Very nice, clean and safe to get some exercise. The trails are beautiful!!!!!!!

Great spot for a day hike on well maintained trails. I took the main trail to the grand temple mound, as well as the river trail, the loop trail, then took the Bertram trail back to the visitors center (about 3.7 miles). The river trails had two spots virtually underwater and numerous sections of mud, but it had been raining a lot recently. I wouldn't recommend white tennis shoes for that portion of the trail. In addition to the historic sites, numerous bird sightings, turtles, skinks, and a snake near the river. Good views of downtown Macon from the top of the temple mound. Will hopefully go back to take some of the other trails to different mounds. FYI - dogs are welcomed at the park, but please clean up after them.

4 years ago

Very easy trail and interesting artifacts in the lodges. A little short and is accessable for wheel chair folks.

An easy trail if you don't walk up the mound. Once you walk over the bridge that crosses the railroad turn right and head down into the gully. There is some wetland there with tree birds of birds. Once you walk out of the shelter of the trees you will be back on the road. Walk up to the mounds or skirt around and take the trail that loops around the swamp. When we there we saw herons and other birds as well as an abundance of turtles. This trail will also branch off to a trail that takes you to the Ocmulgee River. We have not taken that trail yet. If you stay on the loop trail it will eventually you lead you back to the parking lot at the visitors center.