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finding the first descent was the hardest part. good swimming hole at the bottom.

Trail is pretty on point as long as you go when it’s not raining that week! It’s all downhill ends at a pond that’s swimmable. The hike up is a WORKOUT be prepared for that other than hat had no complaints. Hard to get lost

12 days ago

This hike was hard as hell!!! I truly got lost along the way and turned back mid way... however, I seen a few people walking and asked if they knew where they were going. Luckily, they did and I managed to finish the trail and make it to the waterfall.

The waterfall was tiny but the water was still deep! I managed to jump off of both rock points and swung on the rope. By far, one of my favorites! However, it was a pain in the ass getting to and from. So prepare yourself!!!

It's been dry so there was only a trickle...

Walked this with a five and 8 year old and I didn’t consider it moderate it was hard since it was slick and slippery with lots of climbing over rocks where I had to lift my five year old and we didn’t even go to the actual waterfall just to the lower pool. Will do it again one day when kids are older and it hasn’t rained in days.

Do not take kids on this trail!! The fire that roared through here has made it dangerous. Hundreds of down trees and many more to follow. Plus land slides. Trail was about 4.8 miles according to mine and my girlfriends GPS. It is a very slow trail. Lots of steep elevation changes make it difficult. River crossings depends on rain fall, but be prepared to get your feet wet. There are pink markers to help guide the way, most where helpful, but you could very easily get turned around if you don’t pay attention. Views are ok, different then most hikes. We had to follow All Trails tracks in the beginning to find the right trail. Basically stay left of the military fence and head straight down. The trail isn’t very apparent at first. Download the trail to help guide you. Good luck!!

18 days ago

Not sure about this trail — half of it was literally rock climbing, the other half was steep downhill. It was a cool first time experience but I wouldn’t rate this hike moderate I would definitely say it’s hard coming from someone who has hiked moderately before, this was challenging but fun if you’re into that sort of thing.

Great, quick hike with nice waterfalls. The pool beneath the lower falls is deep enpugh to swim. Many people were jumping off the rocks and using the rope swing. The hike is steep in places with an abundance of roots but nothing too difficult. Plenty of young children did the full hike with us.

A lot longer than expected. It took 2 hours at a moderate/ slow pace. Waterfall was beautiful though. I'd rate this as more hard than medium.

Great option for a difficult trail near Wahiawa/Mililani. Not the best marked route, so recommend starting earlier in the day to ensure maximum daylight.

23 days ago

I went after a pretty rainy week, so it was very muddy and a bit hard to navigate. It made for a great work out, though!
Be mindful of where you are so that you don’t get lost! Then benches are perfectly placed for some beautiful views, and there are lots of birds to see and listen to.

23 days ago

It was a beautiful hike, and quite a bit of fun, but it was poorly marked. There were two other groups of hikers who suggested I turn around because of the likeliness of getting lost in the thick forest, but I pushed ahead a bit further.
I wasn’t able to make it to the falls because of some recently fallen trees. However, the areas I hiked were awesome! I especially enjoyed the uphill trek with the tree roots!

24 days ago

***Waimano Waterfall Hike***

We brought our kids on the hike, seeing as how AllTrails labeled it as kid-friendly. They (Daughter 8 and Son 7) were troopers and made it all the way down the rocks, to the waterfall, and back up again without much of a fuss. We saw a couple of other hikers with younger kids, around 4-6 years old, have to turn around about halfway through.

Just a disclaimer, if you're looking for a family hike Waimano falls is mostly downhill and you'll have to use everything at your disposal to keep from slipping around. I believe around 7 years old is probably the sweet spot but you know your kids better than I. Wear hiking shoes and be ready to get your hands dirty.

You'll run into two forks in the trails and everyone we ran into told us to go left. Whats the difference? Well from experience, the right side is a more gradual slope making it longer to get to the waterfall. The left side is a bit steeper and will get you there quicker.

At the first fork, both sides lead to the same spot so either way is fine. The second fork, the left side will bring you to a point midway up the waterfall with a choice to get down to the waterfall by climbing down about 5 feet of rope or you can go to the tide pool, a miniature waterfall before the actual waterfall. The right side of the fork will bring you down to the tide pool and you'll have to climb up 5 feet of rope and then down about 5 feet of rope to get to the actual waterfall.

Happy Hiking! Mahalo.

Well worth the downhill there and uphill back. The water is usually deep enough to jump in.

Nice trail, muddy at times, but cool scenic trek through the ewa weather forest.

Great trail! Took about 45 minutes each way. Easy getting there, great work out leaving. The pool was beautiful!

1 month ago

Great hike, muddy and a fun drive to get there. Directions in this app were not correct.. just follow the directions in your permit to get to the gates.

Love everything about this trail! Need to summit still!!

1 month ago

A bit Muddy and steep slippery parts. Overall a good hike but I would personally not be able to take my kids (6&3) as it is too steep. Wear solid shoes with a good grip. Lots of shade. Got a bit lost so stay alert go left for quicker and right for less steep (more mud) and to the right really keep your eye on the trail.

Awesome all the way down. Beautiful bamboo and giant banyans.

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