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trail running
11 months ago

Nice place to walk. Blue heron sits along the west side of the lake. Lots of picnic areas and bridges.

trail running
1 year ago

Great for a few loops on a morning run.

Easy local hike. Parking can be a beast if there is sports practice/games. The lake can be a bit "aromatic" at times. Ducks and turtles and really big koi can be seen. Some creepy lurkers can be around during the day, but there is a good amount of traffic throughout most days.

Great little trail if you want to do something to wait out 285 traffic after work...I had a sales call near there late in the afternoon and didn't want to drive home in the traffic. Ran the loop twice and had lots of fun. Very pretty for being in such an urban area.

trail running
3 years ago

I went at 6 pm on a beautiful day for a quick run. The trail was very busy, but not unmanageable. Having never done any trail running before it was a very good trail to start with. It acclimated me to terrain variations, and there are some small elevations changes that kept things interesting.

Easy loop around the lake. The back (northern) section is through the woods while the front (southern) crosses the road over the dam. Only one slightly steep part in the back. The western side is a wide path along the lake and becomes a narrow trail as it enters the woods in the back. The eastern side is mostly open along the lake.

The park has picnic tables and a good big playground for kids. The trees provide good shade in the winter. The little league fields in the south can be noisy and crowded.