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I love this hike! Little water falls and beautiful little pools of waters.

This hike was the first hike I ever took my girls on. It was super easy. We saw deer and all other sorts of woodland creatures. They loved looking for fairy houses!

just left the trail after 8 miles. Loved every second. Will be back to camp not just to hike, so know back to Florida. I agree this is a bit more than moderate but definitely not hard. Take lots of water and plenty of pictures.

Great morning hike! Went counterclockwise and enjoyed the waterfalls near the end. First half of the trail we saw no one.

Beautiful fall day and a great afternoon hike with the dog.

Very easy, peaceful hike. Went on a warm Sunday fall afternoon and only saw 3 other people. Very flat for 95% or more of the time. Most creek crossings have a bridge; only a couple times towards the end do you have to cross by foot.

One of my favorites of the area.

1 month ago

Nice trail not much traffic, beautiful plants and trees, mostly along a creek.

I have walked this with Boys Scouts a few time and we have camped over night on it once. It it a great trail with waterfalls.

1 month ago

Lovely hike that wasn’t too difficult for my level, despite just getting over being sick. There were some slightly sketchy bouldering moments, but the views of the ridge throughout the hike and at the lookout point (near parking) made it worth it. I think it’ll be even better when the leaves are off the trees and visibility is even farther.

amazing fall colors

Strange trail at the start. The first 2-3 Miles are very scenic with creeks and small waterfalls culminating in Cascade Falls. Unfortunately these falls are a very touristy hike and I saw everything from couples with dogs to families with little kids. There aren’t may folks on the last six miles of the loop but it’s also not as scenic until you get towards miles 6-7 and you have some overlooks. Not a bad trails but feels like it isn’t terribly well maintained (tons of fallen timber and overgrowth along the trail), and in some places I had to use my AllTrails map to figure out which way to go. Definitely good exercise though and more of an “away from it” hike once you get past Cascade Falls.

Such a beautiful hike! It was about an hour hike in and an hour hike out. The falls were so nice and relaxing.

My first hike in MANY years. So, essentially, I am a newbie. I was worried how walking downhill would affect my knees. But the downward slope was gradual enough in some spots that I didn't feel it at all. I think a couple more times out will help build my endurance much more. I will definitely be back, and can't wait to do more each time!

2 months ago

Nice hike, not difficult but steady.

2 months ago

Did this hike last Sunday afternoon. The colors were lovely and the weather, although warm, permitted this hike. I'm 6 months pregnant and we had our little dog. The total time for us was 2 hrs 15 mins. We started the loop to the right. This route consisted of lots of larger rocks and a more overgrown path, leading down into a lower elevation. There were a few bugs but no big webs to avoid. Once you cross back over the main road, the path heads north a bit, elevation changes throughout. This half of the trail is more open. The last part of the trail includes a small campground and a waterfall. A small portion of the trail meanders alongside a cliff, which would be difficult for anyone hiking w children. Overall the hike was a great workout. The downside to this hike is that there are no good overlook views along the way. Not really any good resting or stopping points. The nice part of the hike was that we did not encounter any hikers the entire loop, which makes for a more peaceful hike if you're looking for that. The view from the parking lot overlook is nice, but these views are nothing in comparison to the views in north Georgia.

I really enjoy this hike. The hike starts off behind the trading post on FDR State Park. it took me about an hour and a half to do almost three and a half miles

Loved this! It was a great trail and cascade falls is beautiful! You get to see a few other waterfalls on the way!

I did not know I would see all the different waterfalls on this one hike. Slippery Rock Falls, Big Rock Fall, Csonka Falls, and Cascade Falls. I will definitely do this hike again

Moderate trail with pretty views. There are waterfalls and all sorts of things to see! I recommend this trail for sure.

I do not believe, for a 7 mile hike, moderate is fair. I would rate this a difficult hike and it should not be taken lightly. The terrain is roughly 80% rocky and there are parts where you are outright bouldering. Take plenty of water and take your time. It is very hard on dogs as well. We were going to backpack this loop over 2 nights but ran into foul weather so we were going to finish the loop. It was extremely difficult and I did not hydrate enough (to be fair, it was like 100° outside).

