Not at all what we expected to see on an island. Just like others have stated the lava rock makes you feel like your on another planet. Hike was definitely moderate, just wear good shoes and watch your footing. Waves were huge today and the sunset was awesome. So many different things to see along this stretch.

This hike is different. It's not you typical walk on the beach. It feels like you are on a different planet. Make sure you pack heavy-duty hiking boots or sandals. Brings a lot of water and enjoy history of how the earth was born.

We did the branch of the trail to the lighthouse and back. At a moderate pace with stops it took us just under two hours. Parts of the trail are large loose rocks so proper shoes are a must. This shoreline hike has a mix of trees and open lava rock fields. You will want to head out early when it is cooler. Luckily we had a light breeze to help keep us cool. We enjoyed butterflies along the beaches and caught a glimpse a few wild goats.

Great hike, If you like broken ankles, heat, wind,and nothing to look at.

Great hike! Would be a mostly easy stroll if it weren't for the lack of shade. It's pretty rocky; definitely wear sturdy shoes. The beach at the end is beautiful. You can walk past the beach, but the path was unclear, so I turned back. Wonderful scenery.

Beautiful scenery abounds on this hike. We hiked out to the channel marker and back. The first part of the hike was through beautiful woods along the black rocks and beautifully clear water. The middle of the hike was thru the lava fields and is a slow go if you don't want to twist an ankle. The scenic offshoots are a must; Waves crashing against shear cliffs and a blowhole..BE VERY CAREFUL HERE SO AS NOT TO BECOME PART OF THE SCENERY..OFFSHOOTS NOT FOR LITTLE PEOPLE!!!

Great hike with diversity of environment. Rocks, trees, ocean. Very windy especially towards the end.

Fun walk over the lava fields and through the forest by the beach. Go past the lighthouse to the coral's amazing! Do not do this hike in the full sun, you'll melt!

Was great fun from the lighthouse on following white stone markers across the lava rock trail. Papaya tree had fruit at the second beach and was small but tasty.