Beautiful ! A little crowded but the views were excellent

1 month ago

Straight walk alongside the Canal. Close to lots of hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and banks. Many benches to sit down. Lots of cars driving by on the busy road. Kayaking teams practicing on the Canal regularly. Water in the Canal extremely - dangerously - dirty (saw a floating TV set and a dead dog in there, scary). A popular jogging and dog walking trail.

Nice beach for walking, swimming and sunbathing. In very, very close vicinity to large skyscrapers and a big shopping center. Popular spot for wedding photos.

Great for kids. Just a walk around the beach, but often see wildlife in the water and lots of people enjoying life. Uplifting,

cute walk, nothing more

cute morning walk, nothing more

Not a hiking trail, but a really fun walking path through the city beach park. We parked at Magic Island and walked around the loop several times. It was gorgeous out! There were many families walking, swimming, jogging, walking dogs, barbecuing, etc. Fun place to relax and hang out.

Great workout spot!

Monday, April 11, 2016