Trail system is well developed. Everything from gravel to rock to clay base. Lots of leaf litter in the winter. If there are leaves and it's raining, be careful on the steeper grades as there will be tifton clay right underneath the leaves and you may go surfing! Recommend mid or high hiking boots instead of trail runners in rainy conditions - you will slog your sock-top runners in areas where drainage swales have not been developed. Horses frequent so be prepared to step over dung a lot.

Misty, foggy and cold. No views, just a nice easy walk in the woods.

This was an unexpected treat! We went there expecting the 3.7 mile loop listed on this site and instead found it to be more like 18.5 miles of hikeable terrain . The trail is wide enough to accommodate horseback riders making it down right luxurious for hikers. We only hiked the trail outlined on this site but stumbled upon a group of volunteers that were doing maintenance on the paths (clearing fallen trees). They explained that they had been expanding the area over the last several months. We saw several deer, a turtle on the path and several folks on horses. We will return here often.

Great trail and lots of views and variety of terrain! Loved it. Extra exercise hopping over horse poop!

Beautiful trails! I was with my pup, so only did the orange trail - found it to be delightful! So easy to follow, a few creek crossings, and wide enough to stand while horses passed. Fabulous trails!

If you don't like horses or are intimidated by them don't go here. This trail is heavily used by people riding horses, because of that you're going to run across a LOT of massive piles of poop on the trail. There is poo everywhere.... Everyone we ran across was very nice, no bad vibes towards hikers but you will be the minority out here.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nice maintained and marked trails. Will definitely come back.

trail running
Wednesday, April 19, 2017

These trails are the best marked of any I've seen - very easy to find your way around. I suggest taking a photo of the trail map at the parking lot, then planning your route making note of the turns (ie 1H, 2G, etc). While there isn't much elevation change, you can easily map out 10+ miles without much overlap.
The only section I found that wasn't great for trail running was part of the Greenspace trail between 1H and 2A. Once you reach 2A take Dapple or Chestnut south.

There is a very large gravel parking lot with a restroom. I find that early mornings during the week have the least activity and are the best times for hikers/trail runners.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

good trails, several options to choose from.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Good trail and close to home!

it was OK for hiking but I can imagine it's fantastic for horseback riding. The trail has some nice features but this particular place is mainly for horses and horse lovers.

Nice trail but the constant sound of gunfire was bothersome! Must be a shooting range nearby

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Nice area, a few different options, will definitely go back.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Great trail run with the pooch today. We ran Sorrel to Garland Greenway, hung a left, and went to the end. Took Palomino back to the Parking lot, with a little detour to check out Rock Overlook. Total Miles: 4.03. We were the only ones out today! Great weather, trails were a bit soggy, but nothing too muddy. We will be back soon!!!

Friday, January 02, 2015

worth hiking at least once in your life time , our only complaint was there were no trail markers on the trees , we were constantly asking ourselves and each other if we were still on the right trail we actually by passed the trial marker 1c that would have led us to the parking lot . we walked on palmino trail by lack of markers .
we had to really increase our speed to turn back to just make it back to where we took the wrong turn or figure out where we took the wrong turn , and the sun was getting low . we were hustling trying not to get stuck out there all there as we have never hiked it before . For an experienced hiker this may not have been an issue but a 50yr old mom and two teenage boys who are new to hiking only our 3rd yr this was concerting . horse crap is everywhere so as far as hiking goes not pleasant , we only saw one horse and they were leaving as we geared up with our day packs and looked over the map , we were happy there were maps available or we would have gone further down the road to pine log trail system .
if you have a horse this maybe a great trail for you , it was steep on the palomino trail and would not take anything but an experienced trail horse on it . the leaf litter was spongy and covered dangerous roots , rocks , holes and un level terrain . I found it moderate at spots do to my bum ankle old injury and it was great for loosening up old hip joints , my hips have not hurt since my hike .... we had the mountain to ourselves which was great and we forded 4 small creeks if that is what you want to call them , the boys could hop across them with ease , we would go back again and experience the other trails but we would start out earlier in the am so we are not hurried because that was too close for my comfort . we were prepared had we gotten lost and had to spend the night we would not have frozen to death , but it would have been a cold stinkin night . glad we found our way back - who ever maintains this trail ORANGE AND YELLOW PAINT is cheap stick some on the dam trees please !!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A great addition to local trails. The trails are easy to follow if you have planned your hike. Many of the trails are wide. The trails can be combined into various loops. There is a map on the entry board but it is wise to print out a map before going (the box with maps is empty. The trail system has many completed trails and a few to be completed. When it is finished it will have about 15 miles of trail. It has atleast 2/3rds complete. there are a couple areas with picnic tables and a few more spots with benches. There were spots that were a little muddy but not too bad. Beautiful woods hike with small creeks, hardwoods and ferns. .

Friday, February 22, 2013

This is a relatively new set of trails (open about two years). The trails are nice and wide and well marked - they were designed for horses, but are also great for hikers. Not many people know about these trails, so it doesn't get a lot of use. There are several different trails options that interlink, so you can tailor the hike to how much time you have to hike. The trails are easy to moderate.

A map of the trails can be found at

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