This little-known gem on the Flint River is the perfect location for a daytime getaway. Visitors can cool off in the gently flowing river, skip rocks across the water, picnic on the rivers edge or toss horseshoes in a grassy field. A three-mile trail winds along the bank and up rocky bluffs, offering excellent views from high above the river. Hikers can look for abundant wildflowers and butterflies. Birding enthusiasts might spot tanagers, warblers, osprey and eagles. A boat ramp is available for canoeists, kayakers, rafters and anglers, and canoes may be rented from nearby outfitters. Camping and cottages are available 25 miles west at F.D. Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain.

Upset Bc app said mountainbiking but when I get here they say you can't

Fun hike- beautiful scenery at the bottom.

Easy, short hike!

Awesome trail. We started and ended at store parking lot and did total of 7 miles. Definetely challenging coming up steep climb back to car for last mile. Would highly recommend this trail

Great trail, beautiful views, kick ass little hill to get back up to your car

This trail was awesome for our kids they had a blast!!

This trail is no longer marked. The park does not use this trail any longer but we followed the All Trail and had a blast. We totally went back in in marked territory but the views were amazing and we found deer beds by the river. Great day.

This trail is dangerous totally understand why it got the name.

This trail is dangerous totally understand why it got the name.

Love this trail beautiful park with some other trails as well

Sunday, February 12, 2017

This place was really cool. They have about 6 miles of hiking trails they were currently blazing them this morning as they are expanding the hiking in the area. The man I talked to said it would be done by March 2017 how ever you can hike on them now if you want. They have a trail called the "widow maker" it is around 3 miles and steep terrain with great river views. It is located right by the store or "trading post" as its labeled you can park there and hike this trail.

Friday, October 28, 2016

We took our girls and hiked down to the water. I was disappointed there weren't more trails. I liked it the trail, but didn't love it.

Monday, September 26, 2016

We did the upper trail last summer...pretty easy over all and good for a short hike to pass a few hours. I've loved sprewell bluff since I was a little girl. I will always go back home and hike it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

nice, beautiful hike on a fall afternoon. very scenic with the changing colors of the trees and the backdrop of the Flint river.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Depending on whether you go up river or down makes a big difference. Downriver is called the longleaf loop trail. It is really pretty with views of the river and park, it follows a little stream up the mountain past an old moonshine still and two old cabins, you can still see the rock piles from the chimneys, one chimney has crumbled but the other has an intact base. It's pretty neat to imagine what life must've been like for these early settlers to the area. There is a nice rock bench up top with a view that is great for contemplating life. It is open and grassy up top with neat wildflowers (especially in sept/oct) and great birdwatching especially in the spring. It loops back down to the river and has good fishing access along the river, lots of neat ferns and irises, little springs coming out of the hillside, and cool rock outcrops along the river. The dnr is still managing this area even though the county runs the park and they burn these woods every few years. This loop is maybe 1.5 mile with one long climb up/down the mountain on either end. It is short but could be called an easy hike except for the climb.

Up river the trail stops by a couple nice overlooks and runs upriver mostly in the floodplain (except for one short but steep climb just past the overlooks). In the spring the wild azaleas bloom and it is really pretty. Three spur trails head up hill and tie into the road you drive in on so you can't do it as a loop upriver. Depending on how far you go you can turn this into a 2 mile hike round trip. Like the downriver trail it is generally easy except for the climb.

Hopefully the county recognizes how great Sprewell bluff is and leaves it mostly natural. You can't improve on perfect!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Overall improvements have made it more appealing.. The trail is poorly marked.. Not a bad way to spend a couple hours.. :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Not a bad hike. Did not find any blazes but they're not really needed as it's a loop. $5 parking unless you are a Friend of Ga State Parks member. They are working in cleaning up the area and building some new structures. 01/19/14

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