Fort Mountain derives its name from an ancient 855-foot-long rock wall which stands on the highest point of the mountain. The mysterious wall is thought to have been built by Indians as fortification against other more hostile Indians or for ancient ceremonies. Situated in the Chattahoochee National Forest close to the Cohutta Wilderness area, this park offers a variety of outdoor activities. Hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders will find some of the most beautiful trails in northern Georgia. Most wind through hardwood forest and blueberry thickets, occasionally crossing streams and providing spectacular vistas. During the summer, children will enjoy the sand beach located on a clear mountain lake, as well as miniature golf and pedal boat rental.

Great Trail, marked well. The park staff is awesome!

I would agree with a previous reviewer, we considered this trail to be on the more difficult side of moderate. We did not start at the overlook and were glad we didn’t. We opted into starting at the park entrance for the 5 mile hike up with the overlook as our reward before our 3 miles out. The views did not disappoint!

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9 days ago

It's all about the waterfall. Short walk to get a beautiful cascade fall

Perfect morning hike. Moderate traffic in the AM, picking up around noon. Wild flowers were abundant, flame azaleas, sunflowers, purple cress, fire pinks. Evidence of a beautiful passed spring and promise of an impressive fall. The north face section included a nice blueberry patch. We shared the trail with a bear who minded its own business. We will be back. Not too hard, not too easy, not too long.

Plenty of blooming flora. However, wear pants, poison ivy was pretty tight to the trail. The leaves were out on the trees, so the vistas weren't there, but we encountered two black bears! Hike was a workout, but worth it.

Beautiful trail but youre definitely close to cabins/pavilions/ general development for a good portion of the trail. This could be good or bad depending on your personal preferences.

27 days ago

Used this trail as my introduction to backpacking. What a beautiful trail!

Took my kids when they were pretty young and they had no problem walking the loop. Very pretty Lake.

great trail.

1 month ago

This is a spectacular work out as well as incredibly easy on the eyes. My partner and I started at a nontraditional point and it turned out to be a fantastic decision. We went counter clockwise and finish the hike near the falls. I do wish dogs are allowed on the beach. Now that would be the way to finish the hike.

1 month ago

The Gahuti is beautiful and campsite #3 has awesome views. The trail is marked with orange blazes and despite what another review said, easily followable.
The first two miles and the last two miles are strenuous.
Starting just past mile 5 there are beautiful creeks with small waterfalls. At the very end you’ll cross the main road then hike down to a observation deck with a gorgeous view. This is easily my favorite trail so far.

nice chance to see some great cascades.

nice for all ages

Nice short trail with some great views and a nice waterfall to enjoy.

2 months ago

There was dense fog that spoiled the views on the day I hiked, but the streams on the west side of the trail made the trip worth it.

This is a beautiful and beastly trail! The ranger told us the first three miles were the hardest, but the last two miles are a close second! This trail was on the more difficult side of "moderate." It was challenging, but very enjoyable. The scenery was continuously changing. We crossed many small creeks and streams before finally reaching a breathtaking waterfall around mile 5.5. We found bench around mile 3 after we crossed the road entrance to the park. We sat on the bench and enjoyed a gorgeous view while we had a picnic lunch. We hiked on a Wednesday and met very few people on the trail. We were very proud of ourselves for completing all 8 miles. Of course there is no getting off the trail once you start! We felt like there should have been a t-shirt waiting at the end for us that said, "I did the Gahuti!" Fort Mountain is a beautiful park and we will be back to do the Fort Trail. The Gahuti also has back country campsites along the trail. It would be nice to rest half way and finish the trail the next morning.

We hiked this trail in September. Good workout, beautiful views and accessible from many points.

A family style walk around the lake.

Tried to follow the Park map which was not detailed and confusing, so we got lost a couple times. Really pretty hike with a lot of views!

Fantastic! It has everything you could want on a hike- waterfalls, mountain views and streams. I enjoyed how the terrain and density of the trees was always changing. My favorite hike so far!

Took my daughter out for the day. This hike was a blast. It was challenging in some spots but that was due to the amount of rain we have had over the last week or so. All in all it was a great time and a great day.

Short trail, can be muddy and slippery after a couple of days of rain. There is a $5/day parking fee in the park.

We are a couple in our 60’s in reasonably good shape and did this trail in January, after a snow/ice event but the day was relatively warm. For us it was moderately strenuous but hey, we’re in our 60’s. Pretty constant ups and downs but most of that was relatively gradual. No truly hard climbs or descents and the footing on most of the trail was good. A little rocky and root strewn on the west side of the loop. It took us 6 hrs but most people do it in 4-5 hours.

I did this Trail in mid-october going to do it again January 11 or 12 this is the best trail I have ever done I did like Cloudland Canyon, but I would like to ask has anyone had any weird experiences on this Trail?

Great short trail, easy to start however there are a few areas, especially along the water fall that could be rated as moderate. The ice formations in the water fall were awesome!This park is beautiful, even with temps around 20F....

Views from Overlook are spectacular! Hike is fairly easy... enjoyed learning about history of the tower and wall.
Great hike even when it is 20F.

5 months ago

Although the area is very lovely, I'm not sure how anyone would classify this trail as a moderate hike. We started our trek at the Old Fort parking area and went clockwise. This trail had some of the steepest ups/downs we've encountered on all of our trails in Georgia. We were so busy fighting the trail (not wanting to slip down the steep slopes on the leaf litter) that we couldn't really enjoy the views. Another stretch of the trail narrows to ~1ft wide and was located on the very edge of a steep slope; some of this section seemingly eroded downslope. After only ~2miles, we'd finally had enough and moved over to the 'easy' bike trial.

I only hiked up to the wall from the parking lot but have to say I’m impressed with the wall and it’s unknown history. Very interesting to me and makes me wonder about what it’s real purpose was and who built it. Will be going back soon to do the loop. Accidentally stumbled up on this relic. Highly advise anyone to at least check out the ruins of the wall. This was on Jan 01, ‘18

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