trail running
3 months ago

Discovered this park while in town for the holiday weekend. I had no idea cart trails even existed!

It’s a fun twisting and winding path great for pushing the pace. The numerous short climbs and descents throughout keep you entertained. That false flat on the back side was fun.

Path conditions are excellent. Very well paved and maintained, but no gravel shoulder to speak of, so leave the trail shoes behind. Cart traffic was most prominent on the southern half proximal to the parks. Same goes for foot traffic. Perhaps it was the time of day (Friday late morning). Cart drivers are cautious and courteous leaving you plenty of room, though.

Oddly, the path is not very well marked once you leave the park area. In parts it was hard to distinguish main path from a spur or that there’s even a parallel path in one stretch. So long as you have the map handy you should have no issues.

trail running
Friday, March 07, 2014

Ran through the cart path for a triathlon great little run perfect for sprint repeat training!

trail running
Wednesday, June 01, 2016