Note this trail is only open two days a month. The first and last Saturday of each month. Having said that this is an amazing trail. Exceptionally clean well maintained and has a touch of difficulty. We took the middle trail out and the and the adventure hike trail back. Mildly difficulty at the beginning with ropes to traverse down a steep incline. The Rocks and the waterfall are well with the Trip. Overall a great hike. Two thumbs up.

Beautiful! The waterfall was really big and fun to check out but there are also allot of great trails to check out as well that have beautiful overlooks. I can't wait to go back!

Beautiful and well maintained, the Land Trust does an excellent job. Impressive!

Congested yes... But can't expect such an amazing place that's only open a few day a month to not be! 1st time on this trail definitely not my last!
Extremely grateful for the obvious hard work that all the volunteers put into this place! One of the best kept trails I've ever been on and I've been on countless trails. With the exception of a few water bottle that was clearly left today. Absolutely no trash on the many trails we enjoyed today! National parks are not keep this clean!! Trails, views, waterfalls all of it beautiful! Thank you to the trust for sharing this "private property" with everyone whom wants to play!

I went to school on Lookout Mountain a LONG time ago. Back then, Lula Lake was a very sketchy part of the mountain and you went there at your own risk, and without the owners' permission, I might add. The Land Trust has done such a great job of developing this area. I see two very negative comments posted below and it is obvious that they didn't take advantage of all options. Yes, there are more rugged and remote areas to hike. But you don't go to a place like this expecting that. I went last Saturday, got there when the gates opened, hiked for three hours and didn't see any more people than I see when I hike the Savage Gulf on a weekend. Very nice place.

Very nice, trails are well maintained. Both waterfalls are beautiful. The staff is great, very helpful. Will visit again.

It was an awesome hike (short though) but the lookout point, waterfall n the lake view was amazing.. absolute beauty to watch .. got some real cool views

I love this place. Every time that we have been the staff have been very welcoming and helpful. The trails are always well kept and the sights are beautiful. I only wish it was open more so we could go more often. We took our nieces and nephews (ages 4-10) and they loved it too! We hiked the middle trail to bluff view then the bluff view trail to the falls, the most scenic path. Next time we are going to the bottom of the falls!

spectacular view from the bluff followed by an amazing waterfall.

This place is terrible don't waste your time. highly trafficked highly congested footpath. We hiked all of them and sadly not one offers more than the next, unable to get away from the congestion noise and screaming children at any point.

trails?? try paved roads mostly. people everywhere and they are loud and annoying. pretty falls but oh wait you can't swim. and why would you with the 1300000 other people around with there screaming kids. anyone with any experience or love for the outdoors have so many better options.

Great trails! Many paths to choose to get to the falls. You can make it as easy, or as challenging as you'd like. The overlook was very pretty as well, but the falls are the real treasure! Absolutely stunning waterfall! Even though you're not allowed to swim, the mist feels great on a hot summer day! Highly recommend going if you can on an open gate weekend!

Quite possibly one of my favorite waterfalls!
You can access waterfall from a short walk from parking area or from hiking trail. I would highly suggest taking the trail so you can experience the amazing views at the overlook. Trail is very easy and great little natural walk. I spent about 4 hours total at the park exploring the trail and playing in the waterfall and river. Great day trip and perfect for families and dogs. Picnic tables are located near the waterfall and at the overlook for those who are planning to spend the day and have lunch.

Most beautiful hike yet!

Love this hike! My daughters who are 5 and 6 enjoy it as well. They especially like playing in the water at the bottom of the largest falls.


First and Last Weekends

First and Last Saturdays

Would've been great info to have before I drove out here (on a weekday in May).

Amazingly clear day and perfect weather at Lula Lake

A beautiful waterfall! You can take an easy hike or a hard hike to the falls. It's best after it has been raining in days past. The only downside is that you can't swim in the water, but I figure it's because it's too dangerous with the huge falls. We had a great time.

Too easy and they won't let you play in the water.

Beautiful falls and view looking east. Hike along the creek is nice as well.

worked up a sweat but the views were beautiful. From Lula falls we took the adventures trail and let me tell ya! That was an adventure for sure. Going up hill and with two dogs we managed to get up there. (there are some ropes to help you up) then we went thru Bluff trail which kind of took us back to the falls and from there we walked to the parking. Not sure but for some reason it looked like the rest of the bluff trail was closed. This is an amazing experience. open only two Saturdays a month.No charge to get in buy donations are taken. They recommend $2 per person and they take check cash and credit cards. I did credit card. You must visit this place!

Great little hike. Various trail options with varying degrees of difficulty. You could hike one trail for an hour or so or hike several trails and make a day of it. Great for kids too. Beautiful access to view the falls. Wonderful experience and we will come back.

Visited a couple weeks ago for the first time since around 1973. Absolutely nothing looked familiar as everything was covered in Kudzu when I was a kid. A lot of work has been done to restore this area to it's natural beauty again. I thoroughly enjoyed my hike along the bluff then down to the falls. I will definitely be going back with grandkids in tow. Thanks for all the hard work to keep this property maintained for us to enjoy.

Closed! Only open on select Saturdays

One of the best hiking trails Chattanooga has to offer!

I fell in love with this place

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