Nice walk. Lots of walkers and dogs, but the trail is wide enough for all. Pond along red/blue is a nice treat... be sure to include the pond loop!

My son and I went, it's a peaceful walk.

Great trail! Very well maintained and several activities to do at the park. The trail is very well shaded and will make for an excellent walk when the temperature sky rockets. For about an hour of exercise that is literally over a river and through the woods, I would highly recommend this trail. Additionally, the story of Ms. Thompson whom the park is named after is a very interesting one.

This is a good Trail for a quick walk or short run (~2.25 miles at full length). There are no exciting views but very family friendly.

This is hands down my favorite trail to walk my dogs on. The only drawback is that they get filthy from the creeks, lake, and gravel trail, but it is totally worth it. Canopy overhead makes summer walking tolerable. Trails zig zag and many hills keep it interesting.