Fairly easy to moderate hike. Very busy. Lots of tourists.

Hello! I do hikes and photos out here on the island. Feel free to check out my Instagram Mike.Karas and shoot me a message if you have any questions/are interested in hiking. You can email me as well at mikekarasphotography@gmail.com.

Short hike with a great view. Enough to get your heart beating on the climb up but not wear you out for the day.

Iconic hike on Oahu! Great hike up to the crater and the views are awesome! Great little history of the area and I loved the views of Waikiki!

10 days ago

Tons of tourists today so the walkways were relatively crowded. There were also a handful of runners to keep an eye out for but it was pretty easy going. The lookout at the top was super crowded, but the view was still nice!

This is a great hike. We seen people of all ages and all fitness levels. This trail offers it all smooth path, rocky path, tunnels and stairs. There's a guy at the top selling a completion certificate and said they usually have 2 rescues a week.

Very easy trail with INCREDIBLE views! Very close to the heart of Honolulu. You can go in, check out the view, and leave in under 2 hours! Cost is $1 for walk-ins. The public bus drops you off right in front of the entrance to the state park!

I would recommend begging in the first hours of the am.Fun and abit more challenging than I expected.