Cultural Background Kahana was a thriving fishing and farming community prior to Western contact. Those living in Kahana had an abundance of fresh water and fertile soil on the valley floor to cultivate kalo (taro), the staple crop. The loi (ponded fields of kalo) were irrigated by 'auwai (ditches) that diverted water from the streams to the fields. Kahana Bay provided a wealth of fish and shellfish. In the 19th Century, following the unification of the Hawaiian Islands by Kamehameha I, the population rapidly declined as a result of Western contact and the introduction of foreign diseases. Sugar cane cultivation and the use of the valley as a WWII jungle warfare training site, have altered the natural and cultural environment of Kahana.

yo to be honest is the easiest hike I've done in hawaii even if you're a inexperienced hiker it migth be a bit slippery but still good hike, very short and great views

This is one of 3 parts of croching lion they all connect. If you stay to the trail to the far left it will only take about 30 mins to the first platform over looking the bay, keep going up theyre many more peaks over looking it and well worth it. The higher the more dangerous especially for kids or people not good with heights. People have died here so be careful. Stay off if the wind picks up or rain rolls in.

amazing views

Very easy hike. Kid-friendly. 15-30 mins and done! There are a few approaches to the first and second summit. Both summits are very pretty.


Beautiful and short hike

Really amazing hike! Short but steep. Not that bad if you’re in good shape. The view from the top is amazing, just park a little farther down the road and go into the entrance past the two signs that say don’t go and you’ll be fine! :)

1 month ago

Great views from the top. At times the path is slippy but nothing too bad and small climbing areas but nothing too difficult or dangerous.

1 month ago

Great view of Kahana bay from the top. Very #instaworthy. I went on a Saturday around 2pm. The trail was dry, thankfully. There were a couple groups of people on the trail. It is a steep trail and heat of the sun shreds your energy fast. Take your time coming down because it's easy to slip!

1 month ago

Great trail! Should totally do it. HOWEVER!!!! do not park near this trailhead for multiple reasons (most if not all are mentioned in previous reviews) This trail is "off limits"

For a "legal" list of trails in Hawaii:

There are a few different ways to get up there, some easier than others. The way we went up was not easy at was nearly a vertical wall with ropes, and it sure was muddy. I'll admit I was a bit terrified because the steep wall section was dangerous and not for the faint of heart. Gorgeous views though!

steep, beautiful. no coffee when I went.

Easy hike with nice views: Kahana Bay, ancient Hawaiian fishpond. Gonna bring the drone next time

Hike was awesome but when I finished the cops were given out citations at the trailhead said it was illegal and off limits.

Did the hike on 11/1 and it was wet. Rained before and during the hike. The hike up was much easier than the hike down, especially since it was wet. I would recommend the hike to others, but would add caution. The views were worth it, though!

There’s no way the route I took was 0.4 miles. We parked on the side of the road and seemingly went up a very unmarked area of the cliff. VERY steep and a bit terrifying. Once we found the trail, there were a lot of memorials to people that fell off the trail. Amazing views thoughts!

fairly quick hike, but more of a climb tho! when we were coming down a cop was ticketing a few hikers so we had to run while we had the chance. i recommend that you do this hike at your own risk of getting a citation. it was odd that he was there because normally no cops are. we were lucky that we didn’t get one but you may not.

We loved this hike!!! Would definitely go again!!!

One of my favorite trails of all time, easy as far as distance, but it’s definitely a steep climb. WARNING!!! I went to hike again 10/21/2018 and there was a cop posted at the start ticketing everyone coming down from the top and telling those heading up to turn back! We chatted with him for a while, he’s very nice, but he was firm that the hike was closed and that the state of Hawaii was giving him overtime to stay there over the next few months and ticket anyone who hikes past the signs.

Beautiful view! This is more of a climb than a hike. There were many shrines where people fell off and died which indicates the safety of this hike

One of the toughest hikes that I've done. The view at the top and while hiking along the ridge is gorgeous. I would not recommend doing this if it's raining or you're not in good shape. The last mile to the peak is grueling. I did it with three others and we're all in good shape. Coming back down all of us cramped up. Also make sure to bring plenty of water.

Short but fun hike. The hike is "officially' closed but pass the signs and keep on going like the others. The ascent (and descent) is very steep going up nearly 500-feet in the 0.4-mile. Some amazing 360 views at the top that may be a little intimidating for those afraid of heights. Go to to both main rocky outcroppings. Be warned that there has been some serious injuries and even fatalities on this hike because of the drop offs at the top.

3 months ago

Gnarliest hike I've ever done!, do not underestimate it, took us 6hrs and we were charging hard!, wear shin guards with socks cus our legs were bleeding from the overgrown vegetation, I'm a decent runner and believe me all of us (including couple military guys) ended up cramping our leg muscles at the end, views are awesome tho! highly recommend it!

Fun short hike. Trail was wet when I went. I would only recommend doing it dry. Also very easy to miss the "short"route up. I ended up going past and then looping back down. Awesome views, but very steep and slick.

parking right across the road from the trailhead, just look for the "do not go past this point" sign. I did see a lot of broken glass which probably means break ins are an issue, but I had no issues this morning.

Awesome experience but my husband and I will never do it again. Very muddy and very steep. The trails weren't marked. You basically go until you find an opening. Very Challenging! Very Steep! This Hike should be in the hard category. Be extremely cautious when you go on this hike, there is a lot of room for error.

Beautiful end to a challenging hike. I went yesterday, Thursday 20th and it was very hot out. Parking is right across and there are a few entrances that all lead to the path. Be careful on this trail and take your time. I found myself sliding down for quite a few parts to avoid slipping on gravel and loose dirt. Bring lots of water it’s a short hike but you will need it.. Especially if you also like to enjoy and explore the top. Enjoy this hike it’s easily one of my favourites I have done on the island.

While on Vacation decided to go check this hike out. At first it was scary to go on this hike seeing evidence of how some people didn’t make it back... This hike is not easy to go up and down but it’s all worth it! The views on the top is Amazing! Going down had to mostly crawl down and hold on to the ropes... If I have to do it again? Definitely I will!!!

Heard lots of island chatter about this hike and decided to conquer it. The trail head is very close to the K-hwy and there are 3 entrances, take the one to the far left.
It was dry when completed but if rainy and wet it would be much tougher. There are a few ropes and straps on the tougher incline spots, but very frayed and thin, so be wise.
The views atop are amazing and there is direct evidence that the cliffs are no joke. Tread carefully!

Favorite hike on the island with some crazy beautiful views. However, be wary if it had rained the day prior. It can get dangerously slippery.

The trail itself isn’t pretty, so the challenge is there. It’s a short and sweet climb to the top. Awesome views of the Oahu countryside, the ocean, and the mountains. Nice escape from the heavily populated spots in Honolulu as this place is not crowded at all.

Incredibly beautiful views. Only complaint would be that the trails are not clearly marked.

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