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While this park may be best known for its golf course, The Creek, it also offers a wide range of recreational opportunities in a beautiful wooded setting. More than 24 miles of trails are available for hikers and horseback riders, and equestrians can enjoy their own camping area near stalls. A lakeside beach and bathhouse are popular with swimmers during warmer months. The park provides one of Georgias best golf values, along with a pro shop, driving range, rental carts and special rates for seniors and children. The parks name is thought to come either from slaves who tilled summer fields or Native Americans who found it difficult to ford. Businesses, clubs and other groups looking for meeting space can rent the park's six shelters. When the group camp is not in use, the park also rents the dining hall at a discount for meetings.

Nice hike on a cold day. Had the dogs with us and we all got our exercise for the day. Nice small stream flowing down granite making a peaceful sound of solitude.

1 month ago

A little confusing trail entry if you don’t have a map loaded, but I would definitely come back. Really cool meandering creek bed formations. Not strenuous at all. Good for a picnic by the water.

1 month ago

Great hike, and well marked. Just be ready for a longer hike.

2 months ago

Moderate and kind of confusing

2 months ago

This was a great trail. I only ran into one other person on the trail on a Saturday. The creek was beautiful and my dog enjoyed splashing around in it

3 months ago

For access from main road, follow signs for the mountain bike trail. once you park and set out you will initially be on the orange Trail which will go to the purple connector trail which then leads you to the Blue Trail. It is pretty well Marked. I posted some photos of the signage. depending on the day of the week it will direct you to go a certain route, which will be opposite of the mountain bikers. my friend and I milked 9 miles out of it in about 4 hours. Enjoy.

4 months ago

Not a bad bad trail for hiking, just better for mountain biking. Very easy terrain so a much quicker hike then I was planning for. If I had a bike I would go back again.

we enjoyed the hiked. we went on a monday morning amd never saw anyone . It was very peaceful and pretty woods. not much of a waterfall but we finally saw the stream towards the end with small waterfall but the dog enjoyed and we enjoyed the cold refreshing water on our feet. I would recommend if you want a long peaceful hike. we walked 8 miles including purple trail to get to blue trail. I felt it was very well marked

Very nice! It'd be nice to hike it when there wasn't a drought so you could see the streams flowing.

This was fun on my trike, but definitely not the same as a traditional mountain bike. If I upgraded to 24" fat tires, work on my Balance/technique, the intermediate, beginner single track would be fun. I think I will stick to paved or gravel trails for now.

9 months ago

Great hike! Just make sure u follow the trails and which one you are on!

10 months ago

First...the maps at Hard Labor Creek suck. We ended up having to ask for directions to the trailhead, which was down the road from the main park entrance, only marked by a Mountain Bike Trail sign, no where did it say anything about hiking or trailhead.

Once getting on the trailhead, you have to hike part of the Orange trail, and a connection trail (Purple) to get to the Blue trail. The map states the Blue trail is 5.4 miles, so the 7.1 comes from the other two.

The trail itself is outstandingly beautiful. Lots of shade; except on the last 1/4. The last 1/4 of the trail follows a service road, with no shade, so be sure to cover your skin. Lots of area next to the Creek. There are plenty of colored arrows to help lead the way, some with days of the week written on them to help bikers and hikers share the trail. The trail also has numbered markers, but...they have no correlation to the map (the map has blue dots, I guess to represent markers, but just dots no numbers).

This is an all natural trail. Unlike some, the stones, roots and ditches haven't been cleared or flattened out; so foot placement is important to not falling on your face

Hiked and found the two geocaches. Nice flowers in bloom all along the trail. The stamp for the State Park cache is at the park office and that cache had been relocated, I assume, due to a fallen tree. Saw a good bit go wildlife - deer, squirrels, turtles, and anoles. Also lots of butterflies. Watch out for ticks though.

11 months ago

It was a nice moderate hike...right at 7.1 miles. This is a mountain bike trail that advises hikers to go against the bike traffic which alternates direction by day of the week. We went on a Saturday in early March and saw maybe three groups of two bikers the entire time. We took the orange trail to the purple connector trail to the blue trail. There are shortcuts posted along the way if you don't really want to do all 7 miles. The blue trail meanders a lot and follows the very picturesque creek at times.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

clean and easy trail. there's a geocache near the tree that makes a natural bench I found by accident.

mountain biking
Sunday, January 08, 2017

This trail is a fast and flows well...a mix of the Red and Blue trail features, easier than Red but longer and harder than Blue. Challenging to beginners due to the distance but easily ridable with one techical section between way points 407 and 408...a bailout trail is just before it. This is also a great running trail.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Easy trail to walk. Even the trail marked "hard trail" is easy. No rain, so the creeks were dry. overall a nice walk through the woods. Saw several deer.. an armadillo.. a very large turtle in the pond. It was peaceful and enjoyable.

mountain biking
Monday, May 16, 2016

Trails ok, good for beginners.

trail running
Monday, December 21, 2015

I ran along the bike trails (going opposite way) and did over 8 miles. There was a lot of trail left too! The creek is pretty but other than that it was just a run in the woods. I liked it.

Took my son and dog out here as it's pretty close by where we live. Never have done the trails. We did the yellow and red, not the horse trails. It's Memorial Day weekend and the trails were isolated and no one was there except us!! We loved it! It was more of a workout than I figured it would be. Some nice up and downs the whole time. We went off trails and explored and climbed and crawled. Had a great time! Saw deer and lots of frogs! Only bad thing is the ticks were out of control!!! My dog usually never has trouble with ticks and the stuff I use for them, but good god! Even my son picked tons of them off himself! Anyway, will definitely go back here regularly for a good, quick workout through the forest!

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