Lovely view. Overly populated. Still worth the trip for $1 entry.

This is by far my most favorite hike on Oahu. It’s challenging and beautiful. It’s one of the highest points on the island that you’re u are able to climb. Best time to go is after 1 pm. It’s less crowded. Parking is $3 per car in the lot but if you choose to park outside the park it’s $1 per person. There is no shade so bring a hat, sunscreen, and lots of water. You’ll need it.

4 days ago

The views along/at the top of this hike are amazing, it's well worth the short and steep hike up. I would highly recommend going early in the morning however because it was extremely crowded. We got there around 0930 and it was packed, the trail is narrow at some points and some slower people/people stopping to take pictures created bottle necks.
Overall it was a fun hike with beautiful views and a landmark on Oahu. Definitely worth doing once, just be sure to go early if you like going at your own pace.

We hiked this trail at 6am. It was not too packed and the weather was perfect! The scenes are worth every step you take. Absolutely breathtaking.

Too busy & really easy. But, nice views at the top.

Too busy and its not a hike as some people would say. great view from the top.. when you get a chance to see it as it is so busy.

This trail was enjoyable visually and rewarding at the summit. I enjoyed the surprises around each bend and the different vantage points.

Easy trail with a step rise but the views are rewarding. definitely can reach the summit film the trail head in about 30 minutes for experienced hikers.

Three stars only because of the volume of people on the trail. Busloads of tourists from Waikiki get dropped off there, at times it can be like waiting in line at the grocery store. But it's so close to the city, I couldn't pass it up. I was at a hotel at the east end of Waikiki and just walked the 2.5 miles to the park. Admission is $1 for walk-ins or $5 per car. A great view from the top and it was neat to climb the stairs and walk through the tunnel. Do it just to say that you were there. I did this hike twice, once in the early morning on a Friday just after it opened and once on a Monday when I got there right at 4:30 when they were about to close the gate. It was more crowded on the morning hike

Fun hike, too crowded.

We have done several hikes in Honolulu area and this one was by far the busiest... Like so busy, you are shoulder to shoulder with people the whole way...the heat from all those bodies on top of the hot hawaiian weather was just awful.. The views were nice but so crowded you had to wait in line basically to see... Fairly easy hike otherwise, not too steep with the switch backs. Just was difficult to enjoy with all the people.. I recommend checking out koko crater rim! Nobody there and amazing views. Also pill boxes.

Great view and incredible vertical . Too many people during mid-day so try it early in morning .

Lots of people. Actual hike is pretty easy. Great view at the top.

Cool view from the top but way too many people and kinda boring. Least favorite hike so far. Good for kids and elderly.

overcrowded trail because of its proximity to Waikiki. have done multiple times in slippers only

Nice Trail, wonderful view, but way too many people

Good exercise, too many people. If you have a fast pace hard to keep it going just because of traffic.

Way too crowded of a trail. Recommended going right when it opens or be prepared to not get a parking spot and have to hike up from either the outlook or college. The trail is very narrow and not easy to pass all of the people. Once you get to top great views if you can get pictures without all of the people in it. Very easy short trail.

Great Views.trail is always packed so recommend to start in the morning. We walked all the way up, starting at Honolulu zoo, so you don‘t have to pay for parking nor worry about getting a parking spot. It‘s an easy trail. But stay hydrated.

Very short trail. You have to pay to park here and the trail is always busy. At sunrise there are nice views

Beautiful views at the top and the military history is neat. Had a guy feint from heat at the top who had to be flown out by helicopter. Not a long hike but stay hydrated with the heat and stairs.

I did this when I first got here. There’s better views out there that involve an actual hike

Busy, but awesome views!

1 month ago

Easy walk, but usually very crowded, which isn't fun IMHO. The views are pretty, but doesn't make it worth freaking with the amount of people.

A fun quick hike, the stairs at the topi are killer but well worth the view from the top!

Short easy hike. Go early to avoid large crowds.

Good hike for beginners. Nice view at the top.

Narrow and a packed. Don’t mind the being packed but the narrow trail was annoying.

LOVE this hike! the views are breathe taking! not much else to say that hasn't already been said.

Easy first hike!

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