The trailhead was a little tricky to find, maybe because my directions left out the final turn onto Blackhawk road, new map got us there. Blackhawk is a rutted dirt road with several berms added for erosion. There is a creek crossing suitable for a car, and another that requires a 4x4. We parked our car just before the second crossing and walked in. After crossing the creek take the right fork in the road. Trail head is a logging road across Curtis Creek.. First couple miles follows the logging road, mostly sticking by the creek. Last section follows many smaller falls up to the main falls and around to the top. Very nice falls. Lots of slippery steep trail to get you dirty at the climbing portion of the trail. Very nice! We took our time, hung out, were in and out in 3.5 hours. Could be done much quicker. Several creek crossings, feet will get wet.