Well, not really a trail, more of an ascent on some pavement that isn’t flat. It’s short which is nice cause it’s all up hill without rest stops. Great views from the top.

Grab a coconut water to enjoy along the way to the observation station if you dont mind keeping it with you as there is the pack in, pack out rule. Rewarding views. Great work out!

Diamond Head is so famous and popular for good reasons - the hike is a bit challenging without being overwhelming, and the view is indescribably beautiful! Just be prepared to deal with large crowds if you don't go really early. The view of Honolulu and Waikiki makes it totally worth it though.

10/13/2018-Started around 0715 and it wasn’t too crowded today. A little humid at the start but once we got closer to the top it was cooler. Thankfully it was overcast most of the time so the sun didn’t bake us but we still wore sunscreen. =) View at the top was awesome as usual.

one of the best hikes ive ever had, amazing view

Definitely a must if you are in the area. Hike starts in the Crater and goes up to the rim. We were there before 8am and the trail was very crowded. I would recommend getting there earlier.

Great hike. I went at 630am, reaching the summit around 650am. The three reasons I'd suggest this early time are cooler temperatures, less people, and great light if you're into photography.

Awesome views! Worth every step!

It was a great touristy adventure when we got here! Checked it off the list!

A pretty fast hike, it took me about 30-40 minutes to get to the top. The views are beautiful and I suggest the earlier the better to avoid all of the people.

About a 15 minute walk to the top. A fun easy going walk that is decently crowded. I was there before 8 and there was a lot of foot traffic up and down. I would highly recommend going earlier. The views are amazing!!!! You can see so much of the island and coast line. Great for family’s. If you’re looking for something more physically taxing than a 15 minute walk uphill I wouldn’t recommend this hike.

I love it .but start early to dry!!

Nice easy trail, Lots of history with it. Great views even when it is raining out

Good views at top! Fun trail. Not long. Took us 1 hour round trip. Gnats at the summit though. Good short challenging hike. Got a good sweat.

lot of fun. busy, but still views.

Second time here. Beautiful views and interesting history. We walked back to Waikiki and stopped Banan...nice way to finish up hike.

Always getting there around 4pm so that not too hot. Great for daily exercise. Feels great at the top. Breezy!

Just one dollar by feet to access on the diamond head viewpoints. A lot of people but it’s very beautiful view after 20 minutes of hiking

Pay 1$ and full of tourists

Breathtaking views but stairs are difficult for non hikers

It’s good to see, but it’s overly crowded and difficult to get a good pace going when your in a “Congo line” going up the whole trail. It’s also hard to get a picture without getting some randos in it

Pretty disappointing to be honest. Sure it has nice views at the end, but these views can be found at most summit or ridge trails on Oahu. This was most certainly more of a trail or nature walk vs a hike. Not hard at all, just hot and exposed. We arrived at about 8am and there were already droves of people walking up and down. There was a wait for any view as people were taking turns with pictures. I would recommend taking the steep set of stairs immediately to the right after you exit the first tunnel. It's not much of an effort and gets you straight to the first observation deck which isn't as busy and has almost just as nice views as the very top one immediately above you. Nice for families or just people who was a quick walk to a view and don't mind TONS of people. For any hiker or someone who wants a bit of solitude, this is not for you.

Nice short hike with some great views at the end. Recommend walking in and paying the $1. Can be pretty warm in areas where the breeze is blocked, so make sure you have water with. I must have hit it at a light time, I really didnt have to deal with that many people on the way up or at the top.

Crowded, but pretty easy of a hike. Great views. You can drink out of a pineapple when your done. Easily accessible by the bus.

Very heavy traffic the entire time. Do it once to check the box.

Very crowded especially at the top but good for a big group with people at all different levels

Did it on sep 12, such a beautiful hike. It was super windy but view from the top was amazing. 5 Dollar only cash feee for car and 1$ if you are walking in. Make sure bring water and also wear proper gear. Short and beautiful view along the way.
Enjoy and happy hiking.

The pathway has very unique features to the point where it’s worth dealing with the large crowds.

Super touristy but a good hike if you can get around the people in flip flops and in hotel slippers trying to navigate the stairs and tunnel. $5 to park. Views are lovely!

Nice hike up to the top of Diamond Head. A little steep unless you’re in good shape. Great views of the coast and mountains. Million dollar photo opportunities! We could see some weather coming in, maybe the edges of the tropical storm. Crowded. Enjoy! Aloha!

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