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Nestled in the north Georgia mountains just two miles from the Alpine village of Helen, Unicoi is one of Georgias most beloved state parks. Throughout the year, the park offers outstanding programs which focus on natural, cultural, historical and recreational resources. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy hiking and biking on scenic mountain trails, especially those leading to Helen and Anna Ruby Falls. Craft lovers should not miss the lodge gift shop specializing in hand-made quilts and local pottery. Numerous picnic tables are located throughout the park.

Short paved trail that follows the creek up to two waterfalls. It is a amazing sight to see and to hear the roar of the water.

Beautiful!! Not a long hike but parts of it are on a steep incline but there is a bench after the steepest incline to catch your breath! Nice and paved path running alongside a creek. The falls are breathtaking! So worth it.

Beautiful trip along a creek to the waterfall. Paved. The trail is a bit steep, but it’s pretty short. I would still call it good for all levels.

Did this hike a couple of years back. It is very steep and very short. It was cute but not much to see. Too artificial for my taste.

Short but steep. Not for handicapped or elderly

Short hike but steep.

16 days ago

I logged 9 miles in an back - sign at trail head says 10 miles. Took just over 4 1/2 hours round trip. Parking is limited to around 5 or 6 cars at trail head. Another option is to park at Anna Ruby falls (cost is $3 per person) and hike up to the falls (.4 miles) and then pick up Smith Creek Trail at the bottom of the falls (trail is on the right near wooden information board). Just make sure to time your return and pick up your car before the park closes.

Very poorly marked trail (I think I saw one blue marker the entire trail). Got off trail once and needed All Trails to get me back on track. Several down trees that are passable, but from previous posts must have been down for several months.

Less than 1 mile to the falls and back, but good scenery. Anna Ruby falls are impressive and the trail runs along the creek. Cost is $3 per person to get into the park, which has a small gift shop and bathrooms. Very crowded.

The Smith Creek Trail, which is a 10 mile in and out trail, turns around near the falls. If you wanted to pick up this trail, it is on the right hand side facing the falls by one of the wooden information boards. You could park in the Anna Ruby falls lot and walk the Smith Creek trail in reverse (parking at the trail head for the Smith Creek Trail is limited - maybe 5 or 6 cars). Just make sure to be back at your car before the Anna Ruby falls park closes.

Very easy and paved the entire way. Great for kids and toddlers.

17 days ago

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17 days ago

Great trail with lots of off shoots. But rocky side from the east entrance definitely requires a modified rig. Will be back soon.

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18 days ago

UNICOI MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAILS (8 mile loop) - I rode this trail today with my brother. Highly recommend this trail if you are in the area. It’s an 8 mike loop dedicated to mountain biking (Not the trail viewed above). It has moderate to steep climbs with very rewarding descents. There’s a downhill segment after mile 3 that’s wildly steep! The second to the last descent was smooth, flowy descent on a “road”. Very evenly designed trail but still a tough workout for a South Georgia native. It was very peaceful and well marked trail. Will visit again next time I am up this way!

Really cool for easy off road driving. Great views and also a hiking trail to the peak once you reach an opening. Be aware that the trail is only big enough for one vehicle for a time so be careful of drivers going down. (Some drivers goes down really quick around the corner)

The Hike is short but steep along a paved trail. It is all up and only down as you return. The falls are worth it. By the way, if you have a National parks pass, the admission is free.

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27 days ago

Great trail, we did the Helen Half Marathon an 10K Race on 12-16-17, nice rolling hills, nice water stream. The scenery was beautiful.

Nice trail, easy hike and great for kids. Not crowded and water was flowing nicely.

Trail is run some parts are rough

Extremely crowded, people were waiting in line to take pictures. Nice waterfall, but way too many people.

great trail. easy to hike well maintained. watch out for mountain bikes as this trail does cross the mountain bike trail.

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