The views are great. The hiking is easy enough for any skill level.

Good funny little bit high~

Very cool hike! A lot of stairs and a wild view !

Great hike with lots of rest points. Spectacular view with well maintained areas.

Can be hot and very crowded at times, but definitely does give a few good camera shot areas for shooting pictures at Waikiki beach.

The hike isn't difficult and the views are great. I recommend this to anyone not experienced in off the path trails.

This hike was great but when it says "easy" but advised it is not a slow steady incline type of hike like other "easy" ones. I am fit and believe this hike is similar to ones rated "moderate" for sure. The incline can be steep at points and when there isn't a breeze in spots, it gets hot. There is very steep staircase that surprises a lot of people based on "easy" rating. Interesting hike the whole way, beautiful view at the end, and leaves you feeling accomplished. Definitely do it!

7 days ago

Tons of tourists of all ages/shapes/sizes/experience. I went for a run from my hotel to here and back- ended up about 8 miles round trip at 5:30am. The park itself opens at 6 and is $1 per person if you walk in, like I did. I would definitely recommend finding parking outside of the tiny lot at the base of this actual 'hike' and walk up another mile or so to get to the fee area, parking is super limited, especially in the late morning/early afternoon. Tons of people means slow walking and lots of stopping to wait for the lag-even in the early morning, but good hike overall. Worth the hype if you're looking for something more than just a walk on the beach. Also a really dynamic hike up the mountain with a cool set of stairs, tunnels (watch out if you're over 6' like me!), and a great lookout.

This is an easy hike, great view at the top. hand rails and some areas paved. a lot of people and we were there when the military was doing training in the crater. go early morning to watch the sunrise.