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Very difficult to navigate, as you can see from our actual direction of travel. Park is nice but the trail is not consistently marked throughout forcing you to make it as you go along. If you wish to enjoy a hike I’d stick to the road where you can see the lake and enjoy your surroundings without trying to find where the trail went.

Nice little trail with so many different ways to go. I just went with it and just ran. So humid though. The trail was so quiet and only ran into one other runner. Definitely would come back here when I was back. Trail runner from Idaho. Loved this trail.

3 months ago

Didn’t realize this trail was all on a road, sharing with cars and bikes. Dangerous with kids. We did enjoy playing in water running over the flat rocks at the entrance. Not good for hiking.

Needs to be better-marked or more signs for trails. Just ended up walking on the road around the lake until I found a marker. Probably not the best of days to be lost as it was 90+ degrees out and extremely humid.

got lost a few times. really glad I have this app.

Great trail, found it while passing through. Need to go back and complete the other trails in the park.

mountain biking
11 months ago

great trail for riding my bike

Sun Dec 02 2018

great little walk in the woods in measured 2.4 Mile and I probably saw 40 squirrels. But I was amazed when I ran into an albino squirrel

Sun Nov 25 2018

Flat Rock Trail is an absolutely wonderful trail but it needs to be marked. I believe next time I do this trail I will not have to look at my AllTrails map. I highly recommend this trial if in the area. I was surprised by the wildlife I ran across to bedded down deer

Mon Nov 12 2018

This trail is probably use more than the other trails at Flat Rock. It has pretty good incline at certain spots and wonderful for family exercise.

Thu Nov 01 2018

This trail is a wonderful for training and family outings

*This trail is 5.2 miles* This is an absolutely best trail in Columbus Georgia but it needs to be marked. I believe next time I do this trail I will not have to look at my AllTrails map. I highly recommend this trial if in the area. I was at all by the wildlife I ran across two bedded down deer

walked trail and fished creek had a blast caught big bass on micro rod trail needs to be marked but i have lived in area my hole life

Been here a couple times hoping for a better experience. Like others have stated, although there are trail markers, it's easy to end up on different parts of the trail just because there are so many side trails. The paved walking/bike path is great for those looking for a smooth outing. The dirt trails weave too close together and it ends up getting boring. Lots of huge spiders and webs in the wooded areas that cross over the path so watch out. Makes for a good evening stroll. We saw 5 whitetail deer. Great park, trails so-so.

Flatrock actually has two major trails. One is a paved biking path about 10 miles long, the other is a mountain bike and hiking trail with many off trails to explore. The mountain bike trail is decently marked and an excellent choice if you just wanna explore the woods for a few hours. I hike it, bike it, and do bikejoring with my dogs. I don't recommend hopping on your bike with the dogs until you're about a half mile in, where the major obstacles stop and the trail is safer for bikejoring. There are a lot of technical challenges, and the trail feeds into multiple parts of the park. I recommend studying the trail and learning your routes with this one, or you can get a bit lost. The paved trail is incredibly easy and great for road biking or bikejoring, but put boots on the dog or those paws will bleed.

Poorly marked. Not a trail I’d even go on if I was in the area.

It was interesting. The trail is poorly marked, but if you stay on the established portion you will not be led astray.

Enjoyable the first trip but not worth going multiple times unless you are in the neighborhood or have little kids.

Pretty scenery, nice area, and some good trails, but it is very poorly marked. It is difficult to navigate and stay on the correct trail and there are numerous small branches that make navigation even harder. The trail doesn't exist and is overgrown in some places and the dearth of signs make it very hard to stay on track. If they can make it more clear where you're supposed to go this would be a fine trail.

This trail would be great if they did a better job marking it

Went rucking there 2 weeks ago-There are parts of the trail that are clearly marked and parts that are not-I found myself on areas of the trail that branch off in numerous directions and had to rely on your map through my iphone to navigate back to the trail-too many feeder trails off the main trail-Plus the load music from others that come there for other reasons than to enjoy the park and outdoors-

Clean, quite and nice scenery

There’s rocks you and your kids can climb around on, and there’s awesome trails almost everywhere you look. Me and my Fiancé went walking through the mountain bike trails and saw a ton of deer. It was incredibly relaxing and peaceful. I’m from Texas and honestly when I come back, that’s where I’ll be going first

Good trail for a run or walk. You can choose the hilly trail or a flat bike trail further in to the loop.

good trail for kids! our 2 year old enjoyed it!

I live close to the park and hike there when testing new gear. Overall, a nice park but unfortunately, there can be too many noisy people blasting horrendous music from their cars. Plus, people don't really pick up their trash.

After reading other reviews, this trail system gets short shrift. This is a gem for Columbus! When you come into Flat Rock Park from Warm Springs Rd follow the service road all the way downhill to just before it loops back up around the lake--you'll see the parking area at the trailhead. Work from the trailhead, not the upper park areas near the entrance--I can see why some folks get confused and lose the trail from up there. I did 5-miles doubling back the tight winding single track through the trees as a loop from and to the trail head. I then warmed down hiking the trail running south in reverse from the trailhead, finding a mix of single track, old jeep trails and pine needles running variously parallel to the Fall Trace asphalt paved bike and running track that runs from 1.3M north of the Flat Rock Park dirt trails 12 miles south-southwest to downtown Columbus and the Riverwalk area, and in loops back around the small lake in the Park, reconnecting to the trails I ran today to make a continuous loop. The Park is being maintained, and the trails are in fact very clear and largely marked--I found both color coded arrows on steel posts and orangish confidence flags--I confirmed I was reversing over the same section of Trail in part by noting the flags were now on my left coming back. The terrain on the north end is gently rolling, with quite a few roots to navigate, no rocks. Looping south, away from the trailhead, the terrain becomes more hilly and offers more variation. You can choose to parallel the Fall Trace on the trail for some distance. I think you could put together 6+ miles easily. Nothing technical, other than abundant roots to watch for--keep your eyes on the trail. I saw only squirrels--no other wildlife. I saw one blonde squirrel--like a tiny grizzly bear, which I almost stopped to photograph. The Park itself includes some cool geology w a large exposed rock area. The trail system connects directly to Fall Trace at the Flat Rock trailhead and is very clearly marked. I ran an 8-mile out and back on the Fall Trace yesterday from the Psalmist Road parking area and found it great--very gentle grade, smooth asphalt surface with clearly marked road crossings and warning lights--but every driver stopped when they saw me approaching a crossing. You could easily put together Marathon-50K distances using combinations of Flat Rock and Fall Trace. Lots of trees shade the tracks. I've really enjoyed finding this network of trails so close in to Columbus and will run here whenever in town. Easy to moderate compared to Roosevelt Park to the north where GUTS trail race events are conducted.

The park is beautiful but to say the trail is poorly marked would be an understatement!

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