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very well marked trails. we started on the Cherokee trail (not too many people) and used the connection and when up the mountain and the continue with the rest of the trail 7 miles. Beautiful sceneries it will be worth it.

The Stone Mountain is an impressive an well-maintained park just east of Atlanta. There is a fee for parking but there is plenty of parking available all through the day. Park near the trailhead and take the long gradual climb to the top of the mountain. Closer to the top 1/3 of the mountain the slope becomes steeper but not particularly difficult and the views begin to open up. Once at the top it is a wide expanse of rock with great views toward Atlanta to the west and especially to the east where you can overlook Stone Mountain Park and the picturesque Stone Mountain Lake. The summit is surrounded by a chain link fence so it is reasonably safe for children. There is also a cable car that runs from the peak down to the park (or up to the summit). I recommend taking the cable car down and stay toward the left to get the best views of the Confederate Monument carved in the face of the mountain. You can take the cable car up and walk down, but it is not nearly as satisfying as having made the climb. This is a good hike for children as there are no steep slopes and because the summit is fenced in.

22 days ago

This a great trail filled with changing scenery. Staying on the white blaze to the green and to orange connector is a much easier hike as opposed to going across the mountain to complete the loop

Great place go several times a week and do the trail two times! Great place to do everyday training for thru hikes when you live in the city. Strap on your full pack and do a 10 plus mile shack down!

This is a nice trail. it is well marked. You go from level to uphill to downhill. You walk over gravel, dirt, granite and roots. It intersects the walk up trail which is a nice feature. I will hike it again.

Nice view. $15 parking fee. Total time for me to go up was 45 min

This was a great hike up. Just be prepared for a gradual climb all the way up. There are some steep climbs on some spots, but once you reach the top there are some great views! I would like to go back and hike the “walk around” trail.

1 month ago

I parked and went up the Walk-up trail at the West entrance up the park to where it bisects Cherokee trail. Lots of folks doing the walk up to the top of Stone Mountain, but surprisingly, I did not pass very many people on the Cherokee trail at all

It was wonderful

Great views of Atlanta and surrounding area at the summit. Snack and drinks at the summit as well. Bring the family for a fun time.

Great hike but parts of the trail are not well-marked, so it's easy to get off-course. Because the trail is around the mountain, however, it's hard to get lost.

4 months ago

You start by the water then into the woods. Beautiful and easy trail to follow. Be careful with the connecting path (tagged orange.) not to difficult of a trail but worth the hike

4 months ago

Outstanding short Hike. There are lots of pretty views of Stone Mountain and the lake. The trail crosses several creeks along the way.

Great trail. Recommend going counter clockwise so the carving is at the end. Great way to end the hike.

A handful of spots where the white blazes are hard to locate, but otherwise a nice hike with Great scenery and solid exercise.

Enjoyed it very much; took grandma to this one and she was able to keep up alright. It’s not deep enough in the woods so you can still hear the noise from the other attractions.

Easy and yet invigorating; not a dull moment. They have trail markers but no signs.

Well marked by white blazes and signage. Constantly changing terrain from wide leveled trails, to roots, to exposed granite faces makes for an exciting run.

Very easy short hike with an incredible ending! If your ever in the Atlanta area, I highly suggest this trip! Great for families with kids!

Great lake views dotted with fishermen.

A quick day trip to the park while visiting family for Thanksgiving. Well maintained trail with nice facilities at the top and bottom. Since it was a holiday weekend there were a lot of visitors.

Good, quick and calming hike

Great place! During the good weather this is my workout 3-4 days a week. Don’t do this if it’s wet after a rain, the rock gets slippery as ice! Especially beautiful when the yellow daisies are blooming. Great view from the top! Love the option of going down through the woods at the point of the pavilion. A lot of the time I see deer.

Great for a fast good hike up a mountain. Put on headphones to zone out all the people and other music and just go. Great spot for training

6 months ago

Beautiful trail. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it can get quite busy at times. Find an off time to go and it’s a nice half day walk/hike.

Crowded and very touristy. The view at the top is worth dealing with all the people but I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody looking for a serine getaway. Great training for steep mountain trails.

The trail was absolutely packed and very noisy. Felt more like I was at Disneyland than a trail. The full service snack bar at the top was the icing on the cake.

Great workout. 7 miles up, down and around the moutain.

Nice moderate hike to a beautiful summit.

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