17 days ago

Pretty pockets to be sure, but lots of time spent in unattractive stretches including clear-cut sections and golf course maintenance areas. Arboretum was anti-climactic though still interesting. "Hard" rating is accurate for the overall length and heat even though the trail is not steep.

21 days ago

I started from JT Fleming park. The trail head was fairly obscure and not well marked. If you start here, it is on the same side as the school and just to the east of it and south side of entrance road.
The trail starts uphill, but not super steep. The first mile was not very attractive, and it was very hot and dry, so make sure to take plenty of water. If I were to do it again, I would choose a different starting point, but I didn't know the area, so this was easier.
The trail has a fair amount of elevation gain, but is not too difficult.

Pros: It was close to Napili where I was staying. There is a good variety of scenery...The vegetation changes quite a bit as you progress.

Cons: Not marked well. The trail markers are not too hard to follow, but there are no marked distances to the next spot. So even though GPS is great for total distance and pace, you have no idea just how far it is to the Arboretum that is mentioned. From GPS it looked like I was close to the end of the trail, even though I finally turned around at about 4 miles in and the trail is supposed to be about 10 miles long.
Another con...this isn't really a mountain bike trail. Parts of it could be really nice for mountain biking, but it's mostly more work than it's worth.

I cannot comment about the trail past the four mile mark, but will say just to be prepared with lots of water, snacks and some common sense if you're planning on doing the whole thing.

I did end up jogging most of the way back. I would do this again as a trail run. I think it would be more fun than just hiking. However, I would take a better large volume water pack...my camel back that I normally take mountain biking was not a good fit for trail running, and my small water pack doesn't hold enough to do longer trail runs. Oh yeah, and I'd use bug spray!

Quite easy hike without any technical difficulties. Never ever comparable to other trails rated as 'hard'. In my opinion easy and because of it's length maybe to be rated 'moderate'...

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3 months ago

3 months ago

Great views of the landscape, ocean and the waves splashing against the rocks were beautiful. Was an easy hike with some nice elevation changes and I would highly recommend this trail.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Aha great.. :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Decent hike near town. Not much for views aside from at the start in DT Fleming.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An unexpected bonus...there was a labyrinth near the end!