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Located near Callaway Gardens and the quaint town of Warm Springs, this park is deeply rooted in the historical era of four-time President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Seeking a place for treatment after he was stricken with polio in 1921, Roosevelt traveled to Warm Springs and built his Little White House. Several structures within the park were built by Roosevelts Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Great Depression. Above Kings Gap is Dowdells Knob, Roosevelts favorite picnic spot overlooking a magnificent view of the valley below. A life-size sculpture of the beloved president welcomes visitors to the overlook. Hikers will enjoy the scenic trails in Georgias largest state park, especially the Pine Mountain Trail, which winds through a mix of hardwoods and pines. The trail's highest elevation is 1,395 feet. Pine Mountain is on the southern-most edge of the Appalachian Mountain range. Hikers are sometimes surprised to find this terrain in middle Georgia. One of the park's most popular amenities is the historic "Liberty Bell Pool" built by the CCC and fed by naturally cool springs.

moderate (loop). waterfall section was busy but rest of the well marked trail we had all to our selves. The old growth pines are amazing.

Awesome trail. Definitely do it clockwise. It’s great to end it with the falls and walks over the streams. Easy to moderate rating. 2 out of shape adults and an energetic dog and 8 year old did it in about 4 to 4.5 hours.

trail running
15 days ago

Great Trail! Parked in the lot across from the country store and walked to the trail head which was about 200 yards up on the right. The trail starts off a bit rocky but not bad at all. I wore Altra Superior 3.0 without rock plates and I was ok. It may have been a little better with them. The trail is very well marked in my opinion. There are mile markers every mile. They were a little short according to my Garmin but not enough to matter. However, my Garmin may have been lagging. By the markers I ran 10 miles, by Gamin it was 9.8. There are blue markings on the trees to guide you between markers. Elevation gain was around 1200 feet over the 10 miles. I did a 5 mile out and back beginning at the 0 mile marker. The veiws are pretty good. There are trails that break off the main trail that are also marked. Around mile 3 there is a Ranger Station and a map. It explains that you need to pay to park and uses the good ol' honor system box. However, there were no forms. I guess that's for parking in the park. Expect leaf coverage and roots. There is a very small stream crossing in the first few miles. It may have been 4 feet across. I ran the trail on Monday morning and I had the place to myself. Be careful because you will cross the road a few times. The trail is very easy to find again. I will be going back to this jewel again for sure.

24 days ago

This is a fun and scenic little loop trail in an awesome part of Georgia! Longleaf pine and mountain laurel are juxtaposed against a rugged landscape! Pine Mountain rules!

25 days ago

Beautiful quick hike that allows for a stunning view from the highest point in the park. Park and trail were overall easy to navigate. The trail starts at the peak where a large statue of FDR sits alongside the parking lot. Trail is overall fairly easy with a few small inclines along the way. Perfect for beginner hikers or those just looking for a nice peaceful day hike. Trail also connects with the Pine Mountain Trail which is the main trail that runs through the park. So if you're looking for higher mileage, you can certainly do so by following parts of this trail off the Dowdell Knob Trail. Because Dowdell Knob Trail shares parts of the Pine Mountain Trail you'll be seeing blue and/or white blazes throughout the hike. After the hike I highly recommend driving over to nearby LaGrange and trying out the Wild Leap Brewery! Great selection of beer!

28 days ago

One of my favorite backcountry trails to take my scout troop. We backpacked from the Ranger Station (mile 4ish) to the TV tower (mile 23) with a couple of small side hikes (Dowdell Knob overlook). Lots of options and different mileages for backcountry camping and also lots of water for filtering/treating. Some great views (Dowdell Knob), rolling elevation (see cross section map) and rocks (wear appropriate footwear) that can be challenging. The last three miles of the Wolfden section has some very pretty waterfalls and water crossings.

1 month ago

I love this trail. It is rated as moderate but was very challenging for me. I am 58 and just getting back into shape. However, there were many folks who passed us so for most I think the moderate rating is accurate. Beautiful views! Lots of rocks and roots. Lots of inclines and some steep. One incline was kind of scary due to the very steep side. But I did it, will do it again and recommend it to everyone!

Not really easy; I would call it moderate.

1 month ago

Pine Mountain is beautiful, especially in the late autumn as the trees change color and the campsite crowds diminish. I love the many loops and sub-trails on the mountain that allow me to pick from among different types of views, lengths, and levels of difficulty (though none of the paths rate as difficult) depending on my mood, time of day/year, weather conditions, and whether I want to camp overnight along the hike. Mountain trail runners also love the main spine trail, but I prefer the quieter walks past waterfalls, through the woods, and among the rocky outcrops.

I agree with those who said this the easy rating on this full loop is not accurate. Fair warning, I met a few beginners on the trail who said "It seems more like an obstacle course" compared to other easy trails they had been on.

The trail has beautiful scenery throughout the loop, with fantastic mountain views on the west and most of the falls on the east. There are a few spots near falls and on flat rocks to stop and rest, and lots of moving water for pups to cool off in. There are also some areas with slick rocks, rock steps, and water (or mud) over the trails if the weather has been right for it. Highly recommend!

I have the loop in my recordings on my profile, but I both logged it under the wrong trail and accidentally paused it for part of the trail.

Lovely area. Nice rocks to climb too!

3 months ago

Very pretty! Well populated trail!

I would not rate this trail as easy. It has some beautiful waterfalls and with Cascade Waterfall as one for a great place to have a snack or picnic.

4 months ago

This trail had some great views and great history.

Completed this hike yesterday before I downloaded this app as a suggestion from a hiker I met along the trail. Not an overly difficult hike however not sure I would rate it as easy for everyone. It took me 2.5 hours to complete at a fairly moderate pace. The plan is to complete a couple sections of this trail leading up the complete trail later this month. I would imagine the Pine Trail can be completed in a day but maybe a little enjoyable to spend a night out.

4 months ago

Great trail! Beech Bottom campsite has great water access and is a nice secluded retreat. Sawtooth trail was fun - uphill sections with heavy pack can be tiring. Highly recommend!

Great trail! Wonderfully marked and pretty easy

This was a light trail and well marked. We added the Delano trail to make it an even 4 miles.

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