The view is definitely worth the hike up to the Indian Seats. Don't stop there - do the entire loop. I have never seen so many acorns on the ground and actively falling all day. The only issue we had has nothing to do with the trail or park - there were two unruly boys with their parents beating everything in sight with a golf club! Who allows their children to to do that??

My opinion is this is NOT moderate Hahahaha this is rough!!! Still beautiful and a challenge

mountain biking
15 days ago

Is Mountain Biking allowed? I would really like to know. :)

trail running
17 days ago

I run this trail regularly and it's really nice. There are some steep spots but overall it's a well kept trail. Pretty quiet too, not a lot of traffic. Not great for views but it's nice to feel away from everything in the woods.

17 days ago

I absolutely loved it!! Some people might think it was a little short! It was great! It was a beautifull view when you get to the top!! I would recommend doing the full walk if you love hiking! It would be about 2-3 hours