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loved it!! beautiful scenery and a great workout

went for the 3.5 mile and ended up going 5 miles. There's a path that takes you to the water as part of the trail about 4 miles in with no sign that says do not enter yet after about .5 mile there is no place to go, it just stops at the water so we had no choice but to back track. Didn't care for the road noise but it was nice to see the dam and water fall.

Well kept trails perfect for beautiful views.

I really loved this trail! I parked off Riverside Road on the south side and it requires a $5.00 cash/check self serviced parking pass, but also accepts America the Beautiful Annual pass.It was a beautiful trail with several different well kept up paths you can take. If you do the entire experience, it's close to 7 miles to complete. We took our time and completed 4 miles in 2 hours. Some inclines, mostly shaded. I would rate this trail, medium, for the area depending on skill level. It was easy for me, after hiking in Colorado. The Falls are off marker VC-19. Great maps throughout to guide your experience. Dog friendly!

When I go hiking I like to feel as if it's just me and the trees and wildlife. Sadly, this didn't give me that feeling. You can still hear the traffic, there are to many people for my liking and 1 of the trails takes you through a neighbourhood, no bueno.

Beautiful hike - you forget you're in the middle of suburbia.

trail running
26 days ago

Awesome property and super awesome history. Love this place, will be back next time I'm down. It took awhile to find the falls, I guess we were a bit sleepy or something as they can almost be seen from the main entrance. Lots of rocks and roots so keep your toes up! I stubbed a toe and almost crashed. This is a must hike or trail run for everyone in Atlanta. Come on, get out there, do it!

Loved it!

28 days ago

nice trail. can easily become a 3 points of contact scramble if you get off the trail. beautiful waterfall.

29 days ago

A few uphill climbs to challenge the out of shape .
Overall, it is good.
As long or as short as you want it to be.

From the amazing spillway to the elevation gains this walk is well worth your time. Big Creek (Vickery Creek) boast a number of beautiful wildflowers and wildlife.

1 month ago

Hiking for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Once we got around to the smaller bridge we took a paved trail back. Beware this looks easy but has a long steep section that was very tiring. It pops you out on a street in front of a park and neighborhood that is next to the main entrance and you have to walk the street to get back.

on Vickery Creek Trail

1 month ago

Love this trail. will go back again. Good directions along trail and so pretty.

1 month ago

Another nice hike close to the city. Didn’t see many people when we first set out at 10 but more trafficked as we finished at noon.

Easy and scenic trail in the heart of Roswell. Will make you feel like you left traffic behind.

Nice hike. Not sure why they says it’s 5.1 miles. We took the long route and it wasn’t quite four miles. Still a good workout with a nice view of a waterfall.

2 months ago

Several paths to take form long to short easy to moderate. Wildlife....birds, deer......snakes near the water. One of the paths cuts through a neighborhood. That’s kind of cool.

One of our favorite go to hikes. Shady and nice waterfall to end the hike on a warm summer day or enjoy waterfall without getting in

I recommend you go early, this is a very popular area. The parking was full by 10am.

4 months ago

This is an extremely well marked/traveled trail with many turn-offs. At each turnoff, the NPS has posted a little map with waypoints and a “you are here” legend. Let your kids do the navigating. If they make a wrong turn, there’s not much time or distance lost to the next waypoint.

Some climbing.

5 months ago

This was a nice hike for a cool day. I did pretty much the trail marked here plus a visit to the Mill because I like cool bridges and I wanted to get some water and use the restroom. I like that there are branches to the trails that you can take to lengthen or abbreviate your hike as you might want. Like most trails in the Metro area, you are never able to get too far away from the sound of traffic and planes, but there is a stretch along Big Creek with Oxbo Dr just across the water that was particularly noisy. I kind of wish I'd taken one of the other routes that was further up the mountain there. Some of the spur trails are pretty cool -- there's one to the Mill and one to a small waterfall -- but some of them are routes to utility maintenance access sites and those are really overgrown. I went down one on purpose and another by accident; that second one was terrible and I was glad to find out that it wasn't part of the main loop.

Pretty, enough climbing to be a workout. Negative is that you can hear traffic for quite a lot of it.

I grew up near in Roswell. Vickery Creek used to be hard to access area and the waterfall area was a popular spot to sunbathe and hang out with friends while skipping school at the original RHS on Hwy 9. There is a hole in the wall of the waterfall (hint: on the right side) you could hide behind tbe water wall in if in the rare instance one of Roswell finest came looking for truent kid's. Its still there. I checked when my 10 year old and I walked the trail. Love that area.

trail running
6 months ago

Beautiful and shady.

6 months ago

Scott Calder's review from two days ago is spot on. Also, at one part of the trail, there currently is a tree fallen with branches sticking up; the trail is still passable, but that tree needs to be cleaned up.

I really liked this trail, except when I went down the southernmost part of the trail, it looks on the app like you should be able to complete a loop over to the east side of the park, but I came to what seemed like a dead end, and the only way to continue would be to climb over some really steep and slippery rocks. I tried approaching from the east again a week later, and there was a sign that the trail was closed. maybe that part was washed out somehow?

This is a relatively easy trail, but the section along the creek is technical with narrow rock ledges and drop offs to ok the creek. Would be treacherous if the ground is wet. The creekside trail is marked closed on the end near the parking area on Riverside Rd but not from the end near theRoswell Mill. Don’t do this section if you’re not sure footed. This loop should probably be rated as moderate, not easy due to the section along the creek. You can walk from the trail to historic Roswell. It’s about a half mile across the bridge and uphill the whole way. Lunch at the Mill Restaurant and Bar is a nice mid-hike stop.

6 months ago

Trail is relatively easy (some up and down but nothing too hard) and some roots on the trail (but less than usual for a hike). The "waterfalls"are actually dams spilling over. Trail is poorly marked but does have atypical maps along the way. Once you figure out the maps (there is a "you are here" - marked by one of the map pins being a different color), it would be impossible to get lost. We saw several deer and no humans except near the covered bridge and dams. Near the dams there are moderately steep paths if you want to get closer but nothing that requires climbing or anything beyond vigorous walking. The steepest climb is going from the covered bridge (where we started) to the trail. Very quiet with only rare glimpses of the surrounding city.

This trail is way longer than 3 miles if you want to complete the entire thing. If you cover all the off shoots, it is just over 7 miles.

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