Get ready to hit the step master. Great workout. Make it early and beat the crowd.

Great view from the roof of the pill box

7 days ago

Too many tourist. Go on a weekday unless you want to wait in like like a line at Disney World. Decent view of Diamond head beach and waikiki but definitely not worth my $1. I best be off to see nicer views with less people for free.

Great fun. Great views. Often times with zero shade so pack that water!

It's very easy to complete, and great views along the trail and at the summit. However, the reasons I can't give this trail more than 3 stars is
1) because it doesn't open until 0600 you can't start early to see the sunrise.
2) it is extremely crowded so you are on multiple occasions end up in someone's way and on multiple occasions someone will end up getting in your way.
3) I'm not a fan of having to pay to experience nature of any kind let alone $5 to get into the park and the only thing to do there is the hike.