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One of the most spectacular canyons in the eastern U.S., Tallulah Gorge is two miles long and nearly 1,000 feet deep. Visitors can hike rim trails to several overlooks, or they can obtain a free permit (limit 100 per day) to hike down to the gorge floor. A suspension bridge sways 80 feet above the rocky bottom, providing spectacular views of the river and waterfalls. Exhibits in the parks Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center highlight the rich history of this Victorian resort town, as well as the rugged terrain and fragile ecosystem of the area. Additionally, an award-winning film takes viewers on a dramatic journey through the gorge. Permits are required for all people accessing the gorge floor or rock climbing/rappelling, but not exploring the rim trails. The only approved trail for entering or leaving the gorge floor is the Hurricane Falls staircase. Both the Hurricane Falls staircase and gorge floor are very strenuous. Trails entering or exiting the gorge, as well as those on the gorge floor, are very strenuous. Visitors with health problems should not attempt to climb these trails. Children MUST be closely supervised at all times. Tallulah Gorge State Park is operated by a public-private partnership with Georgia Power Company. Many facilities, including the campground, are operated by Georgia Power rather than the Department of Natural Resources.

Prepare for the hike if you decide to go down the staircase. Going up the steps is steep and long. We had an excessive heat alert today. the Rim trails are easy. those who hwve problem with height, it is safe, but be ready for it! Beautiful views! I took the staircase to the suspension bridge, but because of my height issues, I didn't cross it. interpretive center is excellent. $5.00 entrance fee!

Made it to the bridge

Everything you could want.. easy short look over trail for a picture. Amazing waterfalls and what seems like a million metal stairs. Beautiful swinging bridge!! It is worth it to get the permit and go to the natural rock slide... it's like your own little paradise. The trail to get there and back is very difficult but worth it to get to the slide. It is straight up and down with boulders.

Great view at the bottom. Worth the workout and 1062 stairs. View is amazing. I wouldn't recommend taking small children.

It’s not a damn hiking trail it’s a ridiculous amount of stairs. The ENTIRE way. No mention of it anywhere

Got the permit to go to the gorge floor. We took our 8 and 9 year old boys with us and boulder hopped all the way down from The bottom of the stairs to sliding rock. It was tough but the kids did fine and were far ahead of us but I would do it all over again! We did sliding rock for a long time and then hiked up and out of the south rim. When they tell you the rocks are slick- they aren’t lying!! Go early!

Beautiful views with a different vantage point than most trails. Lots of stairs make up for short mileage in calorie burn. There are benches at every platform just in case you need to rest coming back up.

Dogs are only allowed on the North Rim trail. We did not know that going in but the staff was super kind and helpful. The North Rim is a very easy trail that has some very pretty views. Also picnic table access and is typically not near as crowded as the South Rim. Great trail for beginners.

Lots of foliage blocking some views. Definitely pack water because there is no way to cool down. We did not get here early enough for the gorge floor pass, only 100 given out per day. Would have liked to be able to get to the water. Stairs are every bit of what they advertise. Great hike with lots of views.

A very beautiful hike with numerous lookouts, well suited for photography, or simple meditation and exercise. Prepare yourself for lots of steps and a good cardio workout. Much of the trail is covered with shade from trees so even in the morning heat of Georgia summer you can afford to enjoy the hike here!

Great views, easy trails but hard stair climbs. The suspension bridge is something else if crowded!

Not a typical trail, mostly stairs (about 1100 of them), so it's more like a stair workout than a hike. Plenty of shaded spots & a few benches if you need to rest. Pretty crowded if you're there on a holiday weekend. Views were nice & plants were pretty in May. Good for folks who don't do well on rough or overgrown trails, but is still good exercise. Worth doing once, but I probably wouldn't go again.

Such a great experience as a family!! The trail was, for the most part easy, like the kids walked and ran most of the time; the only time they needed help was going down the 300+ stairs. I would highly recommend this to other families!

The stairs are tough. Not natural hiking. More like exercise. Nice views.

It was a great hike with good views. It had quite a few stairs. The part of the trail that required a permit was closed due to high waters. I recommend this hike as moderate rated for all hikers.

A well maintained park with great views. I’d recommend looking into hiking the canyon floor for more serious hikers!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Definitely a challenge on a gravel bike. Would have been a lot more enjoyable on a mountain bike. Most of the way is in the woods, but towards the end, before the long descent to the lake, there are views of the lake.

Stopped for a brief while driving through to North Carolina. My kids, nearly five and 10 years old, were up a hike and Tallulah Gorge did not disappoint. We did the 310 stairs to the amazing suspension bridge above Hurricane Falls. Then we walkef another 221 stairs down to the base of Hurricane Falls. The scene is stunning and the museum does a great job of documenting the geology and ecosystem. If your legs are up for it, and I'm really proud of my kids for committing to the leg throbbing excursion down and up the stairs, it's gorgeous, well maintained, and well worth your time.

HArd but fun and worth it! Wear good hiking shoes, chavos would’ve been a good idea but did good with my hiking boots. Wear light clothing and don’t carry to much if u don’t have to. Take time to enjoy the waterfalls. Very challenging hike but very fun! I wouldn’t bring small children.

very nice! definitely a stair workout. if able, get the free permit and hike to Bridal veil falls swimming hole. it's a gorgeous park, beautiful falls and lookouts. we went on a weekday and wasn't busy.

Heavily trafficked. Helpful staff. Parking may be difficult due to how busy it is. Very modernized and almost felt overly so. Beautiful views but didn't feel like a true nature hike, felt more like a tourist attraction. Good workout if you do the whole trail and see all the lookouts - expect about 600 stairs in 2 main areas. Very family friendly. Bring water and comfortable hiking shoes.

The hiking trail was fun and make to bring comfortable shoes. It’s going to be a LONG walk.

2 months ago

Beautiful yet strenuous on the stairs. I’d recommend going in cooler weather than when we went! 85 degrees was almost unbearable.

DOGS CAN NOT GO ON BRIDGE. That disappointed me, but we still got to see the views from all of the lookout points.

this trail was great. I brought my dogs and plan to come back for a second pass

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