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6 days ago

The "Getting there" instructions for this are for Waimano Ridge. Many comments here are for Manana Trail which I think is the easier hike to Waimano Falls. I did Waimano Ridge but after 90 minutes had to turn around cause it was too late, we never found the falls. Still a fun hike, but if you're trying to find the waterfall, probably not the easiest one.

I would seriously suggest changing the difficulty level of this trail to "hard", not moderate. We didn't even make it to the falls because the trail was so steep and difficult to climb for our dog - and he's completed many "moderate" hikes easily! I would not recommend this hike for small children, nor anyone who's unaccustomed to hiking steep trails.

Beautiful trail, although the falls weren't flowing when we got there. I'd say it'd be really muddy when it's rained recently, but that's when it'd be prettiest!

Our pup had a bit of a difficult time, and he's a pretty experienced hiker pup. Be safe!

Beautiful views on this hike. The trial was very steep. I wouldn't go on a rainy day. We took our 4 kids. Two were carried and two walked, ages 7 and 5. It was difficult for them but they made it.

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Easy hike going in, a little uphill and tougher coming out but all in all not difficult. Rewarding swimming holes with waterfalls,rope swings and jumping points.

William who said it's wheelchair friendly and paved all the way, with an entrance fee must be mixing it up with another trail. You park at the end of a neighbourhood and hike in from the entrance, its most definitely not wheelchair friendly. Some parts can get muddy and slippery if it's a wet day. Some parts have ropes to guide you but as long as it's a nice day you're set.