On the other hand, this is one of the best maintained trails in Georgia. It has blazes very regularly, there are bridges over washed out spots and creeks. You do cross the mountain stream a couple times by rock hopping, which could be hard in the case of heavy rain.

There are gorgeous, beautiful mountain spring waterfalls. There are amazing views as well. You can take white candle trail at the left ( + .5 mile) instead if beaver pond to see Odie Overlook, it's gorgeous as well.

very enjoyable trail

Just hiked it to cascade falls and back out. 5 miles on the dot the way we went. Great trail with several creek crossings

Did it counterclockwise. Waterfall and stream section was amazing. Trail is well marked but about a half mile through what appears to be new growth pines is extremely overgrown with briers. The trail at some points is chocked down to the point you almost needed a machete.

Loved the hike- especially the waterfall!

Great trail!!! was well marked and maintained.

4 months ago

My girlfriend and I really liked this trail. First of all, being that it’s in F.D. Roosevelt state park, you have to register at the office, pay $10 per adult per night to camp, and sign up for your camp site ahead of time (in case you leave trash they’ll cite you). We were unaware of that, so I wanted to make sure future overnight hikers knew. We started at the Fox Den Cove parking lot (make a right out of the registration office and it’s right off the road on the left). This spot is at mile marker 6.2 of the Pine Mountain Trail. We hiked 3.1 miles the first evening to the Beech Bottom Campsite. It was fairly easy but very rocky so I recommend trekking poles in case you trip or lose your balance. A few parts have you on the edge of a pretty steep cliff, so definitely keep your dog leashed if you bring them. There are ample water sources, so you’re probably fine with a 1L capacity but bring a water bladder or another bottle to filter with because it’s not the clearest water. I also recommend a small cup to scoop water, because 90% of the water sources are shallow creeks without any tiny waterfalls to capture water. It was very difficult to get my CNOC Vecto full without scooping water into it with my hand. The Beech Bottom Campsite is very nice (I didn’t get a great look at the others, but I’m sure they’re fine). There was tons of water around this site which was created a nice ambiance but definitely bring your bug spray or bring something to start a fire in the fire pit. We did notice tons of little ground bees along with a few carpenter bees and a very large and curious bee that hung around us and our equipment the next morning. We weren’t stung, but I think they got joy from flying past our ears making us jump. After we broke camp in the morning, we started on the remaining 4.7 miles. This section is much more difficult than the first part. It’s a lot of uphill hiking. Overall it’s a nice trail. Very well marked and pretty diverse as far as Georgia goes (rocky sections, pine forest parts, dense humid jungle-ish areas, and breezy grassy sections). I would definitely call this more moderate than easy. We’re 25 and 24 and active, and we found it pretty challenging especially carrying 20-25 lb packs. I’m excited to see this section of trail again when we hike the full PMT.

Parts of the first two miles of the trail, hiking clockwise,including the beaver dam trail was an easy hike but somewhat overgrown and in need of some maintenance. The last two miles included several waterfalls and stream crossings which makes for a nice finish. The trail is well marked and easy to find.

This trail was my second hike ever. It was marked very well and easy to follow. You will cross a few small streams and it does get hilly in some spots, especially trekking to Cascade falls. I only did the out and back from the TV tower to Cascsde falls and it was about 5 miles total. It was a very nice hike. Dog and Kid friendly.

One of my favorite moderate hikes in the area. Beautiful changes in ecosystem as you travel through the entire trail. I like to start with the beaver pond and finish with the waterfall section. Go in April and see tons of blooming Mountain Laurels. The waterfall section (up until Wolfden) is fairly busy but I rarely see people after that. You will cross the stream several times via rock and some footbridges. Roots and rocks in the path and the parking area have no bathrooms at the start. Usually takes me around 3 hours at a relaxed pace.

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