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Great up and down... get good shoes as can be slippery

Well marked and great views at the top. LOTS of people.

18 days ago

It’s a awesome place to get a quick hike in after work! Just a brief up and down. People can do t on their own since there are lots of other hikers! Fast way to get elevation near Atlanta. It could also be a good trail run! Not as scenic but easy and accessible:)
Pro tip: don’t go on a weekend because it’s CROWDED!

Careful when it rains! It gets slippery. Go early or late for best views/light. The hike gets crowded on the weekends.

Great hike. Beautiful.

good for time

Great hike and what a view

best time to climb Stone Mountain is either early in the morning or just before sunset. To see the sun rising or setting and the lights off Atlanta in the distance is awesome.

I go every Monday morning it’s a wonderful climb for all ages. The best time to go is around 8:00am that way you aren’t being hit My the suns powerful rays.

Awesome view at the end.
Very crowded and hot but much of it is shaded.

I walk this loop 3-5 times a week primarily early in the morning when it is the least crowded. Stone Mountain is such a beautiful place if you like to run or walk. I have taken so many beautiful sun rise pictures. Just love this special place.❤️

be ready to ascend and descend some extensive trails

A completely different side of Stone Mountain Park. Get away from the crowds and enjoy the scenery. You might just forget you’re at a park.

Epic!!!! Don’t miss this incredible adventure!!!

Definitely more strenuous than moderate for me. it's only 1 mile up, but you also go 700-800 feet up in elevation. It's worth it at the top though.

Very vigorous the first and second time going. I will be going again very peaceful.

trail running
2 months ago

It’s beautiful and very natural woods but very isolated farther in. Narrow single lane trail overgrown with tall grasses, branches, fallen debris. There are several fallen large tree trunks you’ll have to climb over and places where you have to traverse rocks. Seems like it isn’t trafficked much beyond the initial wider path front of trail areas. The trail became impossible to distinguish at one point and I got off trail and had a really tough time finding it again. There were some points closer to 78 that it felt unsafe to be alone being so isolated and on an unmarked trail deeper into the trail. Surprised the park doesn’t upkeep the trail better.

Nice hike, short, but not what I would call "moderate". The hike up is somewhat strenuous.

We have hiked up and down 2miles, then around the mountain on the Cherokee white trail. This weekend will be 4 weekends in a row. It has some good variety. 6.61miles total is a good morning workout. Then we head to Decatur for a Farm Burger. Makes a great Saturday.

3 months ago

Great, if you’re looking for a short hike with a nice 360 view. Around the park there are bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalks which was nice. If you’re looking for a harder workout just park farther away and jog to and from the start of this walk up. $15 entry.

You will love this mountain! Exhilarating and lots of amazing pictures! Don't miss the laser show and don't bring the family in the rain!


It’s $15 to get in the park. The hike itself is nice, a good workout and skyline views at the top are great. Plus being on a giant rock like that is different than a typical mountain or hill. The only reason I don’t do it more often is because of the cost and the tourist factor - there’s also a cable car at the top and some kids activities so it doesn’t really feel like nature. Maybe if you were hiking on the lake instead or something.

I doubt I would be paying to an entrance fee to ride my bike. Not worth it with so many other trails nearby

very beautiful trail in woods with lake / river view.

Underwhelming. Personally, I like hikes that are more primitive, i.e., more nature, less people. The one mile ascent to the top felt like 3 (and typically for me, the longer the hike the better but not in this case). The scenery and footing did not vary much along the way and the flood of people zapped the zen right out of the hike. The view at the top? Neat, but it was obscured by fences (necessary I guess due to the tourist factor) and other signs of civilization, making it hard to get a decent picture of the skyline. Hence, underwhelming.


great views easy climb

very well marked trails. we started on the Cherokee trail (not too many people) and used the connection and when up the mountain and the continue with the rest of the trail 7 miles. Beautiful sceneries it will be worth it.

The Stone Mountain is an impressive an well-maintained park just east of Atlanta. There is a fee for parking but there is plenty of parking available all through the day. Park near the trailhead and take the long gradual climb to the top of the mountain. Closer to the top 1/3 of the mountain the slope becomes steeper but not particularly difficult and the views begin to open up. Once at the top it is a wide expanse of rock with great views toward Atlanta to the west and especially to the east where you can overlook Stone Mountain Park and the picturesque Stone Mountain Lake. The summit is surrounded by a chain link fence so it is reasonably safe for children. There is also a cable car that runs from the peak down to the park (or up to the summit). I recommend taking the cable car down and stay toward the left to get the best views of the Confederate Monument carved in the face of the mountain. You can take the cable car up and walk down, but it is not nearly as satisfying as having made the climb. This is a good hike for children as there are no steep slopes and because the summit is fenced in.

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