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This little-known gem on the Flint River is the perfect location for a daytime getaway. Visitors can cool off in the gently flowing river, skip rocks across the water, picnic on the rivers edge or toss horseshoes in a grassy field. A three-mile trail winds along the bank and up rocky bluffs, offering excellent views from high above the river. Hikers can look for abundant wildflowers and butterflies. Birding enthusiasts might spot tanagers, warblers, osprey and eagles. A boat ramp is available for canoeists, kayakers, rafters and anglers, and canoes may be rented from nearby outfitters. Camping and cottages are available 25 miles west at F.D. Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain.

6 days ago

Trail was very rocky and has lots of tree roots. Had to walk with our feet sideways the majority of the time on side of the mountain. Ran into some trees down on trail near end. This trail should definitely be rated hard/difficult instead of moderate. It’s not just a steep hill and then levels out.....it’s constant the entire time. River view was nice. Park had other trails you could get on that I would say we’re moderate, which we took back once we went the length of this trail

11 days ago

I hiked the purple blaze trail in February. I started at the river and followed along to the Trading Post. I picked up the red and orange blaze trails back to the purple trail and then to my truck. Great afternoon hike! Trail was in good condition and you can tell it’s well taken care of.

easy trail and good for the kids

So nice you can combine this trail with others at Sprewell Bluff. It’s a lovely trail by itself, but you can get a copy of the additional trails at the trading post (there are a couple not on All Trails yet) and get additional views of the River or whatever you like.

Lots of level hiking by the river then some good incline / decline. Look for “the whistling tree.” :-). A recent controlled burn was done in this area, so a lot of underbrush is cleared.

trail running
2 months ago

This trail had a bit of everything. Near the river the trail is smooth and fast. I mean that its flat and has few roots and rocks, but all that changes as you climb the side of the hill. The trail quickly becomes technical with a good portion off camber to the extreme. The last section of the Widow maker, near the park entrance is a fun steep switchbacking incline that should give your lungs and legs a burn. I tried the orange blazed trail on the way back but it was not maintained. I eventually linked into the other trails and found a good loop back to my truck. I will definitely go again. The views of the Flint river are very impressive, that is probably the biggest pay off for this trail.

Great trail, I really enjoyed it. I combined the blue trail, Widowmaker, new pink trail, and longleaf trail to create a 6.3 mile loop. Not heavily crowded. Great views of the Flint River. Trail is well-maintained. Dog friendly.

This park was shut down by DNR and the county leased it for 50 years to keep the park open and are doing great things with it.

love this trail!

great hidden gem in upson county thomaston. this trail is about 5 miles, moderate and then difficult at the end. steep and a good cardio workout. beautiful and well marked.

this trail was awesome, specifically widowmakers trail. theres 2 different ones a 1.5 mile loop and then widowmakers which is about 5 miles. now I'm not sure if its 5 miles 1 way or 5 miles roundtrip, but we felt as if it was 5 miles one way. I would rate it as moderate the first half and difficult the second half. make sure your more than a beginner hiker for the widowmaker trail, it's not for the faint of heart. great county park, cute trading post with shirts, mugs etc.

Great hike. Trail was well maintained. Upson County has done a good job upgrading the area. Our only complaint was that the purple blazing is hard to see. We went in the winter when there were no leaves on the trees. I imagine in the summer time it would be even harder to see.

This is my fav trail in the area, besides the ones at Ocmulgee National Monument. I actually hike this one several times yearly and purchased a pass for Sprewell Bluff after my second visit bc I enjoyed it so much. (also access to the beach area for swimminng and grilling) I take the kids every other time I go and they love it bc the Walking Dead filmed there and they take pics with the sign lol.
great views and and it's pretty easy until you get to the last bit, as it's very steep. I find it easier now less daunting than I did my first time completing it. took me about 2 to 3 hours total bc i stopped at the natural dam and the picnic table. I have only seen one couple EVER on this trail at the same time as me. Peaceful....and perfect.

3 months ago

We could only make about 1/2 way due to flooding on the trail. Trail seemed otherwise well maintained and marked.

on Widowmaker Trail

4 months ago

I started at the Trading Post and had trouble seeing the purple blazes. Fortunately AllTrails helped me make that first sharp Uturn near the trailheads. I stood there shaking my head as to which way to go before I checked AllTrails. I did get on the trail and it was narrow and rugged but that’s okay. The trees were purple blazed and I was following the blazes because the trail couldn’t be seen under all the leaves which is normal for this time of the year. I reached a point where I couldn’t see any purple blazes or the trail so I backtrack to the Trading Post. I did not try to hike this trail from the other end. It is possible the purple blazes can be seen starting at the other end. I was very disappointed that I could not complete this trail.

4 months ago

Bright yellow blazes mark this scenic and easy to hike trail.

Sprewell Bluff State Outdoor Recreation Area has done an amazing job blazing and marking this trail. The loop follows the Flint River for a little more than a half a mile and offers wonderful views of a bend of the river. The leaves are begging to change color

on Widowmaker Trail

6 months ago

The trail at the opposite end of the peak, is in pretty bad shape. Very narrow trail, with steep slope and steep cross-grade. Combine that with loose gravel and/or leaves covering the trail, and I can see why the trail got it's name.

There are a few sections where the I couldn't see the next trail blaze. It's a very dark blue and doesn't stick out when painted on a tree.

6 months ago

I definitely underestimated this Trail. It offered wonderful views of the Flint River and had pretty decent incline at certain spots.

Upset Bc app said mountainbiking but when I get here they say you can't

Monday, April 23, 2018

Fun hike- beautiful scenery at the bottom.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Easy, short hike!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Awesome trail. We started and ended at store parking lot and did total of 7 miles. Definetely challenging coming up steep climb back to car for last mile. Would highly recommend this trail

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Great trail, beautiful views, kick ass little hill to get back up to your car

Sunday, December 03, 2017

This trail was awesome for our kids they had a blast!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

This trail is no longer marked. The park does not use this trail any longer but we followed the All Trail and had a blast. We totally went back in in marked territory but the views were amazing and we found deer beds by the river. Great day.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

This trail is dangerous totally understand why it got the name.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

This trail is dangerous totally understand why it got the name.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Love this trail beautiful park with some other trails as well

Sunday, February 12, 2017

This place was really cool. They have about 6 miles of hiking trails they were currently blazing them this morning as they are expanding the hiking in the area. The man I talked to said it would be done by March 2017 how ever you can hike on them now if you want. They have a trail called the "widow maker" it is around 3 miles and steep terrain with great river views. It is located right by the store or "trading post" as its labeled you can park there and hike this trail.

Friday, October 28, 2016

We took our girls and hiked down to the water. I was disappointed there weren't more trails. I liked it the trail, but didn't love it.

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