the water was still flowing. The place was pretty packed and that's my only complaint, but went at noon on a Thursday so I guess that's my bad! (There was a guy who had his music way too loud and that irritated me), so we headed back after taking a dip. There are two or three rope swings in the pool below the main falls.

Hard climb back up and out. Muddy so definitely wear shoes. Hike was pretty covered, so we weren't hiking in the blaring heat. Bring water!

Other than that, a nice hike overall!

Beautiful and challenging trail. I was gripping on to roots and trees the entire way up/down. Wear your climbing shoes. And take your time getting down-it's slippery after the rain.

Amazing hike! Beautiful the whole way through! Wear your climbing shoes cause your going to be doing plenty of it! There is mud just a forewarning but the falls was refreshing! Not ashamed to say the climb back up kicked my butt lol ☺️ Still definitely recommend

This hike is harder than moderate to me (but I'm a little out of shape)...,but well worth it. Going in was mostly down hill, the more challenging part was the way back..kinda brutal. The water falls area was quite rewarding, however! Bring plenty of water and a sweat rag! ;) Great hike, but please be very careful! You will be glad you did it!

Hiked with the girlfriend for a nice trip to the falls!

23 days ago

Took our 6 & 8 year olds on this trail, they loved it, lots of different terrains but easy enough for them.