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completed this trail yesterday. It was a journey there and back. however, the end result made It all worth it. safety plays a big part in this route. do not be in a hurry to get down or back up. I would recommend this hike to most that have a somewhat decent hiking background. I do plan on doing this again in the future as the falls and pools made it worth wild!

Fairly Easy Hike for the first 3.5 miles. Then the trail opens up to the ridge crossings, many of which are right along steep embankments. The final 1.5 miles out will take you about the same time to complete as the first 3.5. Took me and my buddy 8 hours of hiking. The views of the K-Bay and Chinaman's Hat are great if you can complete the hike on a day without alot of tradewind clouds. We got rained on quite a bit and had a fairly obscured view of the windward side of the island because of the clouds.

Easy early on with steady elevation gain. About 4 miles into it the trail gets more difficult with lots of ups and downs and several sections with ropes for climbing. Beautiful views. Only encountered one other individual on the trail all day.

6 days ago

on Waimano Falls Trail

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Awesome, quiet, medium intensity, steady elevation gain, great views!

I see .... So many have suggested to upgrade from moderate to difficult. I agree! Don't disregard safety on the way "down". Slippery and serious roots to trip on. Return 'up' from pools will challenge most. Need plenty water. Loved the hike and the pools, but would think twice before doing it again. (Na, I'd do it!)

17 days ago

I would say it's not toddler friendly, especially on the way back from the falls. We went in uninformed. There are spots on the trail with rope to help with descending & ascending because of the steep grade, loose gravel & muddy footing. Lots of tree roots and big rocks to go over or around. Husband carried our toddler most of the way back up & out.
Going down to the falls is an adventure, coming back up is a definitely a workout. Bring lots of water!

Hard the first time but gets better as you start to recognize the trail!

18 days ago

Nice, short hike with a rewarding cool waterfall at the end! There's some nice rope swings too. Just be careful!
Went on a Sunday and thankfully missed the morning wave and made it down to the falls with just a couple people there. Got to take our pictures before the next wave came down.
Bring your GoPro so you don't drop your phone into the deep pool... we saw a girl that lost her phone and she was devastated!
There were a lot of kids coming out and dogs going in and out. At one point you think you're going the wrong way, but rest assure that the waterfall is down there.
Btw if you park by Pearl City High School (my alumni) you're at the wrong hike. You need to go up into Palisades. Just a FYI because we made that mistake. Lol