20 hours ago

Packed with people but worth it. Parking was simple if you have patience to wait 20 min and pay $5. Fresh coconut at the end was perfect end to the hike!

Easy. Mostly paved. Good views. Historically very interesting because it is in an old military complex. Parking was very limited, and there is an admission fee. Depending on where you park you could add 10 or 20 minutes to the hike. The hike was nice but the narrow trail gets congested so don't plan to go any faster than the groups in front of you.

7 days ago

nice climb and spectacular views

More of a walk than a hike, but it was still neat to see some nice houses and the ocean.

Easy walk with amazing views, enjoyed reading about the history. Its hot and exposed to the sun, crowds of people but that was to be expected. My 70 year old parents and 4yr old nephew made it to the summit.

Best view of WAIKIKI !!! Enjoyed the hike