trail running
25 days ago

This trail is not about the beginning or end it’s about everything in between. This is a tremendous hike (run for me) and it seems to have three separate eco systems. The tall grass helps focus and take you away from everyday life Next up is an amazing climb up 182 stone steps and with each step you rise closer to a an awaiting tropical forest. The trail underfoot thus far is dry and stable and well marked. Moving along now you are in lush growth with peek a boo views of a beautiful valley. The plants change from grasses, to pine to bamboo and many other plants. It’s a run where time and distance don’t matter as it’s a journey. Soon the trail turns to a wonderful wet squishy red mud and with each step it’s getting more real. You rise through more deep and dark growth and enter the watershed. From there the mud was above my shoes and the pace slowed but hey it’s fun! I opted to turn right and hit the overlook - wow! I pivoted back and made it out of the each easily 50% faster than going up.

The first day I hiked 3’miles with my teenage daughters and they loved it. It felt like a safari to them and the high grasses became a game.