Visitors are often amazed when they visit Georgias Little Grand Canyon. The massive gullies, as deep as 150 feet, were caused by poor farming practices during the 1800s. Hikers who explore the deepest canyons will usually find a thin layer of water along the trail, indication of the water table below. Colorful wildflowers, as well as the pink, orange, red and purple hues of the soft canyon soil, make a beautiful natural painting at this unique park. The rare Plumleaf Azalea grows only in this region and blooms during July and August when most azaleas have lost their color. While the park's visitor center is no longer open, hikers can enjoy views of the canyons from the rim trail, and backpackers can stay overnight along the backcountry trail. Camping and cottages are available nearby at Florence Marina State Park on beautiful Lake Walter F. George. Visitors are urged to use caution on trails and to not go beyond fences or overlooks. Erosion can cause the canyon walls to collapse.

Loved just about everything on this trail but do agree it needs to be better marked. some intersecting trails are confusing. Spent several hours in this park Thanksgiving day. Will certainly be back again. The canyons are amazing but as before need to be better marked. At the end of the day we only had 8 miles and was expecting 10+. The way the loops meet and cross and being unmarked lessened the mileage.

This was an awesome trail! Spent part of Thanksgiving Day here! The only drawback is trail markings, not as clear as it could be, but overall this is a fantastic trail venture!

Somewhat mixed feelings about this trail, but overall it’s definitely worth trip. You start up near the interpretive center. I went on a weekend with the dog and the start was a bit of a circus because the two main park trails are slotted onto the same lane. Once you get to the canyon floor the red trail splits off, which is what you take. They seem to do a good job maintaining the trails. Clearly marked and not a ton of debris. I went after a hurricane and the crew was out there setting things right and even once I got ahead of them things still went pretty smoothly. The first part doesn’t have a ton of excitement. It’s a quiet forest stroll which isn’t bad. Just don’t expect towering canyons right off. Eventually you turn onto a ridge and pass some campsites. Once you get to campsite 2, there’s and option to keep going straight and cu about a mile off. We did that because things had been getting somewhat monotonous. Up until that point I was a bit disappointed. Then we turned up the canyon. The fences are a bit nanny-state like, but you get still get some pretty rad views. Shortly after the trail reconnects along the main drag and you can take in the rest of the canyon.

Beautiful. There are several places to view the canyons from the top if you dont want to hike down. Some things to note that I haven't seen mentioned- there is a $5/car parking fee AND there is a bit of water at the bottom of the canyons. Nothing deep, maybe an inch or less, but if you aren't wearing the right shoes you will end up soggy! Still, a great hike. We will be going back to do the longer loop.

3 months ago

This was a very surprising little hike beautiful scenery from the Canyon floor

great little hike but you definitely go through one of the wettest parts of the canyon I recommend waterproofing your boots

This trial offers the same beautiful views of the canyon floor as the backcountry loop trail but with a lot less mileage

Took my son and dog for an afternoon trip. Easy trail and safe. Beautiful views.

4 months ago

Not the most scenic route until you get to the end but good exercise. Overall I think it rates easy but there are a few elevation changes that are some work. I did it in under three hours with a 20 minute lunch break and some water/picture breaks. I would recommend having a walking stick or grabbing one from the trail, mine saved me from walking through at least three banana spider webs! Much of the first mile is a sandy creek bed so be aware it’ll be wet, especially after it rains.

This our trial run to get our packs adjusted before starting on the Application trail. we have been going here for many years, and love it

4th time out here this year. The canyon walls are gorge-ous.

Not a difficult walk down to the bottom of the canyon, from there on it’s pretty flat and a lot of fun to explore!

4 months ago

The sweet lady at the ranger station informed me that I would take over 4 hours to do this trail. I absolutely surprised her when I was done in 2.5 but I did also hike the trail backwards. even on a dry day it will be super wet and certain areas. you actually end up walking in part of a very shallow creek. it was very enjoyable majority of it is wooded but for about 1 mile is very scenic.

4 months ago

great place to go and spend some time exploring the canyon.

There is not a 2-mile trail - only a 3 and 7 mile trail.

Beautiful views and fun trails! Different levels for everyone with the 2 or 7 mile trails.

Beautiful place to visit. Don't be fooled that it's listed as EASY and 2.1 miles. That's just the ground-level loop. The real fun is in exploring the depths of the canyons. (Check out canyon#5 for sure!)

Coming back up via the 3- or 7-mile hikes is the real adventure! There are some short but moderately intense inclines (careful - they're slippery after rain) on those paths. We're going back in the fall after the leaves have changed.

6 months ago

My boyfriend and I did this trail today. Entered the park around 8 am, started hiking around 830. Finished in 3 1/2 hours. Be prepared to encounter ALOT of spiders and their webs. Especially if you are the first hikers that day. Trail is very swampy at the beginning. It does dry out the further you go down the trail. Trail maintenance could be done in a few spots due to some down trees and tall grass. It wasnt marked so well at the beginning but as you continued it was spot on. We did use the All Trails map as a reference guide. This trail is nothing glamorous. Very woodsy and has rough spots. But The view of the canyons at the end is the best part! Overall, this was a great hike!

Great trail for all. Definitely some of the best views in Georgia. We'll be returning.

7 months ago

The Backcountry Loop is essentially a swampy trail through the middle of a patch of Georgia woods. There's nothing wrong with that, but there's also nothing particularly exciting about that. The trail is good exercise.

I loved this park - it’s probably one of the best parks in South Georgia - the views of the canyon are amazing! It was definitely a fun hike.

Went for a quick hike with my dog. The trail is fairly simple and amazing views! Definitely worth going to.

9 months ago

Hiked it for the first time this morning with my dog. The wash right at the beginning was absolutely beautiful and so peaceful in the morning. There were a few strenuous inclines - nothing I couldn't walk up unaided but enough to get the heart pumping. We started the trail at 9am and finished at 11:30 (on a Friday). We didn't see a single other hiker but two of the camp sites were occupied.

If you want to see much of the canyons themselves, definitely plan to hike one of the other trails as canyon views were sparse, and had a lot of tree cover at that.

For anyone else with a smartwatch, just a heads-up that the park and this trail are extremely close to the line between Eastern and Central time. A number of times my watch flipped between time zones (presumably based on what cell tower was closest), which left me momentarily confused when I started the trail at 9am, then checked my watch and saw that it was 8:30...

Definitely one of the most enjoyable trails in the area. I’ve gone multiple times and enjoy it every time.


Amazing Hike Loved it!!!

The Little Grand Canyon nevera disappoints!

A sweat breaker but worth it. The dogs loved the long swatches of sand and water. Definitely bring plenty to drink, both for you and dogs. As with most hikes, early means less traffic. By the time we came off we were passing folks every ten minutes.
Highly recommend the brewery especially on a Saturday hike-there are food trucks there sometimes more than one.

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