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the hike was fun we did it with our kids. it was a bit steep the whole way down but easier on the way up. it hasn't rained for a while so pools was dirty and no waterfall. will try again later when it rains.

went on a muddy/rainy day. it was beautiful but could only see clouds at summit

can be challenging but well worth it. be careful after rain it can be muddy and slippery.

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Lives up to it's rating. It is definitely not for the beginner. Lots of elevation shifts, rivers to cross, and slippery footing. Enjoyed the hike - recommend it for the seasoned hiker.

Fun, shady hike that a nice reward at the end. The pro of going when hasn't rain is that the trail isn't muddy, but then the waterfall is pretty small. It was still a cool little area to hang out and jump into the water though!

We hiked this trail pretty often when we lived in Hawaii. It's a great trail to take the dogs on when you want a change of scenery from the beach but still want somewhere they can swim and cool off. This trail is usually extremely muddy, so wear shoes that you don't mind getting mid all over. There is also one small section of the trail that is very steep hiking out (Cardiac Hill); otherwise, it is a very moderate trail - slightly challenging but not exhausting. There are a couple of turns that aren't extremely well marked, so it's also a good idea to take a trail map your first time. But there are also usually a lot of people on this trail, so you can ask someone which way to go if you are unsure. At the bottom there is a pool with small waterfall and Creek so many people hang out there.

If hiking in Hawaii with dogs, make sure that you get a lepto vaccine. It's a big problem in Hawaii, and I say better safe than sorry since it's pretty hard to keep your dogs from drinking water.

Trail were muddy and steep, no waterfalls but we really enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Nice pool and waterfall. Coming back up on Cardiac Hill was challenging. Should have named it Heart Attack Hill lol.