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Great trail , wonderful time with family and friends.

gets very Rocky and the trail gets narrow after rain.

Great trail, some difficulty but nothing major, just watch your step!

Amazing creekside trail with waterfalls.

This was a great first hiking experience. Will return.

Beautiful park,
Lots of opportunities for
Solitude and quiet

beautiful river

Love the app

Great day hiking with puppies. They loved playing in the water, and it exhausted them

pretty good trail. A decent amount of elevation gain, but I prefer more of a workout. Would definitely hike this one again if I was in the area.

On another note, has anyone besides me experienced any, um,, strange encounters near the bridge?

very nice trail. Worked up a sweat! We went down some stairs and just hiked all by the side of the creek,river? Was pretty challenging going thru all the rocks and tree roots. Loved it! I was kind of upset that there was a gate and couldn't go down to the ruins. I thought you were able to go down there but it was locked. Oh well,we enjoyed this park Alot! Clean and well marked.

Completed red trail and part of white. Great walk along Sweetwater Creek! Go to the end of red trail to begin a more arduous walk along the white.

Not bad considering it's 30-40min from Atlanta. Nothing crazy though.

My two year old and I did a little of the Yellow Trail and Red Trail (just to the ruins) last week and it was great! Plenty easy for her, and wasn’t difficult for me to do with her on a carrier either! It’s a wonderful park!

The red part of the trail is rough. There were parts that I didn’t think I could climb, and was kind of scared to frankly. In those parts the best thing to do is to look for easier ways to get around the rocks, which there usually are a few. I saw many people with dogs and small children hiking along this trail and I felt sorry for the poor things. I know some parts are not that possible for small children or dogs to climb, so if you plan on walking the whole red trail- go alone.
That being said the view is phenomenal at its best point. It’s totally worth it to walk the first part of the red trail. I know I would do it again.
The white trail was a joyride compared to the first part, and was a much more enjoyable time. A soft breeze blew as I climbed higher on the large mountain, and you’re able to see the river from a new perspective.
Overall I had a great time on the whole trail and plan to return soon. Have a great hike! :)

Great afternoon hike with dogs or kids. The trail does have a incline and decline but is still an easy trail with view of the river

Good place to clear your mind.

Winter hiking here is great because there are not a lot of people. The dogs really like all of the water The dogs enjoy that they can run around a bit on this trail since it’s away from the popular side of the park. The downside is bare trees and a lot of leaves on the trail so you don’t know where your feet are going to step.

Nice hike. Did some of the white trail and the red trail.

interesting walk, with varied terrain. my dog loves the occasional opportunity to slip into the creek. once you get to the old mill the trail vecomes a little challenging. but still a great outing for the family.

Gorgeous in fall!! Moderate hills so you will sweat a little.

Beautiful park!!! Fall colors are wonderful!!

Fairly easy trail with a handful of moderate rocky inclines. Mostly well-marked and easy to follow with some gorgeous spots to sit by the water. Red trail was very highly trafficked on the day we went, with the white trail was much quieter.

Great day for a hike. Steep trail after mill but white trail back to visitors center nice and enjoyable

Solid trail. Took Red to White to Green to White for a 3 mile hike. Red trail has some moderately challenging parts, mostly climbing tree roots, rocks and steps along the picturesque creek. White and green trails are quite easy after ascending.

Well worth the short drive from ATL. You can hike all day in this state park and the water is gorgeous. This particular trail gets a little rough in some spots but it's well marked and very hard to get lost. Highly recommend:)

I loved this hike. It was beautiful along the creek, and has plenty of tree cover for shade. The trail map at the visitor center doesn't match the markings on the actual trails, and even as an experienced hiker, I'll admit, I did get lost on the way back and had to use my phone to determine location and direction back. However, if you back track the same way you come in on the red trail there's no confusion. There is a decent amount of scramble if you go far enough, plus history. The mill ruins are well preserved and easy to see. There are many spots where you are able to walk out into the creek on rocks too for some great photos. I look forward to going back to do some of the other trails.

Now this is a trail! I loved every second of it and I didn't even get to do the whole thing. Plenty of elevation with a beautiful lake. It has a river you can walk across on rocks that are smooth. Great for swimming as well. Beautiful scenery. I definitely recommend it for everyone.

Another nice trail in sweatwater creek state park

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