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Great hike! Easy to find and follow, every other tree has red blaze. on May 22, it was very humid. bring water. saw giant turtle near the creek. several shutouts to CCC along the trail.

Beautiful views on this hike! Per the trail signs, it seemed to be 4.2 miles from the tower and back.

15 days ago

Definitly not a bike trail! Avoid this trail if you’re trying to go on a bike ride.

so gorgeous and the right amount of challenge.

Fantastic loop! Everything is in bloom right now

Absolutely love this park and it’s many trails when me and the wife at the time used to hike it. Divorced now and actually going back solo today.

Fun easy hike for the family! Took us about 2 hours walking at a nice slow pace.

2 months ago

great trail for beginners.

2 months ago

me and my 2 dogs and my sister and her boyfriend started at fox den and went to the beech bottom campsite and spent the night and hiked out the next morning to the road and took it back instead of doing the whole loop. we had a good time and there is plenty of good cold water to purify so you really don't have to carry a whole lot with you. the hike was nice but very tiring with 50 lb backpacks on. that's why we decided to take the road back to the parking spot instead of doing the whole loop. nice trail overall.

great trail saw a number of birds including yellow trumped warbler and a golden crowned kinglet

moderate (loop). waterfall section was busy but rest of the well marked trail we had all to our selves. The old growth pines are amazing.

Awesome trail. Definitely do it clockwise. It’s great to end it with the falls and walks over the streams. Easy to moderate rating. 2 out of shape adults and an energetic dog and 8 year old did it in about 4 to 4.5 hours.

Not really easy; I would call it moderate.

I agree with those who said this the easy rating on this full loop is not accurate. Fair warning, I met a few beginners on the trail who said "It seems more like an obstacle course" compared to other easy trails they had been on.

The trail has beautiful scenery throughout the loop, with fantastic mountain views on the west and most of the falls on the east. There are a few spots near falls and on flat rocks to stop and rest, and lots of moving water for pups to cool off in. There are also some areas with slick rocks, rock steps, and water (or mud) over the trails if the weather has been right for it. Highly recommend!

I have the loop in my recordings on my profile, but I both logged it under the wrong trail and accidentally paused it for part of the trail.

I would not rate this trail as easy. It has some beautiful waterfalls and with Cascade Waterfall as one for a great place to have a snack or picnic.

Completed this hike yesterday before I downloaded this app as a suggestion from a hiker I met along the trail. Not an overly difficult hike however not sure I would rate it as easy for everyone. It took me 2.5 hours to complete at a fairly moderate pace. The plan is to complete a couple sections of this trail leading up the complete trail later this month. I would imagine the Pine Trail can be completed in a day but maybe a little enjoyable to spend a night out.

7 months ago

Great trail! Beech Bottom campsite has great water access and is a nice secluded retreat. Sawtooth trail was fun - uphill sections with heavy pack can be tiring. Highly recommend!

Great trail! Wonderfully marked and pretty easy

This was a light trail and well marked. We added the Delano trail to make it an even 4 miles.

A nice moderately challenging trail loop. It definitely needs a moderate rating as it would be a little difficult for some people. Great views, Wolf Den and waterfall a great spot for lunch.

Lots of waterfalls and beautiful things to see! This is a fairly long one, so be ready to see it from beginning to end. Once again, you start out on Blue But be sure you catch the white blazes back to the trailhead where the TV station is. It is easy to make a mistake, and if you stay on Blue, you will be in for a much longer than 7.6 mile hike.

Loved this trail. We did the 2 miles to Cascade Falls from the entrance at WJSP Channel 28 studio entrance. For a 4 mile total hike, it had it all; flat terrain, extremely hilly terrain, lots of small falls, etc. it is one the best-marked trails we've been on.

great trail. The bare/forest regrowth portion kind of makes you feel like you are out West, but that part of the trail is definitely not as clear, lots of foliage & growth into the trail itself, we saw a few snakes. good times. the first portion (up to cascade falls) is super fun, lots to see, several little falls, easy water crossings, but had heavy traffic and some rowdy kids, did not like that, but only a handful of hikers went past cascade falls, which had a steady incline for a ways, not as fun as the first part. Will go again, probably from the op direction to really enjoy the falls in the end.
-1st try (2nd hike ever, turned around on the first incline just before bumblebee camp) 5/25/17.
-2nd try, 3rd hike ever, 5/29/17 completed

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Great trail but not super easy. Grab your backpack and dog then hit this trail for a secluded overnight adventure.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

This trail was pretty in February, you could see right through the woods and see the landscape. The trail was very easy to follow, it followed several creeks. We really enjoyed hearing the water and the birds. The toughest part of the trail for us was the climb up to the road crossing, the rest was easy with a few logs crossing the path and numerous small bridges. There was two creek crossings without foot bridges, one after the other, which my daughter loved stepping on the well placed stepping stones.

This "Easy" rating is ludicrous. This is not a difficult hike, but it's by no means easy. The trail is unique in that some portions look and feel like your in AZ while others are more tropical. The first half of the loop is just FUN! Lots of creek crossings and small cascades. There's only 1 Waterfall. The latter half of the loop is a bit beige and nondescript. Overall, it was a fun hike!

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Nice hike, ran out of time so took the road back.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Well marked for miles. You can make this trip as long as you like.

Beautiful views and absolutely great for anyone wanting to get some trail running or hiking. There were many "technical" spots that weren't ideal for running, but the waterfalls and scenic views of the mountain definitely made up for it! We will go back many more times I'm sure.

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