This is a good Trail for a quick walk or short run (~2.25 miles at full length). There are no exciting views but very family friendly.

This is hands down my favorite trail to walk my dogs on. The only drawback is that they get filthy from the creeks, lake, and gravel trail, but it is totally worth it. Canopy overhead makes summer walking tolerable. Trails zig zag and many hills keep it interesting.

There's a set of two different paths within the larger red, which I always tag right under 2.25 mi. So if you're feeling noncommittal, you have a lot of access points to shorten the workout. The trail is composed of crushed gravel, and being so removes any technical obstacles. However, making up for that, there's a good bit of elevation gain. I run this trail, but I take my kids here to hike.

10 months ago

I like this 2.5 mile loop. It's a good workout for me and the dog. Lots of hills, creeks, and a pond. I can take the dog to the dog park to socialize too. Plenty of parking and different points to access the trail.

Very clean, well-marked trail with lots of up/downs. Path is well-packed gravel and level through most of loop, making it easy on the ankles.