18 hours ago

Very touristy and busy. Beautiful views. Bring water. It's hot!

The views are great. The hiking is easy enough for any skill level.

Good funny little bit high~

Very cool hike! A lot of stairs and a wild view !

Great hike with lots of rest points. Spectacular view with well maintained areas.

Can be hot and very crowded at times, but definitely does give a few good camera shot areas for shooting pictures at Waikiki beach.

The hike isn't difficult and the views are great. I recommend this to anyone not experienced in off the path trails.

This hike was great but when it says "easy" but advised it is not a slow steady incline type of hike like other "easy" ones. I am fit and believe this hike is similar to ones rated "moderate" for sure. The incline can be steep at points and when there isn't a breeze in spots, it gets hot. There is very steep staircase that surprises a lot of people based on "easy" rating. Interesting hike the whole way, beautiful view at the end, and leaves you feeling accomplished. Definitely do it!

8 days ago