The last hikers through at 4:30!

20 hours ago

Great if you want to get a great view and kill time until you can check into your hotel room. The park charges $5 per car, and $1 if you enter walking. There is also a food truck near the parking lot.

Crowded. Worth it. nice breeze, views. Binoculars afford you views of surfers in bay.

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This hike was hot but very easy. Unfortunately it was very over crowded. The views from the top were very beautiful but honestly there are much better options for hiking on Oahu, even for beginners. The fresh cut pineapple we bought at the end was a highlight.

Awesome view of Honolulu! Definitely worth the effort and time.

The road around the crater is really easy, most of it being on paved road. Not sure it's really worth the time. The hike to the top of Diamond Head is a better investment your time.